Top Fundraising Ideas for Organizations with A Small Budget

Written by Tim Grable

May 3, 2017

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Enthusiasm, goodwill, and creativity: these are all driving forces sustaining a nonprofit’s activity. Moreover, so is budget, especially during the early days.

That is why digging for fundraising ideas for organizations with limited funds is sometimes tricky.

If you find yourself in this situation, we have a sound piece of advice: consider budget shortages as an opportunity to get creative, rather than a setback on the road.

To help you get started, we briefed the following set of ideas. Hope you will enjoy them!

Running for a Cause

This is a smart approach that can always get you out of trouble.


Because it is a win-win situation. 

On the one hand, participants get to spend their time in a fun, healthy way.

On the contrary, you will organize a fundraising event with limited resources that’ll have a considerable effect.

Top Fundraising Ideas for Organizations with A Small Budget

People respond well to this kind of events, especially because it is a great family pastime – so they will want to involve as many people as possible.

Pro tip: try out themed races – they will sure generate some buzz.

Online Auction

When fundraising ideas for organizations with a limited budget are nowhere to be found, there’s always a lifeline – the Internet.

The online medium is a useful resource where you can host almost any type of event. Including auctions.

Bidding online is something most people are familiar with (eBay, anyone?). Moreover, when you match this with fundraising, you generate an engaging, intriguing even, idea. 

Home Service

Exchanging money for quality services is always a good idea.

Start with brainstorming your team on services that are needed in your community. It will not take long to find necessities – ranging from babysitting to grocery shopping for the elders.

hands, help,serve, grass

Then you can settle on what you think you can provide best. If you are good at teaching, volunteer to give private lessons and ask people to donate as much as they see fit.

The only costs associated with this idea would be the promotional ones – you need a campaign that permeates all areas and demographics you are targeting. Ask local stores to provide some help, if necessary.

Weight Loss Contest

Powerful trigger? Check.

Long-term approach? Check.

Real benefits? Inspirational drive? Also checked.

These are just a few gains of using this idea for your next low-cost fundraiser.

Have participants sign up on your website and set a sum they will have to raise as soon as they lose one pound.

The more weight they lose, the more you will be able to get for your cause.

Make sure you devise a plan to keep them engaged in the long run.

It would be great if you match it with a local cause. This way, you can make a real, long-lasting impact on your community. You can donate to:

  • research centers
  • educational programs
  • underprivileged neighborhoods/categories

Fundraising Ideas for Organizations – A Steadfast Question Mark

 In the lines above, we gathered fundraising ideas for organizations on a low-budget.

However, they could be used by more experienced NGOs just as well.

We mean, if you can save money, save it by all means. This way, you also train the creative side of your event planner mind.

At Grable Group, we are frequently posting about fundraiser tips ‘n’ tricks, so make sure to check out all of our posts.

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