8 of the Most Unusual and Fantastic Charity Event Ideas

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Written by Tim Grable

November 7, 2017

Raising money for charity isn’t always a hard task. Most people like to help those in need. But when you want to achieve something bigger things change. You need fantastic charity event ideas that make your donors happy.

Holding an event is probably the best way to do fundraising. Let’s go over some of the most unusual and fantastic ideas that worked like a charm.

1. Unleash the Animal Inside

3 of the Most Unusual and Fantastic Charity Event Ideas

Raising money for endangered animals is hard. There are many people out there who love helping. But when you want to raise funds and awareness in a fun way, you need to think outside the box.

Back in September 2015, over 600 people wearing gorilla costumes took to the streets of London. As odd as it may sound, they all had a solid purpose: Raising funds for endangered animals. Since its first edition, in 2003, the organization raised over 2 million dollars.

The Great Gorilla Run is one of the best charity event ideas ever. People are required to pay a registration fee, which covers their very own gorilla suit. After that, it’s an eight kilometers journey through London. Each participant can join a team or run by themselves, but they have to raise as many funds as possible.

2. James Bond Charity Event Ideas

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A good theme for your charity event can make your donors more generous. For example, a chain of charity shops acquired a license to use a James Bond theme. The event included a brass band and a choir performing tunes from the film’s soundtrack.

The organization managed to create a unique atmosphere. But it all happened because the people attending the event enjoyed the theme.

The attendees were asked to dress like a spy. The main attraction was the opportunity to pose with the famous Bond car: Aston Martin DB9.

In the end, the charity event was a huge success. The organization overachieved their goal – they raised double as much as they hoped for.

3. Bring a Live Performance Artist

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Art has always been popular. People love it. But not many can see an artistic performance unfold in front of their eyes. That is one of the trendiest charity event ideas ever.

It is simple: Bring one or more talented and entertaining artists. Ask them to paint live and watch how people are drawn in to see the show. The works can then be sold at an auction.

The popularity of live painting performances is constantly growing. People love to see how a painting is created. In the meantime, you can add many different elements to create a truly unique event.

There are many other ideas that can help your charity event be successful. You don’t always need to find an unusual one. It all depends on what your donors like the most.

Of course, you can book a live painter – Heidi Schwartz, for example. Her “magic” involves creating memorable interpretive paintings. The work is then auctioned off during the event.

Out of the Box Charity Event Ideas: Get Inspired and Achieve Your Goals

Brainstorming charity event ideas is a fun activity you can enjoy with your team. However, sometimes, the ideas you come up with just don’t seem to hit the spot. Luckily, you can get your inspiration from others.

Here are some great themes and ideas you can use for your next event that will help you achieve your goals easier:

4. Make It Sweet – Literally

If you want to rack up funds and know your guests like sweets, using this idea is recommended.

It is rather easy to pull off as well. All you need is a team passionate about baking desserts. For the event, you will need a big room with tables. Place a wide variety of sweets all over the room and a price tag on each one.

Out of the Box Charity Event Ideas: Get Inspired and Achieve Your Goals

5. Mysterious Charity Event Ideas

People are fascinated by mysteries. An excellent way to use this to your event’s advantage is to create a large number of mystery boxes.

Place different items in each of them and try to make them funny. Laughter means that your guests are having a great time.

Whatever you do, don’t leave the boxes empty. People will pay money for each box so they should get something in exchange. Plus, if they liked what their first box got them, they might buy another one.

6. Arrrrr You into Pirates?

Planning an activity for your event might sometimes not cut it. Alternatively, you can implement a fun theme like Pirate Day. This involves only one challenge: Your guests need to dress up and talk like pirates.

If you feel like they might not put effort into it, offer a prize by organizing a best-costume contest.

Additionally, you can hire an entertainer to make a general atmosphere feel perfect. Take Catapult Entertainment, for example. Their show is all about shadows and dance performances without the excessive price tag.

7. Darts Tournament

dart, darts, game, entertainment

This is an excellent activity you can implement in your event. Granted, you will need the equipment. However, if the event is in a small city, you could ask your local bars to help you.

To gather funds, you only need to ask for an entry fee.

As far as charity event ideas go, you will need guests that enjoy such games to pull this one off. The general cause or theme needs to be related.

8. Pets Parade

If your event’s cause is related to domestic animals, the best way to achieve your goals is to organize a pet parade. It is fun, and you will be able to bring almost your entire community together.

The event can also raise awareness about your cause. You will achieve two goals with one shot.

Plus, you can get the best kind of entertainment: Olate Dogs. Yes, the winning participants from Season Seven of America’s Got Talent!

The Grable Group is an event booking agency and entertainment company. We have a lot of experience in organizing unique fundraisers.  These are just some great charity event ideas that you can use. For more useful information on nonprofit fundraising, you can browse through our website. You will find great tips and awesome entertainment choices.  We manage a select pool of speakers, comedians, and artists that can make your event stand out.

For other charity event ideas or any other problems, you may face, feel free to contact us online or at (615) 283-0039 if you have any questions.

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