3 Main Reasons Why Nonprofit Organizations Organize Events

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Written by Tim Grable

March 1, 2017

Nonprofit organizations have been putting together events for their fundraising campaigns for the longest time. Some charities have organized quite successful events while others not so much.

When you plan to organize events for your nonprofit organization, you need to have a certain set of skills and know a little bit about what works in this market. Then gather much-needed resources, know how to handle them, and ultimately create a marketing plan that is going to help you reach your target audience.

3 Main Reasons Why Nonprofit Organizations Organize Events

What defines a successful nonprofit event

First of all, it does not matter whether your organization is big or small. Before you get started planning your event, you need to have a clear strategy and define the objectives that you want to achieve.

Your primary objective will also help you make decisions about the venue, guests, whether you can involve the media or not, what kind of entertainment you should bring, how you want to promote your event, and, of course, the resources that will be needed.

So why do nonprofit organizations organize events?

1. To raise their profile
By organizing events consistently, you will be able to attract the media’s attention, and invest in the future of your NGO, while also building up its reputation.

You can also raise your profile by promoting a new fundraising campaign, a new service that you have just created, by targeting and attracting patrons and potential donors, and by welcoming and encouraging volunteers to join your fundraising campaigns.

These types of events should be free of charge for anyone who wants to join them since you want actually to encourage people to attend.

2. Raise money
Nonprofit organizations need much help with raising money, so what better way to do it than by organizing an event?

Your goal for these events should be to raise as much money as possible from auctions, product sales, raffles, or any other activities that you’d like to organize.

You have all the freedom and all the creativity in the world here because you can organize events indoors, outdoors, you can have a motivational speaker, a comedian, or even an artist who will know how to engage with your audience attention.

For the event to be cost-effective (a vital aspect for NGOs), you need to know your budget from the very beginning, so that potential financial risks can be minimized.

3. Saying “Thank you”

The most important thing in the fundraising world is saying “Thank you” to all the people who have helped you along the way. Even though a personal letter, an email, or a call can sometimes be enough, it is recommended to acknowledge their support publicly.

At an event that will recognize all the amazing help your nonprofit organization has received, you are going to need to thank all of your supporters and donors, appreciate and applaud the work of your volunteers, and also showcase the service users and the beneficiaries.

Will you organize events this year?

As you were able to see, events can have different purposes. It only depends on what your organization’s goal is for the time being.

No matter what reason your NGO wants to organize an event for, we can satisfy your needs regarding entertainment. We have a wide selection of speakers that you can choose from, starting with top performers from America’s Got Talent, and ending with motivational speakers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our artists.

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