What Is a Pregnancy Care Center Fundraiser and How to Do It Right

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Written by Tim Grable

September 13, 2017

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Pregnancy holds a special place among the delicate social issues society has to deal with. It involves a level of responsibility and resources; not all people are equipped with.

That is why there are initiatives dedicated to offering assistance to those who find themselves in not-so-ideal situations. Organizing a pregnancy care center fundraiser is one way of ensuring continuity to these initiatives.

Funds are required for any organization, but these care centers can never have enough of them. Be it for awareness-raising campaigns or for maintaining a well-prepared staff; there always is some sector which requires money.

If you find yourself in the fundraiser planner’s shoes for such a care center, you may want to read a word or two about how you can carry out this task.

The Mission of a Pregnancy Care Center

If you have never had to organize a pregnancy care center fundraiser before, the first move you need to make is getting acquainted with what a pregnancy center stands for.What Is a Pregnancy Care Center Fundraiser and How to Do It Right

Such a center is not only aimed at post-pregnancy care as one may be inclined to think. Aside from this aspect, it addresses other equally pressing societal issues:

  • pregnancy decision coaching
  • pregnancy planning services and assistance
  • abortion recovery assistance and support group
  • parenting education
  • assistance with pregnancy decisions
  • specific medical services depending on the center’s resources and available medical personnel

Because of these specific issues, a pregnancy care center deals with; the fundraiser will have a slightly different tone than other types of charity events. It will:

  • have a broader scope than just money gathering.
  • involve urgent cases which need be solved.
  • need a separate section for case presentation within previous campaigns.

Not all centers will offer all services mentioned above, so make sure you carry out a local research. Visit one or a few local organizations and discuss their approach and mission. This way, you will also get a more in-depth idea of the needs your fundraiser will have to meet.

Once you tick that on your fundraiser checklist, you can move on to other best practices. Find some of them below.

Focus on Supplies

A fundraiser is not always about gathering as much money as you can get. In the case of a pregnancy care center fundraiser, it is recommended you cast special attention to supplies, as well.

Lots of families within the community are more than willing to give away clothing items or supplies to other soon-to-be parents.women, pregancy, preganent

If you employ this pool of donors, you can increase the event’s attendance, while also ensuring a long-term stack of resources for a local center.

Get the Right Campaign Partners

At this point, it is not necessarily about sponsors, but about getting the right partners to rally for your cause.

You would want the support of similar organizations whose names are a proper fit for the care center:

  • church associations
  • women’s rights activists
  • family planning centers
  • hospitals
  • children’s rights organizations

Alongside local media outlets, these are powerful channels helping your fundraiser’s cause to reach the right audience.

Pregnancy Care Center Fundraiser: a Few Ideas

We have been talking about the preliminary stages of raising funds for a pregnancy center, so it is time we also specify a few ways you can put your efforts to good work:

  • community baby shower
  • baby bottle campaign

One more thing to approach: the entertainment at a care center fundraiser will reach its full potential if you bring in a clean comedian, motivational speaker or even mentalist. They will be able to lift the spirits and package the message of your event joyfully.

Grable Group could be your right hand in finding entertainers who deliver. Want to meet them? Get in contact with us, and we will try our best to come up with the most fitting solution.

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