5 Must-Know Aspects when Organizing a Christian School Fundraiser

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Written by Tim Grable

September 24, 2017

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It is said that charity begins at home. In this case, schools need to do everything in their power to create an environment which conveys the same mindset. They have to instill generosity and selflessness in their pupils.

Events like a Christian school fundraiser are trying to achieve exactly that.

While the purpose of this kind of events is straightforward, organizing them is not as easy as it may sound at first. If you have never organized a Christian school event, it is time you read through the following lines.

Beware of Limited Resources

A school is not a profit generator – in fact, they are always looking to attract funds for supplies or educational programs to serve their students’ needs.

So when you set a Christian school fundraiser in motion, you need to think of it as an organization which cannot afford to spend too many financial resources on organizing the event. The good part is you do not need to stress out about booking a venue.

5 Must-Know Aspects when Organizing a Christian School Fundraiser

Keep It Simple and Effective

When searching for the best fundraiser concept for a Christian school event, choose those ideas that are:

  • Impactful
  • Straightforward
  • Relatable

For them to be effective, make sure they are also linked to the students’ interests. Irrespective of the age group you involve in the event, they love to put effort and create objects which can be further used as items for fundraising. Plus, they also love to put their creativity to the test. 

To illustrate what we mentioned above, here are some fundraiser ideas which would make for a successful event:

  • DIY sales/auctions
  • Faith-inspired songwriting competition
  • Photography contest/festival
  • Silent auctions (these involve local businesses providing items to be auctioned)

Convey a Sense of Belonging and Purpose

Christian schools are all about educating their pupils within a high sense of morality, purposefulness, and responsibility.

So, you are actually addressing a specific kind of audience with an established set of values. Take your time to talk to the school’s principal and understand the school’s mission. Then, try to put everything together by crafting a meaningful yet fun speech to present each part of the event in a vivid and relatable manner.

Alternatively, you can hire a skilled Christian speaker to do that for you. We know, the budget is limited – that is why you need to allocate it the smart way and think of the bigger picture. Which involves quality entertainment which drives people to contribute.

In case you have already started to think of an option, we recommend a comedian with extensive expertise in fundraisers – Justin Fennell. Take a look:

Involve the Community in Your Christian School Fundraiser

Christian schools are a central component of a Christian community’s life. Parents expect these schools to be an environment which is dedicated to nurturing faith in their children. So, families are always getting involved in school activities and are willing to contribute to the best of their abilities.

That is why it is a good idea for you to reach to the community around the school you are working with. They will be able to offer valuable connections and resources which may take you a long time to find otherwise.

Christian Schools Have a Strong Volunteering Base

To sustain their ministry activities, Christian schools usually encourage volunteering.

This is something you should strive to use in your strategy, for several reasons:

  1. You could involve school volunteers in the fundraiser promotion.
  2. You can ask them to help you with new ideas.
  3. They can team up and help out with the decorations needed.

As you can see, a Christian school fundraiser is not the easiest to organize, but there are some aspects which facilitate its success despite limited financial resources.

For more tips on efficient event planning, head over to our site and discover more articles we crafted for the event planner in you.

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