How to Organize a Nonprofit Event for a Wide Audience

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Written by Tim Grable

May 18, 2019

When it comes to how to organize a Nonprofit event, there is great power in numbers, meaning that the more people who show up to support your cause, the more chances you have of raising more money and turning your event into a success.

If you aim high, then the potential gains can be equally rewarding.

However, be mindful that a more extensive project is going to require a bit more effort as well. To make your job easier, we’ve shared a few essential tips to keep in mind when planning a fundraiser with a broad audience.

Big Events Require Big Plans

If you’re expecting to draw in a large audience, the first thing you should focus on is establishing your event’s purpose.

Large scale events usually have more than one goal. So if you’re looking to be a bit more ambitious, then perhaps you should expand your list of objectives.

You must decide if the event is merely destined to raise money or if you have any new goals in mind. For example, maybe you can use this event as a networking platform or as a way to introduce a new direction your organization will take moving forward.

How to Organize a Nonprofit Event for a Wide Audience

Be Mindful of the Budget

Every fundraising event should have a budget planned. In the case of a more significant event, though, this is critical. As the list of expenses lengthens, it becomes harder to track, which is why the proper organization is vital.

Be diligent when creating your budget list, and make sure it includes the following:

  • Catering
  • Security
  • Venue and other rentals
  • Decor
  • Staff expenses
  • Props
  • Marketing
  • Entertainment

No Event Is Complete without a Theme

Once you’re done setting the scope of the fundraising event, you’re going to have to pick a theme for it. If you’re keen on attracting a large audience, then smaller projects like a cozy, bake sale is probably not the best way to go.

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Instead, you should set your eyes on the big leagues, quite literally – as sports-themed events can accommodate the needs of events aimed at broad audiences. Plus, most events that center around a group activity have the potential to attract a wide audience.

Here are a few ideas you should look into:

  • A marathon.
  • Cycling competition.
  • Football tournament.

How to Increase Attendance at When You Organize a Nonprofit Event

Looking for ways to increase your organization’s popularity and funds? One of the methods you’ve probably already tried is organizing a charity event. That helps you promote your cause.

Do you want your next fundraising event to be successful? Learn how to gather a larger audience. Here are four tips to help you increase attendance to this kind of events.

1. Raise More Awareness through Media

Your first concern should be spreading the rumor. People won’t show up at your fundraising event if they’re not informed. Media can help you send your message to a large audience.

Try to get in touch with the local press, radio and television several weeks before the event. Ask them to promote it by including it in their community calendar. That will help you get better local coverage.

Pay for regular posts in the local newspapers as well. They still work well as a promotion channel.

It would be great if you could also be a guest at a radio talk show or have a short interview on TV. It’s important to send out the message in person.

2. Get Support from Local Sponsors

That is another tip that can help you get more visibility for your fundraising event within your community. If you have local business owners and other relevant figures among your donors, ask them to help you.

They can have a significant impact in promoting your next fundraising.

These persons act as opinion leaders in your community. They have lots of connections and the ability to influence other people. If they are willing to participate and donate, maybe their acquaintances are likely to do the same.

How to Increase Attendance at Your Next Fundraising Event

3. Send Invitations They Can’t Turn down

The invitation is the first impression your donors get. Try to invest in invitations your guests will get through direct mail. It is a more personal and appealing method.

If you don’t have enough time or funds, go for the traditional email invitations. In both cases, keep your message short and precise. A third option that’s worth trying is inviting them in person.

Meeting donors gives you the chance to establish a long-term relationship.

4. Promote Your Fundraising Event Online

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels are excellent and affordable ways to raise awareness and get more attendees at your next event. Try to engage your target audience online.

Post ads on Facebook, ask people to like your page. Write more articles on your blog and share the event as much as you can on every social media platform you use.

While you’re at it, promote your event’s agenda. If you include an entertaining act on your list, don’t forget to point that out. Tell people who your guest is and what kind of show they should expect.

That will tempt them to attend. If you want our advice, have someone like Ryan Hamilton at your event. He’s an expert in the art of clean comedy that suits a charity event.

Now that you’ve got some hints, you can start working on your next event. Apply what you’ve just learned, then measure your success. We hope you’ll benefit from this post and increase audience at your next nonprofit event.

Your Fundraising Event + Entertainment = Success

Now it’s time for one of the essential parts of your organizing plan – the entertainment segment.

If you want your event to click with the audience, you’re going to have to pay extra attention to the entertainment factor.

If you are expecting a large number of guests, then you should consider hiring an act that’s fit for large-scale events.

For example, we suggest hiring a band or a musician as the main attraction of your event, in terms of Entertainment. Make sure that all of your guests will be able to accurately see and hear the entertainers performing on stage so that they get the full experience.

artist, music, entertainment

4 Performers Who Will Liven up Your Fundraiser Event This Year

There are many things that can make a fundraising event unforgettable. What ties them all together as an experience, however, is the entertainment. The right artist can make sure that all of your guests leave with the event embedded in their minds.

Today, we would like to present you with four acts that will solidify your fundraiser event in everyone’s hearts:

1. HypnoTWIST

Few entertainers can match the energy of this Czech hypnotist. While you may mistake him for a singer, the act consists of much more.

He chooses three guests out of the audience, two of which are undercover artists in reality. What follows is a wild singing performance that goes through many genres including opera and rock ‘n’ roll.

At the end of the show, the audience finds out about the deception. The two “guests” were part of the performance all along. The guests will still be thoroughly entertained.

If you want your attendees to be on the edge of their seats, look no further. HypnoTWIST is an excellent choice when you organize a nonprofit event.

2. Jeff Allen

He is a talented comedian who keeps it nice and clean but doesn’t think for a second that he is not hilarious. He will have the whole fundraiser event in tears laughing in no time.

With over thirty years of experience, Jeff has been all over the country. He feels at home anywhere. It does not matter if it is a non-profit, casino, TV or radio show. Jeff delivers consistent, fast-paced humor everywhere he goes.

Two of his main talking points are marriage and dealing with kids – two topics almost any adult can relate to. While many people have had similar experiences, none can spin it in such a funny way.

For top-quality clean comedy, Jeff Allen is your guy. As long as his wife is ok with it.

3. Catapult Entertainment

The group has left the world speechless after their appearance on the eighth season of America’s Got Talent. They take shadow-dancing to an unprecedented level.

Their endless creativity means that you can work together with them and design the experience they will deliver. You have the unique opportunity to present your cause through beautiful imagery.

The seemingly impossible shapes and forms they make are not only there to impress. They also tell a story. Through that story, the artists touch the hearts of those who watch.

Catapult Entertainment is ready to reach the sensitive side of any guest. With their moving performance, your fundraiser event will surely be a success.

4. Simon Pierro

Magicians have always looked for new tricks to wow their audience, but Simon is a real innovator. Nicknamed “The iPad Magician”, this entertainer combines good old magic with modern technology.

Not only is Simon, a great magician, but he also develops his apps, adding depth to his performance. While watching his show, your perception will be challenged. By the end, you will not know what’s real and what’s digital.

Simon has a large fan base in Germany, his home country, as well as the US. He has been on the Ellen Degeneres Show as well as many German TV shows. He is the best at what he does, and no one can deny that.

With Simon Pierro, the line between magic and technology is nonexistent. Your audience will be left with a sense of wonder and amazement.

Which Entertainer Is Best for Your Fundraiser Event?

The people we presented are all masters in their unique way. They bring different things to the table. The real question is what type of entertainment do you want? What works best for your audience?

4 Performers Who Will Liven up Your Fundraiser Event This Year

HypnoTWIST and Jeff Allen specialize in unadulterated fun. Catapult Entertainment and Simon Pierro can leave people speechless. There are also many other talented artists out there with their skills.

Need Help Booking Entertainment for Your Event?

If you want to book the best entertainment for your event, then we’re here to help you organize a Nonprofit event. Give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

There are over 1,400 top performers included in our portfolio so you will have plenty of excellent options to choose from. Start browsing now!

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