Do you need Clean Comedy? Book the Best Clean Comedians

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Clean Comedians For That Next Big Event

With that next huge corporate event just around the corner, you need a killer act that will keep every guest at the party hugely entertained, laughing with tears streaming down their faces until they are practically helpless.

What Kind of Act Does Your Event Want?

You want a clean comedy act that will bring the house time every time they are booked, and every time they take the stage. You also want a professional comedian who can deliver the huge laughs (the laughing till they are crying kind) without offending half the audience and have key clients walking out in droves (and canceling that next big job the next morning).

Clean Comedy? Book the Best Clean Comedians

How Do You Find That Killer, Clean Comedy Act?

How do you find an act that can deliver the goods on a reliable, consistent basis, without delving into that danger zone of offensive (albeit funny) humor? The answer is simple: By booking the consistently professional, always funny comedians represented by The Grable Group.

Who Are These Clean Comedians and What Have They Done?

The comedians represented by The Grable Group are some of the top comedians working today. Our comedy roster includes talent that has worked in some of the top venues in the country, bringing down the house night after night, time after time.

We Offer Top Name Talent

Our comedians have appeared on some of the top televisions shows running today, including The Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing, America’s Got Talent and Late Night With David Letterman. These are comics who know how to slay an audience, and they know how to do it by working clean.

Working Clean Comedy is A True Skill

The comedians booked for corporate events through The Grable Group know how to get the feel of an audience and how to cater their material appropriately. Comedians who work at a high professional level know that one of the true codes of comedy is to “know your audience,” and that is what these skilled performers do.

Comedians who work at a consistently high professional level have much versatility, as well as much material to pull from. They know that offensive, down and dirty humor (though often hilarious, with the right audience) doesn’t go over with every crowd, especially not with a corporate audience. That is why our top tier talent knows to work clean, as we are committed to booking clean comedians who can bring home the laughs to our event crowds, and keep our corporate clients smiling and satisfied.

Our comedians deliver smart humor that is witty, funny, observational, and just plain hilarious. It is clean because our talent does not have to get down and dirty to get the laughs. They know how to work for a crowd and score a comedy home run every time out. That is why our clients come back to The Grable Group time after time, event after event. That is why, when it is time to put together a corporate event that clients will be talking about for years, it is time to call us and book one of our clean comedians today.

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