Planning a Clean Comedy Fundraiser? How to Achieve the Perfect Ambiance

Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2017

Laughter and charity go hand in hand. After all, both make us feel good. That’s why organizing a clean comedy fundraiser is an excellent idea.

Why clean you ask? Simple, because it works better for charity events. Raunchy humor may be popular in clubs, but clean, wholesome comedy will have a much more powerful effect on your guests.

Still, there are a lot of factors that decide the results of your fundraiser. Here are the things you need to plan to create the perfect ambiance:

The Location of Your Clean Comedy Fundraiser

A bad venue can doom a fundraiser right from the start. People can’t really enjoy a show if they’re not feeling comfortable in their seat.

Planning a Clean Comedy Fundraiser? How to Achieve the Perfect Ambiance

When picking a place, you’ve got to think about a few things:

  • Space. It’s not enough for every guest to have a seat. Make sure they’re not cramped and have enough breathing space.
  • The location. If the clean comedy fundraiser is strictly local, you can pick any spot in your city. If it’s not, make sure the place is easy to find and has means of transportation available.
  • The setup. If you’re bringing a comedian, you’ll need a stage and sound equipment. If a comedian makes a joke but no one can hear it, does it make anyone laugh?
  • The charity fit. If possible, try to connect the venue to your event. For example, if you’re trying to save the environment, an outdoors event might work well.

If a place fits all the criteria and it’s within your budget, you’ve got a winner.

The Decorations

After choosing a venue, it’s time to make it beautiful. The aesthetic of the place contributes to the overall experience.

Ask yourself if you want a theme for your event. As long as it’s not tacky or requires effort on the guests’ part, it can make the fundraiser more memorable.

If you do have a theme, bring appropriate decorations. If not, just make sure that the place is as beautiful as possible. Look for imperfections and cover them up.

As a finishing touch, add something unique to your organization. Think along the lines of banners, cards and flags. Make sure that people know who’s organizing everything.

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The Entertainment

There can be no clean comedy fundraiser without at least one clean comedian.

Comedy, however, is very diverse. For example, one entertainer may be more geared towards older people talking about funny life experiences and so on. There are very many niches, and you need to know which appeals to your audience.

If your audience is so diverse that no niche can include them all, go for all-around funniness. Get someone like Bill ArnoldHe finds the funny side in anything and makes sure the audience find it too.

Talented as a comedian, magician, and emcee, Bill doesn’t stop until everyone is laughing. After years of experience, Bill’s witty jokes appeal to everyone. That’s why you can’t go wrong with him.

The Goodbyes

Not all planners know this, but a pivotal part of a fundraiser is its ending. After a fun evening full of hearty laughs, your guests will be ready to give back.

Don’t ask anything pushy of them, though. Just tell the attendees that you’re happy they came and make sure you can reach them later. A few days later, you can send a follow-up focused on your cause.

We can’t pick a theme for your event, but we can help you find a matching comedian. Get in touch with us and we will get you the funniest clean comedian around.

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