Plan a Donor Appreciation Event That Will Wow Your Attendees

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Written by Tim Grable

April 6, 2017

Do you feel it’s time to show your donors gratitude for their commitment? There are many ways to show recognition, ranging from a “Thank You” email to actual gifts.

Our advice is to organize a donor appreciation event for all your donors.

It will help you know them better in less formal circumstances. It also makes them engage more with your mission. Here are the top four things to consider to organize a memorable event:

1. Organize Your Event According to a Particular Theme

You want to build up a tight relationship with your guests. Being a great host is not enough. You have to make sure they’ll remember your donor appreciation event.

You have to stand out. That is why you should focus on a particular theme.

Stick to your theme throughout the whole event starting from your invitations. In the end, offer each donor a theme-related gift as a symbol of your gratitude.

2. Pay Attention to Every Detail of Your Donor Appreciation Event

Make sure your guests feel great during your donor appreciation event. Every single one of them has to feel welcomed and have fun. You shouldn’t skip a thing.

Try to picture and plan every step of the evening:

  • Invite them in – Assign this task to a member of your staff. Ask this person to welcome each guest and make sure they are all seated at the right table
  • Check on food and drinks – make sure nothing is missing from their table
  • Track time – make sure the evening goes according to your schedule
  • Check your sound equipment twice – You don’t want any unpleasant surprises during your speech

Plan a Donor Appreciation Event That Will Wow Your Attendees

Ask Your Staff to Mingle as Much as They Can

Your entire staff should be involved in your effort to organize the best donor appreciation event. Every member of your team should play an active role and contribute to the evening’s success.

They are an essential element in the donor-organization relationship enhancement. They represent your organization. They believe in your goals and vision. Your staff members are the right persons to send out your message.

Ask them to mingle with the audience as much as they can. They’ll help your donors feel more comfortable at your donor appreciation event.

Besides, it’s a great chance to get to know them personally and bond through your team members.

Saying “Thank You” Is Not Enough – Try to Entertain Your Donors

Both you and your donors need a break from daily routine. You need to be less formal and just spend a fun evening together.

They shouldn’t show up to your event out of obligation. They should show up because they have a genuine wish to know you better and unwind.

That is why you have to keep them entertained throughout the evening. Make your donor appreciation event more fun by inviting an entertainer.

Our suggestion is to opt for a showman like Jeff Allen. He can craft the perfect show combining clean with hilarious humor like no other.

Show your donors they make a great difference through their involvement. Doing it in a relaxed environment will help both sides feel at ease. You will see the impact at your next charity event.

Donors will feel more confident and comfortable this way. In turn, they’ll be more likely to donate.

We hope our suggestions were useful. Don’t forget to contact us and book one of our entertainers for an unforgettable show.

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