New Online Fundraising Opportunities that You Should Tap into This Year

Punchlines in Pajamas Online Fundraising Opportunities

Written by Tim Grable

September 1, 2020

This past year has raised awareness for humanitarian causes, and people have turned to fundraisers to show their support in these times of need.

Online fundraising is by no means something new, but it is still a medium where you can get creative and provide a unique experience for your community and donor base. In the following article, we share a few ideas worth implementing for your fundraising opportunities this year.

heidi schwartz Online Fundraising Opportunities

Online Auction

An excellent idea for your virtual fundraising efforts would be to host a virtual auction for your audience.   Auctions have been part of fundraisers for many years, and with the technological advancements of today, they can be seamlessly integrated into virtual events.  What about hiring a live painter for your online gala?  Heidi Schwartz will capture the memories from your event in painting for your online auction.

Auctions can be resourceful for your campaign, as they engage people in a bit of friendly competition, pitting them in a race to outbid each other.  This also allows your community to benefit, as they are getting something in return – whether it’s a symbolic gift or a reward with actual utility.

For it to go well, you should consider hiring a professional event host to manage the auction. With a professional at your side, you give validation to the auction, and the audience will be more motivated to take part in it.

Virtual Talent Show

Talent shows have always been popular worldwide, and, during the pandemic, their popularity only increased.  America’s Got Talent shows us that there’s a demand for entertainment. A great idea which you can tap into is to organize a talent show as part of your online fundraising campaign.  This type of entertainment translates well to an online environment.

With the right host and a few good performers on board, it is a great way to engage people and provide them with unique experiences.  Rik Roberts can help you discover hidden talent in your organization

Virtual Open Mic Night

Open mic nights are very popular activities within the comedy club scene – where people go up on stage to try out their skills as comedians.  This time, you can organize a virtual version of this popular activity for your online fundraising event. With the right hardware and a lobby of willing participants, you can recreate the same feeling as a comedy club.

Punchlines in Pajamas Online Fundraising Opportunities

Punchlines in Pajamas is an online, virtual, stand-up comedy open mic. It’s hosted on a video conferencing app with comedian Marty Simpson. This app makes it just like all of us being in the same room!

Your community can be very receptive to the idea of turning the camera and audio on them. They can take turns to host the microphone and have at it with their comedic skills.  Some might be surprisingly good, while others might not hit the mark, yet either way, it will make for an incredibly entertaining and engaging event.

Gaming Session

Throughout the years, videogames have been the medium for many charitable and philanthropic activities.

Video games are more popular than ever – being the favorite past-time activity of many people staying at home which makes it one of the new fundraising opportunities.

With these two things in mind, organizing a gaming session to raise money sounds like a great idea. Besides that, through gaming, you can attract a much younger demographic to your cause.

The majority of gamers are comprised of millennials or even older Gen Zers, and most event planners would not think of them as a target audience.  This leaves them as an untapped audience, and with the right approach, you can get them on board and be as involved as the senior demographic.

The Right Time for New Online Fundraising Opportunities!

We hope that any of the ideas showcased in this article prove useful to your fundraising efforts.

If implemented right, any of them can be very fruitful for your endeavors. Be sure to maintain a high quality of production and never cut corners when it comes to providing your audience with an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for performers to enhance the experience of your live/virtual events, then we can help you.  At The Grable Group, we some of the best-in-class entertainers. To get in touch, give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you as you explore these New Online Fundraising Opportunities.

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