How Online Fundraising Is Thriving In Times Of Crisis

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Written by Tim Grable

May 23, 2020

Many charities and organizations have had their events postponed or canceled as a result of the pandemic. And as an effort to salvage their fundraisers, many have turned their efforts towards an online environment.

While the change may have been abrupt, it also came as a blessing in disguise – as online fundraisers specifically are seeing a rise not only in popularity but also in ineffectiveness.

In the following article, we will present to you some of the reasons why online fundraising is seeing such significant growth.

How Online Fundraising Is Thriving In Times Of Crisis

Still Doing Business in Times of Crisis

One of the reasons why virtual fundraisers are so prevalent right now is because they are the only solution for some organizations to continue their operations.

Many of them may have had an in-person fundraiser planned before the shutdown. And for some, going online may have been the only alternative for raising funds.

The shift to an online fundraising event meant that all their resources and planning wouldn’t have gone to waste.

And on top of that, going online also means they can explore avenues in which they can extend their fundraising efforts.

The Benefits of Going Online

By going online, you can get more out of it. Online events come with advantages, which in-person events do not have in times of crisis.

For starters, everyone can tune in from almost anywhere around the world. This means that a large portion of your potential audience can reach you since physical limitations no longer bar them.

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Also, an in-person fundraising event would have had high costs because of all the props and logistics, which needed to be set up. While on the other hand, with online fundraising, you are no longer conditioned to spend as much money.

People Are More Generous

Troubled times tend to bring out what’s best in people, and during the pandemic, many of those who have financial possibilities have shown to be more willing to offer their support during these times of crisis.

Many people’s livelihood has been impacted having lost jobs, businesses or someone close to them may have been affected.

How Online Fundraising Is Thriving In Times Of Crisis

This has awakened a sense of empathy in many citizens, and they feel more inclined to do something about the situation. People become more trusting if they see their donations have brought some positive change to the world.

Virtual fundraising can be a way of showing their support in this dire situation. It provides reassurance for many donors to see their money is going to an organization that has the power to do something.

Solutions for Online Fundraising

We know these are troubled times for everyone, but there are many lights at the end of this tunnel, and charity is one of them.

If you have considered doing an online fundraiser, then now it’s the best time to put your plan into action.

We can help you set up your online event and provide you with virtual entertainment solutions to enhance the event’s experience.   Find out how you can have a successful fundraising in times of crisis.

The Grable Group is the leading booking agency for virtual events in the world. Reach out to us at (615) 283-0039, and we will find the right entertainer, host, emcee for your online event!

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