Are you looking for live entertainment for your in person meeting?


Live magic shows merge illusions and sleight of hand with technology to create an engaging presentation that is astonishing, entertaining, and amazing.   When you hire a Headline magician like David Copperfield, David Blaine, Michael Carbonaro, Penn and Teller or Mat Franco your live event turns into a mind-blowing in-person meeting.

Are You Interested in Having a Magician at Your In Person Meeting?

“Show was phenomenal!  Engaged the audience .

Tel Hai Retirement Community

Appealed to the entire audience from the youngest to the oldest!!”

Roll Off Systems

“Left us with a feeling of amazement.”


WOW! Incredible!”


Looking For The Best Live Magic Shows?

America's Got Magic

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America's Got Magic is a customizable show starring the best and most well-known magicians, illusionists, mind readers, and variety artists straight from current television shows including America's Got Talent and Penn and Tellers hit television show "Fool Us". Magicians have fared well in the talent competitions, and we will bring them to your audience – live, up-close and personal.  

Show Title:  Instead of "America's Got Magic", for your live event you can re-brand the show with your company's name -  "[Your Company]’s Got Magic".

Show Cost:   Let us know your budget. We will present the most amazing, funny, and jaw-dropping show that your guests will talk about for years.

Customized to Your Audience:  Each event is different and each audience is different. We know the magicians, we know corporate events and we are uniquely qualified to customize the show to the audience demographics.

Venue:  Whether a hotel ballroom or traditional theater or something in-between, we can customize the show that fits the staging you already have in place.

Ben Seidman

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Magician Ben Seidman guest stars on the Netflix Original - Brainchild. He appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us on the CW network and starred in two specials on Travel Channel. Ben was the highest-rated performer for Princess Cruises and won the title Entertainer of the Year. Seidman is the only person in history to be named the Resident Magician at Mandalay Bay, Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. His in-person residency at Mandalay followed three-seasons consultant for Mindfreak on A&E, during which he worked full-time, designing illusions for Criss Angel.

Colin Cloud

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He'll know what you had for lunch, where you've been that day, what you do for a living, the car you drive, even your PIN code. He'll read you like a book, and he's sure you're going to be a compelling read.  Regarded as one of the world's leading corporate entertainers, Colin Cloud has built a reputation based on his ability to incorporate any message into a remarkable and engaging experience with takeaways that can be used to advantage in the real world.

Cloud has appeared on stage, and TV shows all across the globe. He's performed for celebrities, royalty, politicians, and for the world's leading companies and organizations.  His mind-blowing presentation challenges the way we all think about the world and has been described by many as positively life-changing. 

The Evasons

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The Evasons are one of the very few couples in history who have mastered the rare and specialized talent known as Second Sight. They define two-person mentalism. The Evasons’ network TV appearances include NBC, CBS, FOX, CW Network, Discovery Channel, and Netflix. They have entertained troops overseas and headlined cruise ships and casino showrooms. They have performed at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, the Great American Comedy Festival at the Johnny Carson Theatre in Nebraska, and the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. And they are the world's only interactive mind-reading halftime show!

When you see the Evasons, you’ll understand why on Penn & Teller’s international primetime TV show Fool Us, Penn & Teller said: “This is one of those rare acts where the more you know about it, the more amazing it is. This act is so good - we’ve never seen better!”

Eric Jones

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An award-winning performer, Eric Jones' magic has been showcased at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and held the inaugural Residency at Liberty Magic, Pittsburgh's premier magic venue. He's delighted audiences at 2 presidential inaugurations. Eric has appeared on television in 19 countries spanning 5 continents and has wowed dozens of A-List celebrities all over the globe.

As an author, creator, performer, and consultant, Eric's expertise is sought out by Fortune 500 companies such as Merrill Lynch, State Farm, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Microsoft, Google, and more. Eric was the magic consultant for the movie SLEIGHT. He was the featured magician in Microsoft's commercial launch of the Surface Duo.

Michael Carbonaro

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Known for his original hidden camera magic series, THE CARBONARO EFFECT on truTV, Michael Carbonaro has been seen on television in shows such as Happily Divorced, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, and CSI Miami. A performing magician since his youth, Carbonaro went on to study experimental theater at New York University with the aspirations of entertaining audiences through a variety of theatrical mediums, including hidden-camera magic, which he later showcased frequently on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Carbonaro’s late-night appearances then launched him into stardom through his hit comedic series, “The Carbonaro Effect,” on truTV. A trickster at heart, Michael performs inventive tricks on unsuspecting members of the public who are unaware that he is a magician. Jaws drop when he causes a car to disappear from under a security guard’s nose or makes alien crabs transform into kittens in a science lab. Whether posing as a coffee shop barista, museum curator, or seemingly unremarkable store clerk in the REAL world, Carbonaro's illusions – along with his absurd, matter-of-fact explanations – leave REAL people bewildered and families at home laughing out loud. Michael regularly showcases his bizarre antics and mind-blowing magic at corporate events and through his highly-acclaimed national theater tour, “Michael Carbonaro Live!” Michael’s extensive list of accolades includes the “OUTFEST Best Actor” award as well as the “Magician of the Year” honor, bestowed upon him by the Academy of Magical Arts. He was the inaugural recipient of the Copperfield Prize which recognizes an individual for elevating the art of magic.

Derek Hughes

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Standup Magician™, Derek Hughes, is an award-winning magician and expert improviser with a gift for finding humor within any group’s dynamic. Hughes’ loveable sarcasm and warm charisma have paved the way to appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us!, and NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where he was the only comedy magician ever voted a top ten finalist. Laughter is an unbeatable stress reliever, and if laugher is the best medicine, then Derek Hughes is just what the doctor ordered.

Digital Deception

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Digital Deception merges interactive magic with the technology around us to create a unique stage presentation that forces audiences to re-examine what’s possible in today’s modern world. The original show is a collaboration between two of the country’s most exciting practitioners of magic: Doug McKenzie and Ryan Oakes. Doug has been profiled on CNN Tech, performed for royalty, and created original magic for countless televised specials. Ryan has performed at The White House, been profiled by Forbes, and appeared in almost every US state. Both Doug & Ryan bring their deep knowledge of illusion and their love of technology to the show, which they debuted in 2017.  

Tom Pesce

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Known for combining his unique brand of fast-paced, “high-octane” magic with his genuine ability to connect deeply with any audience, Tom Pesce’s magic show is a brand-new, interactive experience that happens LIVE anywhere there’s an audience.  Each show is custom designed specifically for your group and includes professional lighting, sound, multiple HD camera angles, 100% family-friendly content, and mind-splitting magic that looks like it must be done using camera tricks… but isn’t!  Tom involves various spectators throughout the show and will even teach a trick that everyone will be performing in a matter of minutes! 

Jason Bishop

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Jason Bishop weaves his powerful story of growing up in foster care with stunning, state of the art magic and illusions to deliver his message that each of us is capable of overcoming more than we can imagine. Bishop has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, The Today Show and CW's Masters of Illusion. Jason has had two successful Off-Broadway shows in New York City and been featured on the cover of Southwest Airlines Magazine.

With two consecutive sold-out runs on Broadway, numerous national and international television appearances, and performances spanning 30 countries on 6 continents, Bishop is a proven audience-pleaser with the rare ability to cut through the usual hype and entertain audiences with one remarkable piece of magic after another. In his virtual performances, Bishop entertains with select close-up illusions and interactive sleight-of-hand from his sold-out runs in New York City, stunning and amazing even the most discerning clients right through their screens.

Mac King

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Acclaimed by MAGIC Magazine as the premiere comedy magician in the world today, Mac King has been named “Magician of the Year” by the Magic Castle in Hollywood, broken a Guinness World Record, appeared on seven TV specials for NBC-TV, been voted the sixth-best show in all of Las Vegas, rocked the audience on The Late Show with David Letterman, tore it up on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us (where Penn and Teller called Mac, “The greatest comedy magician at least alive today, and maybe who ever lived”), and his book from Random House just entered its 12th printing. He’s been named “Entertainer of the Year” by Las Vegas Weekly, and “Best Magician,” “Best Bargain Show,” and “Favorite Male Las Vegan” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He is currently starring in the long-running The Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas where, over the last 19 years, he has performed nearly 10,000 shows to more than two million fans. His astounding sleight of hand and irresistible humor has been seen both live and on television in China, Spain, Japan, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, England, Argentina, Holland, Cuba, Mexico, Finland, Canada, Chile, and Portugal. 

Adam Trent

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Broadway and TV star Adam Trent exemplifies a new generation of virtual magic.

As one of the stars of the hit Broadway show 'The Illusionists,'  with appearances on Good Morning America, Ellen, America's Got Talent, Disney Channel, ABC, VH1, Rachel Ray, Travel Channel, SyFy, and others, he is one of the most in-demand illusionists working today.

His interactive performances are part magic and part stand-up comedy.  He promises that live audiences will leave his show feeling differently than they expected to feel after the best live magic show.

Steven Brundage

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Since his appearances on America’s Got Talent, Steven has performed in Russia, Japan, Italy, Egypt, and Britain, just to name a few, as well as on television shows (in the US), such as ABC's Good Morning America, NBC's Today ShowPenn and Teller's: Fool Us (where he successfully fooled the pair), and NBC's The Steve Harvey Show. In addition, he has been written about in The Huffington PostNew York Daily NewsBuzzfeedThe Daily Mail, and more.

Alexander Boyce

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When it comes to magic, Alexander Boyce is a contradiction. He’s experienced - yet young, old school but hip, mischievous yet authentic. He’s a master at sleight of hand and psychological mysteries.
A recent graduate from NYU, he’s spent the last several years touring the world sharing his unique style of magic. Last year, he was one of the first American magicians to be invited to entertain in Cuba since the revolution.

With a unique approach to magic, gone are the old-fashioned tuxedos and embarrassing jokes. Instead, the focus is on entertainment that is quick to surprise and leave critical thinkers wondering “How did he do that?” Boyce considers himself the luckiest guy in the world as he gets to share the magic that he’s so passionate about with audiences all over the world.

Asi Wind

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Asi Wind is one of magic's most influential thinkers and performers. Magicians all over the world study and perform his creations. He was presented with the Merlin Award for the most original show (previously given to Penn & Teller and David Copperfield). Wind’s off-Broadway show, “Concert of the Mind,” completely sold out, extended its run, and received rave reviews and critical acclaim. Asi Wind was born and raised in Tel Aviv, where he was voted "Best Magician in Israel." He currently resides in New York City and spends most of his year performing across the globe.

Bill Herz

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At an age when most kids were reading comic books, Bill Herz was learning to shuffle a deck of cards with one hand. Today he is regarded as one of the most entertaining corporate magicians in the world. Bill has spent the past twenty-five years performing at corporate events and teaching executives their own meeting magic. Bill's unique mix of comedy and magic has been applauded at corporate functions throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, India, and Thailand. He is a two-time winner of the International Magical Performers Award. As a theatrical consultant, Bill designs and creates special effects for Broadway shows, major motion pictures, television commercials as well as industrial and training videos. He is the author of Secrets of the Astonishing Executive and his performances are always custom-tailored to the audience. Whether performing during a meeting, entertaining clients after dinner, or astonishing guests at a cocktail party with his sleight of hand, Bill always integrates audience participation, humor, and his unforgettable wizardry to ensure a special event that's truly special.

David Gerard

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David Gerard has been entertaining audiences for the past 15 years and most recently finished a 21 show run at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is the go-to choice for Silicon Valley tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Uber. He has performed for CEOs, titans of tech, and thousands of corporate employees.

Kevin James

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Kevin's style of performance is anything but conventional. His unique comedy and magic has gained him a reputation as a world-class visual artist. His fresh approach has allowed him to headline in some of the world's top showrooms and theatres. He has performed on television in 102 countries. Some of his past performances include starring at the Crazy Horse in Paris, a Royal Command Performance for the Prince of Monaco, headlining in Splash at the Riveria in Las Vegas, Caesar's Palace, Tropicana and Bally's just to name a few. Not long ago he did a Command Performance for the Obamas at the White House and 500 of their close friends and family. Kevin currently is one of the stars of the number 1 selling, hit touring show “The Illusionists”

Dustin Tavella

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Dustin Tavella was a full-time music recording artist for almost 10 years before he decided to start incorporating magic into his live shows. His high energy and compelling stories have captivated audiences across the world. Dustin is passionate about uniting and inspiring people and his magic does just that. He has done work with the homeless, as well as drug addicts and women in crisis pregnancies. As a mentor and motivational speaker, Dustin has spent years focusing on how to impact culture, and bring joy and hope to his audiences. His stage show is a mix of magic, live music, and storytelling.  In September 2021, Dustin was named the winner of Season 16, America's Got Talent.

Do You Want to Hire a Magician for Your Live Event?

How to Use Magicians for In Person Meetings

Cocktail Hour

Hire a Magician and add something memorable to your next social gathering. Perfect as a cap-off to a full-day virtual event, or a special event for clients or colleagues to build relationships.

Meeting Opener

Kick-off your live event with a visual magic effect that incorporates your meeting theme/topic.


Keep your meeting moving along with jolts of magic and comic relief throughout the day.


Add moments of fun and interactive magic in between speaker sessions. Attendees get to be a part of it all!

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