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Virtual Keynote Speakers merge sought-after topics with technology to create an engaging presentation for corporate events to nonprofit fundraisers.  Virtual Presentation Speakers that you can hire include Josh Linkner, Nicole Kidman, Baratunde Thurston, Walter Robb and Mel Robbins.


Are You Interested in Having a Virtual Keynote Speaker at Your Event?

Looking For The Best Virtual Keynote Speakers?

Jeff Civillico

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Jeff Civillico enables a renewed sense of passion, purpose, and gratitude in attendees’ work and lives by challenging the audience to view where they are personally and professionally as a new type of starting point. Attendees walk away more engaged with what they do, and why they do it. Jeff is the perfect presenter for companies who look beyond numbers to the importance of caring for “the whole person” and change.

When you’re faced with an obstacle at home or at work, what do you do? How do you react? Do you allow that challenge to drain your energy, to kill your vibe? Or do you keep your forward momentum, and PIVOT through that challenge to emerge stronger?

In “The Power of the Pivot,” Jeff uses his own personal story of how he pivoted his way from performing shows in his kitchen as a child to performing shows in Las Vegas as a Headliner with Caesars Entertainment with multiple TV projects, a national nonprofit, endorsement deals to becoming a virtual performer. Jeff’s combination of “entertainer” and “speaker” makes his presentations extremely unique, interactive, and FUN. By weaving his personal story throughout his signature routines from his “Comedy in Action” show, Jeff Civillico leaves attendees thoroughly entertained and inspired.

Steve Anderson

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Steve Anderson is an expert in strategic risk, business growth, and change. Drawing on decades of experience in the insurance industry, he wrote The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon, a Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and an international bestseller. With hundreds of thousands of followers, Steve has been handpicked by LinkedIn as one of the world’s most influential thought leaders.

Steve helps business owners understand how to leverage the exquisite tension between risk-taking, business growth, and change.

Joe Castillo

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Every business must change. Change is essential. It can overcome difficulties, keep you relevant, create growth, help you succeed. Your company must adapt or face consequences. It is challenging but Change can be a beautiful thing.

Joe Castillo knows change. He guided his advertising agency into the digital age, survived market swings, transitioned into a global economy and grew during a pandemic. His message on transformation works.

Polly LaBarre

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  • Polly LaBarre arms leaders with a Maverick Manual to hack the status quo and ramp up originality, invention and game changing disruption.
  • Co-author of Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win, founding team member of Fast Company magazine, and co-founder of Management Lab, the think-and-do tank where she consults with top global brands
  • Polly leaves audiences with actionable lessons from organizations and leaders who are transforming their industries by breaking the rules and harnessing the human element. She inspires people to reimagine the challenges they face, become fearless experimenters, and rethink the work of leadership.
  • Along with her partners at the Management Lab (MLab), Polly has developed a pioneering method and platform for changing how large organizations change. They run large-scale, real-world experiments in “hacking management” to build the deep organizational capabilities crucial for thriving in a creative, disruptive world: adaptability, innovation, and inspiration.
  • Polly is the co-author of the award-winning book Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win, which was a New York TimesWall Street Journal, and BusinessWeekbestseller. Mavericks was a “Business Book of the Year” for the Financial Times, the Miami Herald, and The Economist, which called the book “a pivotal work in the tradition of In Search of Excellence and Good to Great.” CNN, CNBC, and GMA all created series around the book.

Topics Include: A Maverick Agenda for Inventing the Future; Liberation Leadership: A New Way of Leading Change; The Human Edge: Fully Engaged & Relentlessly Innovative

Hal Gregersen

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  • Hal Gregersen is Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center, Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and Senior Fellow at Innosight.
  • Gregersen has created a methodology by which corporate leaders can raise their companies’ levels of creative inquiry, unleash the potential of their employees, and make a meaningful impact. The crux of Gregersen’s argument is spelled out in his new book “Questions Are the Answer: A Breakthrough Approach to Your Most Vexing Problems at Work and in Life” (Harper Collins 2018)
  • His 3-step methodology, based on research on the most innovative leaders & firms in the world, shows how company cultures can be transformed to habitually seek & produce pioneering breakthroughs.
  • Gregersen co-authored, with Clay Christensen, “The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators”, a guide to cultivating the skills embodied by the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs. His framework for redesigning a company culture around constructive questioning has been implemented by Chanel, Danone, Disney, Ernst & Young, Fidelity, Genentech, among others.
  • Ranked one of the world’s 25 most influential management thinkers by Thinkers50 and winner of the 2017 Distinguished Achievement Award for leadership,
  • Along with 10 books, Gregersen is the author of more than 50 articles, book chapters, and cases. His research has been highlighted in global media such as BBC, CNN, The Economist, Fast Company, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Topics Include: The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators; The Leader’s Dilemma: Asking Catalytic Questions – Before It’s Too Late; Building a Sustainably Creative Company: Putting People, Process and Philosophies to Work

Mike Massimino

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  • Mike is a four-time spacewalker on two missions to the Hubble Space Telescope, including the final Hubble servicing mission, which has been called the most dangerous and complex mission in space shuttle history.
  • Mike uses his unique storytelling ability to inspire audiences to identify the passion in their work, to use teamwork and innovation to solve problems, to provide leadership in the face of adversity, and to never give up when pursuing a goal.
  • During the final two Hubble Space Telescope servicing missions, Michael Massimino and his crews traveled faster (Mach 26) and higher (350 miles) than any other astronauts in the 21st century while increasing the discovery capabilities of arguably the greatest scientific instrument ever built.
  • During the final Hubble servicing mission, Mike was faced with life-threatening challenges as he performed the most intricate repair ever attempted in space.
  • On his last mission, Mike set a team record for cumulative spacewalking time and became the last person to work inside of the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Mike has a recurring role as himself on the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, 
  • He was also featured with his crew in the IMAX film Hubble 3D and has been called “the real-life astronaut who inspired George Clooney’s role” in the film gravity
  • In his New York Times bestselling book, Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe(2016), Mike takes us into a rare, wonderful world where the nerdiest science meets the most thrilling adventure.

Topics Include: Views from Space: Leadership, Teamwork, Determination; Following Dreams, Setting Goals, and Never Giving Up; Innovation and Problem Solving

Bill Walton

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  • One of the NBA’s 50 all-time greatest players, Bill Walton shares his inspiring lessons learned through a brilliant career, his focus on teamwork, and his ability to overcome adversity.
  • After basketball, Walton became an Emmy Award-winning basketball analyst. Walton has appeared on major television networks and has contributed to major events including the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Summer Olympic Games.
  • In 2009 he was named one of the top 50 sports broadcasters of all time by the American Sportscasters Association.
  • As entertaining as he is insightful, Bill is widely considered one of the best speakers from the world of sports. The lessons he learned on the basketball court became life lessons that served him well throughout his sports, broadcasting, and business careers.
  • Bill is an authentic and true original who personifies greatness and is one of the most compassionate figures in sports with an extraordinary record of giving back through his work with numerous charities and non-profits.

Topics Include: What Great Coaches Taught Me About Leadership; Rising to the Challenge; Create a Team That Rocks

Nilofer Merchant

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  • Nilofer Merchant is on a mission to reimagine a future of work that actually works… for all of us. She literally wrote the book of “new rules” for business in our Social Era in 2012. Her book, The New Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era (2012) forecast the future of work when connected people can now do what once only large organizations could
  • During her 25 years in technology, Merchant personally launched more than 100 products, netting $18B in sales. She helped launch the first Internet Server at Apple, grew division performance at Autodesk by 50 percent, and created product and pricing strategies for Adobe that grew the company from $2B to $5B.
  • The Power of Onlyness: Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough to Dent the World (2017), is a field guide for anyone to use networked leadership to scale their ideas, especially when they don’t have traditional power and status.
  • Thinkers50 said Merchant was the “#1 person most likely to influence the future of management in both theory and practice” when they awarded her the Future Thinker award in 2013. They ranked her #22 top thinker in the world in 2017.
  • She’s been named one of the twenty-five smartest women on Twitter and is regularly quoted or published in Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, Time Magazine, Fast Company, and the WSJ.

Topics Include: Corporate Culture; Innovation; Teamwork; Creativity; Leadership

Mick Ebeling

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  • Most recently named one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Greatest Leaders, a recipient of the Muhammed Ali Humanitarian of the Year Award and listed as one of the world’s most influential creative people by The Creative 50’s, Mick Ebeling has sparked a movement of pragmatic, inspirational innovation.
  • Producer, filmmaker, and Founder and CEO of Not Impossible, a multiple award-winning social innovation lab and production company
  • Mick founded Not Impossible based on the principle of “Technology for the Sake of Humanity”. He and Not Impossible are continually working to develop a multitude of projects that utilize technology to solve a wide range of fundamental human needs.
  • Not Impossible brought to life highly acclaimed initiatives that brought the ability to draw back to a paraplegic street artist, 3D-printed arms to Sudanese amputees, brought a ‘voice’ to an ALS patient who hadn’t spoken in 15 years, and created wearables that let deaf and hearing people alike feel music in a “surround body” experience.
  • Ebeling’s book, Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn’t Be Done, recounts the life experiences that led to the founding of Not Impossible.

Topics Include: Innovation; Change; Leadership; Technology; Adversity

Luke Williams

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  • Luke Williams, author and globally recognized authority on disruptive innovation reveals a way of thinking that has the power to transform your business and stay ahead of the game
  • Has worked with leading companies across the globe and is a dynamic and sought-after management speaker, having lectured in 21 countries and addressed the United Nations General Assembly and the World Innovation Forum
  • Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business; Founder and Executive Director of W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs; and a Fellow at Frog Design— one of the world’s most influential product strategy and design firms
  • The inventor of 30+ U.S. patents and has designed more than 100 products in industries ranging from transportation to finance, and healthcare to consumer electronics
  • His views are regularly featured in media ranging from Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Fast Company to The Wall Street Journal and The Economist
  • Author of the international bestseller, Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business

Topics Include Disruptive Leadership: Thriving in an Era of Constant Change; Disruptive Thinking: How to Spark Transformation in Your Business; Disruptive Technologies: How to Prepare for What’s Coming Next

Judy Smith

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  • As a result of her wide-ranging and groundbreaking career, Shonda Rhimes, creator of ABC’s hit television dramas Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, developed a television drama about the world of crisis management entitled Scandal inspired by Judy Smith.
  • The founder and President of Smith & Company, a leading strategic and crisis communications firm with offices in Washington DC and Los Angeles. Over the last 25 years, Judy Smith has brought her unique combination of communication skills, media savvy, legal and political acumen to clients facing a wide array of issues and challenges throughout the United States and abroad.
  • Judy Smith honed her skills through her experiences with some of the most historic and sensational events of our time, including the Iran Contra investigation, the 1991 Gulf War, the President Clinton scandal involving Monica Lewinsky, the General Petraeus CIA scandal, the Sony Corporation hacking crisis, and the United Nations Foundation and World Health Organization response to the SARS epidemic.

Topics: Crisis 101: Surviving and Thriving in an Era of Perpetual Crisis; How to Protect Your Company’s Brand-Preventing, Preparing, and Prevailing During a Crisis; Leading Through Crisis: What Every Leader Should Know

Mike Abrashoff

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  • Publications from Fast Company to the Harvard Business Review have called it one of the most remarkable examples of organizational transformation: Mike Abrashoff took command of the worst-performing Navy ship in the Pacific Fleet, the USS Benfold, and made it #1 in twelve months – using the very same crew.
  • What drove the success was Abrashoff’s realization that if things were going to improve, the first thing that needed to change was his own leadership style. He began a determined effort to see the ship from the eyes of his crew – and then rethink how to lead and break from the traditional command and control model.
  • When crew members asked him to solve a problem, his response became, “It’s your ship ─ what would YOU do?” The result was an empowered culture and an engaged team who set new benchmarks for performance.
  • Abrashoff challenges people to re-imagine their own leadership thinking and instill a renewed responsibility for results and success. Audiences relate to his dilemma: being held accountable for results in an environment where rules and regulations pose significant obstacles.
  • Abrashoff’s first book, It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy, remains a best seller and has sold over 1 million copies.

Topics Include: It’s Your Ship – Achieving Breakthrough Performance; It’s Our Ship – Putting the Leadership Roadmap to Work

Priya Parker

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  • Priya Parker is helping us take a deeper look at how anyone can create collective meaning in modern life, one gathering at a time. She is a master facilitator, strategic advisor, acclaimed author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters and the host of the New York Times podcast, Together Apart.
  • Parker has spent 15 years helping leaders and communities have complicated conversations about community and identity and vision at moments of transition.
  • Parker is a founding member of the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network, a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Values Council and the New Models of Leadership, and a Senior Expert at Mobius Executive Leadership.

Topics: How to Be Together Apart; How We Gather Digitally Now

Alex Sheen

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  • Founder of because I said I would, a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to bettering humanity through promises made and kept
  • As one of the foremost experts on promises and commitment, Alex Sheen is a four-time TEDxTalk speaker, author, podcast host, and internationally-recognized humanitarian.
  • Alex is someone who truly honors commitment. He once walked over 240 miles across the entire state of Ohio in 10 days to fulfill a promise.
  • Alex has impacted millions of people with the “because I said I would” message through the viral nature of social media.
  • Since 2012, because I said I would has sent over 10.3 million promise cards to over 153 different countries. The promises written on these cards have made headlines around the world.
  • His charitable projects and awareness campaigns have been featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN, The Today Show, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, and many other programs.
  • Alex gives 100% of his speaking fees to because I said I would and other charities (Approximately $1,000,000 a year)

Topics Include: “because I said I would.”

Dambisa Moyo

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  • Dr. Dambisa Moyo is a pre-eminent thinker, who influences key-decision makers in strategic investment and public policy. She is respected for her unique perspectives, her balance of contrarian thinking with measured judgment, and her ability to turn economic insight into investible ideas.
  • Dambisa was named to the list of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World; has published in the Financial Times, WSJ, Barrons, Harvard Business Review and has traveled to 65 countries.
  • Dambisa has earned a strong reputation as a top-tier opinion former and trusted advisor on Macroeconomics, Geopolitics, Technology, and Millennial themes. She is a board member of 3M Company, Barclays Bank, and Chevron.
  • She holds a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford, a Masters from Harvard, and is recognized for fresh and innovative ideas as the Author of four (4) New York Times Bestselling Books.

Topics: Global Shifts in Economics, Politics & Business: What’s It Going To Take To Be Successful?; Emerging, Frontier and Global Markets: Investments and the Shape of the Future; Age of Technology: A Tale of Innovation, Opportunities, and Risk

Dr Willie Jolley

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Everyone is struggling! Owners and Employees are both struggling. Some are struggling out loud and others are living lives of quiet desperation. The principles are the same for getting past this extremely difficult time. I help them all get a new mindset and skillset for getting through these tough times, and winning in the midst of it! It works! It worked for Ford, GM, Johnson and Johnson, Coco- Cola South Africa and Johnson and Johnson Dubai…yet it also has helped individuals worldwide via my speeches on the Get Motivated Tour and my Sirius XM Show and my podcasts. It works because they are bedrock principles.

Dr. Willie Jolley shares strategies on how businesses can “come back” virtually from the coronavirus crisis.Topics: How to Be Together Apart; How We Gather Digitally Now

Jon Dorenbos

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Jon Dorenbos played 14 seasons in the NFL, notably making the Pro Bowl twice as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2016, Jon competed on America’s Got Talent where he showcased his skills as a sleight-of-hand magician, making it to the finals and placing third overall in the competition amongst tens of thousands of competitors. He just retired from the NFL after having successful open-heart surgery to repair a defective aortic valve. 

Tired of trying to keep the house quiet during video conferences. Tired of listening to a “talking head”. Tired of the same typical virtual presentation?

Jon’s virtual presentation is guaranteed to Wake UP your “VIRTUAL” audience.  Have your organization’s message delivered through a powerful personal story and engaging magic Make this Virtual meeting entertaining, inspiring, and different.

Joshua Seth

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Business has changed. We’re all in more video meetings and online presentations than ever before. And that’s here to stay. So it’s absolutely essential to level up your virtual presentation skills now. Because soon a “virtual sales meeting” is just going to be called a sales meeting.  Now that virtual presentations are the new normal, being able to speak with influence and communicate with confidence while on camera and in front of a microphone is an essential skill set.

In this engaging, fully produced, highly interactive presentation, celebrity voice actor Joshua Seth (Digimon, Akira, Spongebob) will show you exactly how to level up the virtual presentation skills that will help your team crush it online!


• Learn 5 Ways To Increase Engagement in Your Virtual Presentations
• 3 Ways to Improve The Way You Sound In Your Online Meetings
• Discover How You Can Use Body Language to Own the Zoom Room
• Get The Most Out of Your Tech Setup (with Specific Examples)
• Have Your Questions Answered in the Interactive Q&A

How to Use Virtual Keynote Speakers


Make your webinars more exciting and dynamic with a Live Streaming Keynotes Speaker or pre-taped video segment created with your event’s objectives in mind.

Online Conferences

Give audience members the chance to hear directly from industry experts with a virtual keynote address, which will inspire, educate and entertain your virtual attendees.


Q&A Session

Interview a top keynote speaker with extensive industry expertise, and make it possible for your audience to gain a greater understanding of the topics that are of importance to them.

Online Training

Book an expert virtual keynote speaker to help build teamwork and motivate them for greater success.

What other keynote speakers perform virtually?


Tom Hanks, George Clooney, John Mackey, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Wahl, David Horsager, Eddie George, Robert Irvine, Pat Riley, Jon Dorenbos, Daymond John, Bert Jacobs, Lisa Bodell, Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman.

Are You Interested in Having a Virtual Keynote Speaker at Your Event?

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