Planning a Charity Event? Here’s How You Can Boost Attendance

Written by Tim Grable

March 3, 2017

As with anything, people have learned to filter out irrelevant advertisements. It is the brain’s version of a spam filter.

Don’t believe us? What’s the last billboard or ad you remember? We are not talking about viral video ads here. Just your average advert.

You are probably struggling to think of one right now. That is why you should rely on publicity rather than ads when planning a charity event to reach your goal.

Isn’t having people spread your message for free better than you always tapping into your funds? To do that. However, you need to take some necessary steps, which you will find below.

Know Your Target Audience

If you are planning a charity event, you probably expect people to donate to a worthy cause.

To ensure they do that, you will need to do some catering. That is in addition to serving food to the guests at the event, of course.

That means researching what your attendees would be interested in seeing and hearing:

  • Music – For an exciting experience that will incite any crowd, we recommend the String Angels.
  • Speakers – America’s Got Talent finalist Joe Castillo can enchant your audience with his SandStory technique and deliver a heartfelt speech afterward.
  • Entertainers – Magician Adam Trent was featured on Ellen’s show and is sure to capture attention.

If your event features an entertaining performance, people will pass the word on to their friends.

Just don’t attempt to appease everyone. You are planning a charity event and do not want your message watered down for the outliers.

Lay the Groundwork when Planning a Charity Event

No fundraiser in the digital age can succeed without an Internet presence. Find someone that can create a website for your charity.

You do not need to go all professional. Make it user-friendly and catchy enough to share it on social media.

Be sure to test it thoroughly. You do not want people to visit and exit the tab instantly because of technical issues or a slow experience.

Look for organizations similar to yours and share your web pages with each other to reach a greater audience.

Contact Local Media Outlets

Radio stations, magazines, newspapers, you name it. Just be sure to include all the interesting details about your event.

news, tv , reporter, anchor

You know, the whole “five W’s” aspect. It is something all journalists are familiar with and can help you get the word out about your event faster.

  1. Who – Talk a bit about who is organizing the event. Keep it short. After all, it is about your cause, not about you.
  1. What – What do you hope to achieve with your fundraiser?
  2. When – Set the date of your event.
  3. Where – The location.
  4. Why – People will be spending time (and hopefully money) to attend your event. Why should they give you the time of day and choose your cause?

Besides mentioning the cause, tell them about the entertainment you will provide.

Yes, you are catering to the selfish side of people. However, once they hear your heartfelt message, they will open their hearts (and wallets) to your cause.

Need help booking solid entertainment for your charity? Give us a call today at 615-283-0039 or get in touch through this form.

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