Recycled Percussion – The Secret Ingredient to a Successful Charity Event

Written by Tim Grable

March 25, 2017


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Have you ever heard about the “junk rock” genre? At first glance, it seems like it has nothing to do with a charity event. However, if you look closer, you will understand how awesome it is.

We have put together many articles that outline the benefits of having a unique type of entertainment for your event.

In the following lines, you will learn more about Recycled Percussion. Read on to get a taste of their music and their amazing show, and find out how you can book them for your charity event.

Over 20 Years of Experience and Great Shows

Recycled Percussion is a band formed back in 1995 in Manchester, New Hampshire. They are first performance at their high school talent show was received so well that it gave birth to a new music genre.

Junk rock is a subgenre of rock and roll where the band uses buckets or power tools besides conventional music instruments. The result is a one of a kind experience, and it takes great amounts of talent to make it sound so good.

Here’s a taste of Recycled Percussion’s music:

Recycled Percussion’s History

Justin Spencer formed the band in 1995 for his high school talent show. His inspiration was street performers in the subways of New York, who were using buckets to create music.

Looking to get as creative as possible, he took that concept and harmoniously combined it with musical instruments. The result was a mix of rock and roll and New York-styled of street percussion.

In 1999,the USA Today featured Recycled Percussion on the cover. It meant a great deal to them and, in 2001, they started touring the country. They began performing over ten different shows per year.

Their music was receiving standing ovations at corporate events, NBA halftimes, NFL halftimes, and various colleges around the country.

They kept touring and pleasing audiences with their music for about ten years. Then, in 2009, everything changed for the best. Their participation at America’s Got Talent helped them achieve worldwide fame.

Is Their Show Appropriate for a Charity Event?

Recycled Percussion - The Secret Ingredient to a Successful Charity Event

First of all, you should understand that if their performance is appropriate for America’s Got Talent, it means it is safe for most audiences.

They are young and full of energy, and their show is not just about creating random sounds. Their music is top notch, and it is a perfect way to excite your audience.
For a charity event the innovative musicians in Recycled Percussion are perfect.

While the band has a total of 5 members, their shows may involve more than that.  Band members include:

  • Justin Spencer – Lead Percussionist, Group Founder
  • Ryan Vezina – Lead Percussionist, Body Percussion Specialist
  • Matt Bowman – Guitar player, Percussionist
  • Todd “DJ Phorah” Griffin – DJ, Percussionist
  • Jim Magoon – Electronic Guitar player

Another great thing about their show is that every member of your audience will feel like part of the band. Each guest will receive a drumstick and a unique instrument upon arrival.

The band’s immersive show combines power tools, ladders, trash cans, and much more.
You can hire them through The Grable Group, an experienced talent agency and entertainment company. Working with us gets you access to some of the best choices in entertainment available.

Go ahead and get in touch with us online or call us – 615-283-0039 if you would like to book Recycled Percussion for your charity event.

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