4 Types of Charity Events That Build Awareness and Raise Money in 2020

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Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

Planning an event for charity  is never easy. It takes great organizational skills and commitment. Besides this, you also have to come up with an excellent idea. The success of your cause depends on how original and engaging your event is.

Let us help you with some suggestions. Here are four successful ideas for charity events and how to market them. They’ll promote your cause and help you raise money.

1. Organize a Fundraising Concert

That is one of the most attractive and efficient fundraising ideas. Try mixing pleasure with work. Donors have a great time and also get the chance to donate at these fundrasing events. The money you gather from tickets goes to your cause.

You could also ask for extra donations from those who are willing to give more. Place a donation box in a visible spot.

As for the band options, we’ve got you covered. The String Angels work amazingly well with fundraising events, and everybody is sure to enjoy the sound of their electric violins.

2. Invite Guests to a Gala

Galas are also a common way to raise money for charity. They’re highly effective in building your fundraising organization’s popularity. These charity events usually involve dinner or cocktails. Thus, people get the chance to know each other.

It also helps you make many connections. Try to get and give as many business cards as you can. Use the contacts you’ve gathered to invite people to your next events.

Offer more than a friendly chat and a drink. Try to include some form of entertainment for your gala event. People don’t necessarily need to be serious at a fundraising event. Make them laugh and feel good. They’ll come back to donate next time as well.

If you need an entertainer, our advice is to go for someone like Jeff Allen. His family-oriented humor makes for a great show for all tastes.

Types of Charity Events That Build Awareness and Raise Money

3. Physical Activities as Charity Events

That is a successful way to gather money for your cause and attract a large range of donors. Some people are just reluctant to go out to a concert or for a cocktail.

Organizing a run or a walk is appealing to different donor categories. These type of events help you gather the entire community. It’s a good chance to increase awareness for both your cause and organization.

If your event has turned out a huge success, try more creative activities next time. Invite people to donate at a dancing marathon or a scavenger hunt.

No matter what activity you choose, promote your event through flyers, social media and the classical word of mouth method.

4. Set up a Bake Sale

Bake sale charity events might seem like a pretty outdated idea. But the truth is that they have been working for decades. They might be old fashioned, but they are still successful, especially in small communities.

Promote your idea in your neighborhood and ask your friends and relatives to do the same. Use flyers as well and don’t forget to post about the event on your Facebook.

Think about a particular product to draw people to your charity cause. Be it cookies or lemonade, people always love to grab something to eat on the street. To make these kinds of non-profit events more engaging, come up with a catchy phrase as a slogan.

4 Ways to Market Your Charity Events

When it comes to fundraising events, many event planners encounter significant challenges when dealing with the marketing process. After all, you have to market your event if you want to raise as many funds as possible and attract a large audience of donors.

However, it is easier said than done. While you could rely on marketing services, they would typically cost you a lot. Fortunately, you can always save money by handling the process yourself. Still, it might seem like an impossible task if you have not really done this until now.

There’s no need to worry, though since we are here to help you out. Check out these 4 methods you can use to market your nonprofit events to ensure that a high number of donors will attend:

1. Make sure you target the right people first

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just market your fundraising events to everybody and expect people to show up. There’s a golden rule in marketing that states that if you try to please everybody, you’ll please nobody.

So, if you want to market your charity events the right way, be sure first to target the right donors. This means taking people who would be specifically interested in your cause into account and building up various personas associated with them to pinpoint some details about their age, preferences, budgets and daily habits.

They’ll mostly be speculations, but they’ll be speculations you can build your marketing messages on.

2. Use the power of your website or social media page

You most likely already know how important social media and the Internet are when it comes to getting the attention of donors. This is why it is important you do everything you can to leverage the power these platforms offer.

So, the first thing you need to do is clear, catchy announcements on both your website and social media page about the charity events you plan to organize. Use a friendly tone, eye-catching photographs and welcoming slogans.

Just remember to make it clear that the primary purpose of the event is to raise funds for your cause. Describe it in detail, and make that the core of your message.

4 Ways to Market Your Charity Events

3. You can always rely on more traditional methods

This would normally work better if the event you want to organize is in a small town, but it can work equally well in larger cities as well. It will just take longer. What are we talking about? Mainly posters and flyers. You can print them out and place them around town.

Make sure to post said flyers and posters in areas where you know your target audience that is the perfect donors whom you want to attract, are known to spend their time.

4. Associate your charity events with a suitable name in the entertainment industry when marketing them

Since you’ll end up saving some money by not having to choose costly marketing services, you can instead invest all those financial resources into hiring a quality speaker or entertainer for your event. Don’t forget that it is vital to keep your donors entertained and show them that they stand to gain something by contributing funds to your campaign.

Just remember to mention the entertainer in all your marketing messages. This way said messages will have a higher chance of getting people’s attention since they’ll stand out from the crowd.

We would recommend choosing somebody like Bob Nelson or John Heffron since their comedic geniuses do a great job sparking interest for charity events. Plus, they also deliver on their promises and keep the audience entertained for the duration of the event.

Nowadays, Fundraising Has Become More Creative Than Ever

There are so many ways to organize a memorable event. Remember to consider your target and marketing strategy carefully before any event.

If you would like other recommendations, or would just like to ask us some questions, you can reach out to us today, and we will get back to you in no time.  As for the entertainment options, count on the Grable Group and don’t hesitate to call 615-283-003 to book one of our entertainers or speakers for your next event.

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