Organising a Fundraising Event Checklist: The Social Media Plan

Written by Tim Grable

March 4, 2017

Within the initial planning of a fundraising event, social media promotion should get a lot of attention.

Not only will your message spread more effectively this way, but you can also build up a reliable community that supports your cause. 

As a result, when organising a fundraising event checklist, you should treat social media with the utmost attention. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. The Keyword for Success: Scheduling

Just posting about the event a couple of times on social media won’t cut it. You have to schedule the messages to reach your audience throughout the day.

However, first, you have to set up a brainstorm meeting with your team and decide:

  • What hashtag you will be using
  • How often you should post
  • What platforms are best suited for your cause
  • How to approach your message from a storytelling perspective

Organising a Fundraising Event Checklist: The Social Media Plan

Once you’ve got this sorted out, it’s time to schedule the actual messages that need to reach your audience.

Sure, you can slightly change or add things along the way. But first, make sure you have the backbone of your social media content ready.

2. Prepare for a Live Stream

Live streaming is what you need to consider when organising a fundraising event checklist.

It’s not only fun to do, but it also contributes to your message being heard. A social media live stream is very likely to be shared. Plus, it has more impact than just photos and videos.

People who don’t attend the event can see exactly how the event unfolds. That, and it might convince them to attend next time.

Apart from streaming, a Flickr gallery for the event is another step forward when it comes to getting social shares.

3. Let Volunteers Handle the Social Media Presence Aspect

During the weeks leading to the event, you will be busy with the other aspects related to organising a fundraising event checklist. So much so, that a person or a team in charge of social media presence is a necessity.

That’s especially true when people show interest. At that moment, it’s best to have someone monitor the activity and offer live engagement.

Having volunteers in charge of social media allows you to vary the content. Here are a few ideas you can use:

  • Set up a Twitter contest, for example. You can offer rewards for those who deliver the most accurate or interesting facts about your cause.
  • Find relevant LinkedIn Groups where you can spread the news.
  • Promote the main entertainer you’ll have at your event. If you have a well-known figure like Jeff Allen in the program, you have a lot of shareable material that will get everyone excited and active on social media.
  • If the budget allows it, consider using social media paid ads and investing in quality design.
  • Target influencers and Tweet them the event details. If you succeed in stirring their interest, they could share the news.
  • Send emails asking donors and attendees to share the event themselves.
  • Don’t forget to create buzz in the week leading up to the big day. Once you begin the final media push, countdown posts should also be in the mix.

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4. Organising a Fundraising Event Checklist: Don’t Forget the Feedback

Event organizers sometimes forget to ask participants for feedback after the fundraising took place.

But by that time, not many people will want to make their opinions heard anymore. Social media is here to help you with that. That is, if you plan to ask for feedback on the spot in advance.

As the fundraising event comes to a close, you can ask attendees to give a rating or comment on social media platforms. In return, you could reward the best post with a prize.

The more you plan, the more you gain. Social media is a strategic tool nowadays. Thus, fundraising event organizers shouldn’t miss on the opportunities it offers.

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