Unique Fundraising Ideas To Help You Avoid a Snooze Fest (2022 edition)

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Written by Tim Grable

May 1, 2018

Fundraising events target serious issues, but that does not mean they should be dull and monotonous. In fact, fun is often that secret ingredient that can help you turn a mediocre fundraiser into a truly memorable one that will get donors to want to reach deep into their pockets.

That being said, here are four unique fundraising ideas which will make your event feel less like drudgery and more like an exciting opportunity.

1. A Low-Key Event with a Special Theme

Putting together fancy fundraiser events with champagne and sophisticated food seems to be the norm. The motivation behind it is to impress guests and ensure they have an enjoyable evening.

The only problem is donors may get bored of attending the same types of events over and over again. So why not try changing things up from time to time?

An excellent suggestion would be to host a more low-key event instead of an overly pretentious fundraiser. So, instead of a rooftop cocktail party at a high-end hotel, why not a pizza party at a local restaurant that is a landmark for the community you are serving?

The secret here is to tie in the theme of the event with the local community’s traditions. So, for a German heritage community, for instance, you could have a Bratwurst/crafted beer party. Customization is key to creating meaningful and genuine experiences for donors.

4 Unique Fundraising Ideas Which Will Help You Avoid a Snooze Fest

2. A Direct Action Event

Unique fundraising ideas are most effective when they play into the mission of your nonprofit. That is why direct action events work so well when it comes to raising money.

What makes this idea special is that, as opposed to merely asking donors to give money to your group, you tie the donation to a precise direct action your organization is going to take.

For instance, you could break down your event into different parts, each detailing a specific action that will be taken as part of the work your organization does – using donors’ money.

This way, guests will have a more substantial image of the impact they are making through their contributions. Also, they will feel more engaged and more included in the event, which can only have positive effects.

3. Outside Paint Jam

With the weather warming up, why not consider hosting your charity event outside? This way, you can take advantage of how popular street art has become to put together an evening full of art and surprises.

The concept is pretty straightforward: by bringing together several graffiti artists to paint live, you can give donors a chance to see their skills in action. You can bet everyone will be excited to see a work of art come alive in front of their eyes.

painter, paint, artist fundraiser events

If you want to take this idea even further, consider booking a live painter who can capture essential details of the event into a painting you can then sell as part of an auction.

4. A Puzzle Charity Event

Puzzle events, such as escape rooms and city scavenger hunts, involve donors working together to uncover clues, experience new things, and solve a challenge as part of a team.

As far as fundraising ideas go, this is one that offers endless customization options. You can host the event in a park, hotel, or even an entire city. You can give out written clues or create different quizzes to guide guests on their adventure.

Split donors into groups and provide a symbolic prize (like a private tour of your organization) to boost their competitive spirit.

Top Unique Fundraising Ideas for The Spring

In the history of culture, perhaps the most accurate allegory is that of spring as a metaphor for life. Everything awakens, the sun shines more often, and outdoor events start regaining ground.

No wonder spring is a perfect time for coming up with unique ideas, then.

The problem is: have you already started picking them out? Have you gathered your team? If not, make haste with a brainstorming session – but not before taking some inspiration from below.

5. Custom Clothing Contest

Once winter is gone, many people find themselves with spare clothes which are no longer in season.

Top Unique Fundraising Ideas for This Spring

So, a fundraiser based on spare clothes left after a winter could not be more proper.

This is one of the most versatile and unique fundraising ideas because you can customize it in many ways which fit your organization.

You can use it for a school, church, community fundraiser; but you can also make it suitable for an office fundraiser or a larger kind of money-raising.

The first step would be crafting a cool concept, like asking participants to customize the clothes. They will enter a contest for the most original idea (for everything to stay within your budget, make sure you contact local businesses to provide materials).

Then, with the help of a good emcee, you can organize an outdoor auction and sell the different clothes you got.

6. April Fools’ Day

Thought of like a less ‘serious’ day, April’s Fools’ Day is a very original topic that generates unique fundraising ideas.

One of the greatest is organizing a prank’a’thon.

Participants would need to donate a minimum of $10 to enter the competition and suggest pranking ideas. The winner will get to put their idea to work.

If your target audience would not quite fancy this kind of approach, you can still offer them a hilariously good time by hiring a comedian. After all, they are the masters of pranks and laughs, aren’t they?

7. Earth Day

April 22nd is when spring has fully reclaimed its reign and the weather is perfect for a hike.

It also happens that this date celebrates Earth Day, so you can use this opportunity to create a welcome getaway for your guests.

Try to find sponsors for the transportation costs, then choose a place which is suitable for nature hikes and set an entrance fee.

8. Golf Day

Speaking of outdoor time in nature, a golf event is a classy option for a fundraiser with higher stakes.

golf, putting, ball, golfball

Although it can be counted among the original fundraiser ideas, a golf event still requires that you carefully select your sponsors. You will need more recognizable brands and more planning to make it work.

You can take two approaches here:

  1. Invite professional golfers and set a higher attendance fee.
  2. Organize a golf initiation course.

9. Make you Gala Sensational with Entertainment

Does your nonprofit organization raise money for its various projects? Does your nonprofit raise money throughout the year? In addition to your bake sale and offerings, how about bringing in an entertainer for fundraiser events?  We have found that live entertainment is always a great idea.

People relax in social settings when they are made to laugh and smile. Bringing out an entertainer during your event is one of the best unique fundraising ideas that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.
Make you Gala Memorable with Unique Fundraising Ideas
The entertainers here specialize in making people feel good. Your audience will enjoy their time and feel the emotional connection to the cause you are trying to promote. Set your guest’s minds at ease by bringing in a performer as a comedian, magician, or interpretive artist onstage. You’ll find that the vibe the entertainers set will stay with people who attend for days to come.

The Best Entertainers for Fundraiser Events

Heidi Schwartz offers a unique activity for fundraiser events. Paint the night! Glowing out and painting while drinking a beverage is a hot new thing to do on ladies’ nights out. It only makes sense that it would be an excellent way to enjoy a fundraising event. Heidi Schwartz guides people through painting masterpieces and giving them an event to remember at the same time.

Joe Castillo changes the meaning of playing in the sand. Using this and a light table as his medium, Joe Castillo creates the most amazing images by sprinkling a little sand here and a little sand there. A craftsman in his right, Joe Castillo has performed his craft before national and international audiences alike.

Andy Gibb probably didn’t have this in mind when he sang his 1978 hit, “Shadow Dancing” but that is exactly what this dance troupe does. They create images and forms that have meaning and leave their audiences impressed, in awe, and entertained.

Ever see a magician who cuts himself in half? Probably? How about one who uses pyrotechnics? Sure. But how about the one who dances across the stage like a rock star? One who raps impromptu in the middle of a skit? One who connects with the audience in ways that range from wanting to pinch his cheeks, laugh at his jokes, or take him out to dinner? That’s what Adam Trent brings to the table. Exciting, charismatic: funny.

Practical. Real. Hilarious. These are words you might use alone or combined to describe Ron Pearson. He makes you laugh at everyday things. Without even realizing it, you’ll be doubled over at how he describes life with an inquisitive child or a conversation that probably happens at many people’s dinner tables. His reality touches on everyone’s life in one way or another – that’s how he gets you laughing so hard you feel like you can’t breathe. Oh, and he juggles too!

Anthony Griffith really delivers the funny expressing the daily travails of being a married man.  He speaks of how wives expect their husbands to back them up and protect them in all situations. He hilariously states how his wife escalates a certain situation by egging a mugger on even more. Griffith then goes on to elaborate how he has learned to apologize to his wife before anything problematic gets a chance to happen on that day. Finishing it off, he reminisces about a time before he got married and how he decided to just agree with whatever his future wife said, no matter how foolish it sounded, and to apologize for doubting her.

Anthony Griffith started his standup comedy career in college by performing wherever he could. As his career has progressed, he has performed on several notable programs such as “Star Search”, “The Tonight Show”, and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. His jokes bring a fresh clean approach to comedy suitable and pleasurable for all ages.

If you are looking for the best fundraising ideas, you just learn about nine of them. These entertainers can turn your run-of-the-mill event into something so fantastic it will be talked about or some time. Stand out from the crowd. Hire a performer for your next fundraising event.

Top Tip: Find Unique Fundraising Ideas by Browsing Entertainers Lists

There are times when inspiration just keeps escaping you. In these cases, not all hope is lost, you still have aces up your sleeve.  To make the most out of a great idea, choose high-quality entertainment which measures up to it. To ensure that happens in your case, we encourage you to browse through our selection of nearly 1600 top entertainers, artists, and speakers.

Like the one here: look at a list of entertainers, look at the topics they approach, and you may just come up with a way of designing an event around them. This way, you will achieve a great degree of cohesiveness.

Filter your search based on relevant criteria to find the perfect fit for your fundraiser events! Then get in touch and book the best entertainment!  The only thing you have to be sure of is you book that artist from the get-go. You can begin the process right now by heading over to The Grable Group contact form.

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