3 Team Fundraising Event Ideas that Will Get Donors Excited

Ken A. Nwadike Jr

Written by Tim Grable

April 1, 2019

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Fundraising events are by definition a group activity; multiple people in one place supporting a common goal. As a result, they provide the perfect opportunity to encourage participants to do team-based activities.

Plus, a team-oriented event also has higher chances of attracting a wider audience – which, in turn, means a higher possibility to attract more donors.

If you’d like to organize such an event, then we have for you 3 team fundraising event ideas that you’d surely find interesting.

1. The Power of a Hug

Think about organizing an event similar to that of the “Free Hugs” movement. Such an event can help you raise awareness about a specific cause, as well as connect like-minded people.

3 Team Fundraising Event Ideas that Will Get Donors Excited

It helps people get together and builds a stronger sense of community.

You can turn this into one of the best team fundraising event ideas by having multiple teams of participants spread across the event area. You can even encourage some friendly competition to see which team can get the most smiles from hugs.

This type of event also has much potential to attract donors. Having so many people involved in activities attracts much attention, and there are bound to be some who are interested in offering financial support.

Ken A. Nwadike Jr

We could go on and list the countless benefits that this event could entail. However, please hire a professional to help. In this case, we can suggest hiring Ken A. Nwadike Jr.

He is the founder of the Free Hugs Project and knows how to turn your event into an instant success.

2. Off to The Races!

Organizing a racing contest is proven to be one of the best team fundraising event ideas.

Split your donors into teams; they will most likely enjoy competing against one another to see who reaches 1st place. It doesn’t have to be a large-scale event; you can easily organize a trail running competition. It’s a type of racing activity that will have competitors running across outdoor trails.

In this regard, you can very quickly set the trail in a recreational space such as a local park or a nearby forest.

You can set up a ballot box for donations, a part of which will go to increase the overall prize pool of the program. This will incentivize people to chip to make the competition much more interesting.

3. Organize a Paint-off

Art is something that many people are interested in giving a try. That’s why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to put forth a very engaging and one of the lucrative team fundraising event ideas.

A paint-off is an event in which teams of participants compete against one another by putting their artistic talent to the test. So that’s about it, each team is given a blank canvas, some painting tools, and the competition is on!

Ideas for this type of program are almost limitless. For instance, you can hire a professional artist to guide your guests and motivate them to let their artistic spirit flourish.

In this situation, we can suggest hiring a professional event painter, such as Heidi Schwartz or a master sand-painter, such as Joe CastilloThe participants will love having the pros by their side!

Heidi Schwartz Live Event Painter

Turn These Team Fundraising Event Ideas into Reality

If you want to turn your gala into a guaranteed success, then you should consider implementing one of the ideas featured in this article.

If you are interested in booking one of the artists mentioned here, then you can give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we can help you turn your fundraising program into a memorable experience!

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