What You Need to Know About Organizing a Charity Event Checklist

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Written by Tim Grable

July 25, 2017

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Organizing a charity event checklist is a complex process which demands careful planning and close attention to details. Many different aspects go into it, which can make it pretty difficult for organizers to map out a clear course of action.

What You Need to Know About Organizing a Charity Event Checklist

This is why organizing a charity event checklist to guide your steps from start to finish is essential. It can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure your events genuinely benefit your cause.

Before the Event

Organizing a charity event checklist should start well before you make any actual arrangements. Here are some details you should consider:

  • Determine what you want to accomplish with your event. Is the purpose of it solely to raise money for an individual project? Alternatively, perhaps you want to increase awareness for your organization. Be specific about what you want the bottom line of the event to be.
  • Set concrete goals. Being able to measure the success of your event is important. If you want to raise funds, your goal can be the sum of money you need to finance your project.
  • Choose the type of fundraiser you want to host. Once you have determined the event’s purpose and set quantifiable goals, you are ready to pick an event type. This should fit in with your goals and support the goal.
  • Set a budget. Write down your estimated costs for all the items you need, from catering to entertainment and flowers. Don’t forget to include unexpected expenses before you draw the line and do the math.
  • Pick a time and date. Make sure it does not overlap with major holidays or events.
  • Make the arrangements. Book caterers, reserve the venue and purchase additional items if needed (extra chairs, sound equipment). Booking quality entertainment is always an excellent idea when organizing a charity event, and it is something you should take care of during this stage.
  • Send out the invites/sell tickets. Leave enough time for them to RSVP or purchase the tickets. The more people you ask, the more time you should give them to get back to you.meeting, stage, session

During the Event

Seeing everything come together on the day of the event is a rewarding experience. Now is the time to relax a little, but your work is not entirely done.

  • Take care of the final touches. Ensure everything is in place at the venue and do a final run-through of the event. From volunteers to entertainers, everyone who is a part of the event should know the script of the evening and the part they play.
  • Pay attention to the attendees. Try to take note of their reactions and talk to them as much as possible. This will help figure out what are their feelings in regards to the event.
  • Take notes. Maybe you have ideas about things you could have done differently. Write them down while they are still fresh in your head, so they do not slip your mind.

After the Event

The actual event is now over, but there are still some final items you need to scratch off your checklist.

  • Thank guests for attending the event. “Thank You” letters should be sent immediately after the event (in the first 24 hours, if possible).
  • Follow up. Update donors telling them how their donation made a difference. Be specific to increase the chances of them continuing to support your organization.
  • See what you could have done better. Review the notes you have made during the event and the feedback you got online, calculate your event’s profit and compare it with your goals. Analyzing all the data you have gathered will help you plan more successful events in the future.

Ready to Start Organizing a Charity Event Checklist?

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