Planning Special Event Fundraising? 4 Ideas That Will Entice Donors

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Written by Tim Grable

August 11, 2017


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Do you plan on organizing a special fundraising event? This is indeed one of the best ideas that can help you get big donations for your cause. In case you are still wondering what the best way to attract more people and raise more money for your cause is, here are some of the most valuable special event fundraising ideas:

1. Invite donors to a dinner

This is one of the most accessible and entertaining ways to raise money for a cause. Organizing a dinner may not seem too special, but it is precisely the simple act of getting together to share a meal and have a pleasant chat that makes people more willing to open their souls and their wallets.

We are all fond of socializing and like to take part in dinners where you can have a drink, talk with friends and meet new people.

Make sure the food and drinks are great and keep your audience entertained. If you want to have, your donors remember your special event fundraising idea, get the right entertainer.

Someone like Joe Castillo could help you get your donors engaged in your cause through his unique art show.Planning Special Event Fundraising? 4 Ideas That Will Entice Donors

2. Use wine tasting to get their interest

If you want to host a special charity event, you have to do more than just choosing a unique cause and talking about it. You have to go that extra step and make it special.

Moreover, nothing says special event fundraising like wine tasting. Not only will you attendees enjoy the idea because of its inherent elegance, but it also won’t cost you too much.

All you have to do is find a decent venue and make a deal with a local winery that is interested in being represented in your fundraising event.

Of course, you cannot have a special event without proper entertainment. For this kind of events, we recommend someone like Heidi Schwartz or Marc Eckel. Their unique talents will blend in perfectly with the overall theme of the event.

3. Focus special event fundraising during holidays

Holidays are the best time of the year to convince people to donate. They are more likely to make donations, so get together with your team and put a special event fundraising plan together before the holidays.

It is no surprise that the best time of the year to do this is Christmas, but you should also consider the rest of the holidays as well.

Right now, you can still focus on an Easter-themed event, and try to collect funds by getting people to buy holiday cards, or simply asking them to donate as much as they can afford to help others enjoy the holiday as well.

4. Use sports activities as an incentive

Use sports to make a special fundraising event fun and help people donate in a fun and healthy way. This fundraising method is engaging, especially if you plan on having children participate in competitions. Both them and their parents are going to be thrilled by the sense of fighting for a right cause and being part of a team.

You can get parents to donate through a subscription fee, and you can also sell food or beverages to raise more money for your fundraising cause as well. As for the type of sports, there are so many options you should just pick one that your community likes best. What matters is ensuring people enjoy the event and reaching your funding goal.

In the end, it all depends on your skills and your ability to know your audience. Experience shows us which patterns work better than others, and which special event fundraising ideas should be prioritized. We believe the ideas we’ve mentioned above are part of the patterns that are more likely to work in your favor.

We hope that you are more confident regarding your next fundraising plan now. If we can also help you get professional entertainers for your special occasion, contact us right away and you’ll be able to organize a memorable event.

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