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Virtual magic shows merge interactive magic with technology to create an engaging presentation that forces audiences to re-examine what’s possible in today’s digital world.   When you book a Headline magician like David Copperfield, David Blaine, or Mat Franco your virtual event turns into a mindblowing private event.


Are You Interested in Having a Virtual Magic Show at Your Event?

Looking For The Best Virtual Magic Shows?

Dana Herz

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Looking for an exciting, unique, and affordable bonding experience for you and your co-workers? Well, search no further – this interactive and high-energy virtual experience is filled with enough amazement and laughter to put your run-of-the-mill happy hour to shame! Led by one of the world’s most recognized female magicians, Dana Herz is a favorite for corporate groups like Zillow and PetSmart and is often sought after for fundraisers, family gatherings, corporate meetings and comedy clubs all over the world. During “Magic Happy Hour,” your group will not only get to relish Dana’s mind-blowing magic but also learn some secrets of your own – co-workers and family members will think you have ESP and magical powers in no time! So put on your pajamas (or maybe get out of them), refill that glass of wine (whoa, that’s enough), and grab your colleagues for an hour that they will be talking about forever!

Dana Herz is the creator of “Magic on The Move,” the highly-acclaimed walking tour of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter packed with rich history, eye-catching sights, and magical surprises around every corner.

The Clairvoyants

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The Clairvoyants have a brand new interactive online show concept. This is a never-before-seen show that happens in Zoom or any other online conference tool! Audiences will be involved throughout the show from home and will experience the magic in their minds and hands.

The attendees will be involved throughout the show from home and will experience the magic in their own minds and hands. The show is very interactive and involves acts where everyone can participate and acts where VIP’s or random guests will be involved! The show will be broadcasted from a professional studio with different camera angles to make it not only magical but also beautiful and visual!

It’s fun, magical, and mind-blowing!

Ben Seidman

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Magician Ben Seidman has been featured on Netflix, Travel Channel, and the CW Network - but today, he’s performing in your living room. Seidman’s virtual show CAMERA TRICKS is an engaging and interactive magical experience, packed with mind-blowing sleight of hand and hilarious audience exchanges. Every magical moment will make your jaw drop, but there's a catch... one single moment in the show uses a camera trick.

Can your group spot which illusion is the fake? Or does Seidman’s magic actually rival camera trickery?! This fun hook is a fantastic way to engage your audience and CAMERA TRICKS comes full circle with two different twist endings! The result is a delightful and awe-inspiring program that will remind your group that there is still magic in the world.

Colin Cloud

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He’ll deduce everything about you, influence you to make specific choices, and have you in fits of laughter along the way. Colin Cloud has captivated the attention and minds of audiences all around the world with his modern and immersive style of mind-reading. Tapping into his experience as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, where he would engage audience members through their screens at home during every appearance, Colin has developed impossible demonstrations that showcase your viewers as the stars of the show. Colin was also just awarded #1 Online Virtual Magic/Mentalism Show for 2020

Colin made our first virtual conference for our sales leaders feel almost like a live event. He was just what our group needed after four hours of virtual meetings. Doing this virtually required a little more preparation on our side as it’s a new medium for all of us, and he’s a true professional. He was unflappable through the inevitable learning steps and gave us complete confidence that it would work well and it did.

— Sherri Lindenberg | VP, Crump Insurance

Derek Hughes

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Standup Magician™, Derek Hughes, is an award-winning magician and expert improviser with a gift for finding humor within any group’s dynamic. Hughes’ loveable sarcasm and warm charisma have paved the way to appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us!, and NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where he was the only comedy magician ever voted a top ten finalist. In his virtual show packed with astonishing moments that viewers experience firsthand through their screens, Derek is the refreshing through-line, keeping everyone energized and smiling during your next online event. In times of uneasiness, laughter is an unbeatable stress reliever, and if laugher is the best medicine, then Derek Hughes is just what the doctor ordered.

Digital Deception

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Digital Deception combines magic with the technology we use every day in their Interactive Virtual Magic Show. The duo was digital even before we all started social distancing, but now their stage show is virtual as well! Magicians Doug McKenzie & Ryan Oakes have built an arsenal of interactive magic effects that can be presented on any virtual platform. Participants do not merely watch magic, they all experience magic — right on their screens, on their phones and in their own hands. With original magic and mind-reading effects that involve text messaging, phone calls, emails, and digital imagery, viewers actually become a part of the magic. 100% interactive.

Eric Jones

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An award-winning performer, Eric Jones' magic has been showcased at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and held the inaugural Residency at Liberty Magic, Pittsburgh's premier magic venue. He's delighted audiences at 2 presidential inaugurations. Eric has appeared on television in 19 countries spanning 5 continents and has wowed dozens of A-List celebrities all over the globe.

As an author, creator, performer, and consultant, Eric's expertise is sought out by Fortune 500 companies such as Merrill Lynch, State Farm, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Microsoft, Google, and more. Eric was the magic consultant for the movie SLEIGHT. He was the featured magician in Microsoft's commercial launch of the Surface Duo.

Alexander Boyce

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When it comes to magic, Alexander Boyce is a contradiction. He’s experienced - yet young, old school but hip, mischievous yet authentic. He’s a master at sleight of hand and psychological mysteries. A recent graduate from NYU, he’s spent the last several years touring the world sharing his unique style of magic. Last year, he was one of the first American magicians to be invited to entertain in Cuba since the revolution. With a unique approach to magic, gone are the old fashioned tuxedos and embarrassing jokes.

Combining sophisticated magic and a millennial twist, Alexander Boyce’s Virtual Show engages audiences through the screen to create laughter and amazement. Throughout the show, many viewers interact directly with Alex Boyce and play a role in the show in magic that takes place on the screen and in the audience’s mind. Boyce’s Virtual Show is designed with special attention paid to creating memorable moments that will talk about for years to come, especially the finale that has led to repeat bookings from top corporate clients.

Dustin Tavella

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Dustin Tavella was a full-time music recording artist for almost 10 years before he decided to start incorporating magic into his live shows. His high energy and compelling stories have captivated audiences across the world. Dustin is passionate about uniting and inspiring people and his magic does just that. He has done work with the homeless, as well as drug addicts and women in crisis pregnancies. As a mentor and motivational speaker, Dustin has spent years focusing on how to impact culture, and bring joy and hope to his audiences. His stage show is a mix of magic, live music, and storytelling.  In September 2021, Dustin was named the winner of Season 16, America's Got Talent.

Michael Carbonaro

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Picture this - Michael Carbonaro asks one of your random virtual guests to think of ANY number. Suddenly, he reveals that very number tattooed on his arm… along with your random guest’s NAME!

The star of the hit hidden-camera series, THE CARBONARO EFFECT on truTV and his multiple appearances on NBC’s, THE TONIGHT SHOW, Michael Carbonaro is best known for performing inventive tricks on unsuspecting members of the public who are unaware that he is a magician. Carbonaro's illusions – along with his devilishly absurd, matter-of-fact explanations – leave real people bewildered and families at home laughing out loud.

Obviously no stranger to performing on camera and blowing the minds of everyday people, Michael Carbonaro is knocking the socks off of socially distanced groups and gatherings with a completely interactive LIVE virtual magic experience packed with amazing magic, strange occurrences, and his signature straight-faced hysterical explanations. Whether he’s using “heat transference” from an attendee’s finger to melt metal as they touch their screen, or teaching a magic “house-hold hack” to actually make a live fish appear, your guests will finally get a chance to directly experience Michael Carbonaro and his incredible, magical... EFFECT!

Nathan Coe Marsh

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Though held online, “Magic: Here & Now” allows you to experience the impossible in the room with you, wherever you are in the world.

Created and performed by magician Nathan Coe Marsh — whose work has been seen in 13 countries, at the iconic Magic Castle in Hollywood, and on national TV with Penn & Teller — “Magic: Here & Now” is a hilarious, interactive evening of extraordinary experiences for the entire family (ages 10+).
Your household pass is good for everyone you can fit on one screen. To experience everything, have with you a deck of cards, a fork, a spoon, a knife, a smartphone, some paper, and a pen.
For the best experience, we recommend downloading the latest version of Zoom and joining from a computer.

Download Virtual Magic Show EPK

The Evasons

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The Evasons are one of very few married couples in history who have mastered the rare and specialized artistry of two-person telepathy known as “Second Sight.” With featured appearances on NBC, CBS, CW Network, Discovery Channel, and Netflix, it’s no wonder why The Evason are the most in-demand act of their kind, anywhere in the world. One of the most awarded performers in their field, The Evasons were the only mentalists ever to receive the "SARMOTI Award" presented by legendary magicians, Siegfried & Roy, to their favorite act in Las Vegas.

In this interactive, live, virtual performance, your guests will not just sit back and watch the show… in no time, minds will be blown, jaws will drop, and audible gasps will fill the room in this incredible and exhilarating demonstration of Second Sight and telepathy. Let your hair down and take a “virtual vacation” with The Evasons as they reach through the screen and seize your thoughts in this high-energy, fun escape from reality that you will certainly never forget.

Tom Pesce

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Get ready to experience one of the most powerful live interactive shows, right on your own screen.Tom Pesce will have your clients, employees, and organization members ready to flip a table in disbelief by the end of the first routine. Seriously!

The Virtual Show is a custom designed production that’s made specifically for your group and includes professional lighting, sound, multiple HD camera angles, 100% audience involvement, full customization options, and mind-splitting magic that looks like it must be done using camera tricks, but isn’t! 

Tom involves multiple spectators throughout the show, and he even teaches how to perform an illusion that everyone will be performing, themselves, in a matter of minutes!

The Virtual Show can be hosted via secure Zoom, WebEx, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live video platforms, just to name a few. Invite your guests, click, and prepare to be left virtually speechless.

Steven Brundage

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Who do you think is more difficult to impress: an arena full of rowdy college students, the judges on America’s Got Talent, or a room of skeptical business professionals at an online program?

If you answered ‘none of the above’, and feel your upcoming virtual event audience is the most difficult to impress, magician Steven Brundage has only one thing to say: I’ve got this.

Comfortable with both the type of up-close magic that gets him out of traffic tickets and performing shows to large virtual audiences, there is no event or audience too intimate or too big for Steven Brundage, magician, and entertainer.

Justin Willman

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Magician Justin Willman presents an ALL NEW mind-blowing and hilarious Zoom experience for the whole family! MAGIC FOR HUMANS at HOME with JUSTIN WILLMAN is an interactive hour of magic, comedy, and unexpected surprises delivered directly into your living room. Justin is a regular on the Tonight Show, Ellen, and Comedy Central, and is the star of the hit Netflix series Magic for Humans. Now he invites you and your friends to join him (on Zoom) for this unique and intimate all-ages experiment.  You can enjoy his show solo or share the fun with the entire family. During the performance Justin will be able to see, hear, and interact with the audience in real-time, making this a truly unique experience.

Adam Trent

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Broadway and TV star Adam Trent exemplifies a new generation of virtual magic.

As one of the stars of the hit Broadway show 'The Illusionists,'  with appearances on Good Morning America, Ellen, America's Got Talent, Disney Channel, ABC, VH1, Rachel Ray, Travel Channel, SyFy, and others, he is one of the most in-demand illusionists working today.

His audience interactive online performances are part magic and part stand up comedy.  He promises that online audiences will leave his show feeling differently than they expected to feel after the best virtual magic show.

Piff the Magic Dragon

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For a fun and interactive virtual experience for your next corporate or private engagement, Piff the Magic Dragon can deliver an amazing time.

One of the most popular magicians in Las Vegas, Piff burst on to The Strip after breakout appearances on America's Got Talent and Penn & Teller Fool Us. Along with his trusty sidekick Mr. Piffles - The World's Only Magic Performing Chihuahua, and Las Vegas Showgirl Jade Simone, Piff performs a one-of-a-kind comedy and magic show suitable for eight to eighty years old.

In 2019 Piff was honored with three gold medals including Best Comedian, Best Magician, and Best headliner in 2019 Best of Las Vegas Awards, won the 2019 CEA Casino Comedian of the Year Award and named one of the 10 Comics to Watch in 209 by Variety Magazine.

Jason Bishop

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Jason Bishop brings his acclaimed and raved reviewed magic to a new platform with the same jaw-dropping results.

Bishop toured the globe both with his technologically innovative large-scale illusions, as well as his stunning intimate magic involving audience members. Each of Bishop’s shows features award-winning sleight of hand and a lightning-fast comedic wit. He’s been called “The thinking man’s Magician” and The New York Times said, “There’s real elegance and even wit in the precision of his gestures, the agility of each finger”.

With two consecutive sold-out runs on Broadway, numerous national and international television appearances, and performances spanning 30 countries on 6 continents, Bishop is a proven audience-pleaser with the rare ability to cut through the usual hype and entertain audiences with one remarkable piece of magic after another. In his online performances, Bishop entertains with select close-up illusions and interactive sleight-of-hand from his sold-out runs in New York City, stunning and amazing even the most discerning clients right through their screens.

Harrison Greenbaum

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The New York Times once described Harrison’s comedy as 'fast-paced, smart, and interactive,' which perhaps explains why he’s been so successful as a virtual performer: His speed, his intelligence, and his ability to engage the entire audience is the perfect recipe for a virtual performance that is quite possibly just as fun, hilarious and energizing as the amazing live shows on which he’s built his stellar reputation.

Who needs Netflix? Bring in Harrison as your live, virtual entertainment, and prepare to have a side-splitting and jaw-dropping experience you will never forget.

Simon Pierro

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A brand new online experience, created and customized for conferences and business events.  Interactive, visual and individually fitted to your company, 'World Wide Wonders' is an unforgettable online event, performed live and with your guests, which is sure to keep them glued to their screens.  The Walt Disney Company was the first to book 'World Wide Wonders' brand new virtual entertainment from Simon Pierro for their guests. And it became a mutually unforgettable and interactive experience.  

Dana Daniels

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Dana Daniels has been recognized as one of the best comedian magicians working today. His past accolades include. 1) Comedy Magician of the Year ( from the Academy of Magical Arts ) 2) Two time Stage Magician of the Year ( from the Academy of Magical Arts ).  Dana's past television appearances include Stand up Live, America's Got Talent, Evening at the Improv, CBS Morning Show, NBC's Comedy Club, News Radio, Masters of Illusions, Lance Burton's Magic Special, and the best selling clean comedy DVD series "Thou Shalt Laugh".

David Goldrake

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David Goldrake has performed for the world’s top corporations. He will highlight your brand, your product, or your campaign combining strong magic with business knowledge. His mission is to create stimulating events using modern design and presentations. David creates customized and exclusive concepts that convey your message in a different and unique way that will leave a lasting and emotional impression on your clients.  His unique ability to speak 7 languages fluently allows him to easily interact with your guests from over the world.

Richard Preston

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Richard Preston is the greatest magician frozen in time. In 1962, magician Richard Preston was cryogenically frozen to be thawed out 100 years later to the first entertainer on Mars. Current world circumstances have forced world governments to thaw Richard early and now he’s back on top! Richard Preston is a quirky blast from the past world-renowned magician. He’s funny and his magic will fool you. The real man behind the character is Stuart MacDonald, winner of Penn and Teller Fool Us and International Champion of Magic.

Anthony the MAGIC

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Anthony the Magic performs his brand of illusions and mysteries online. We can perform this show on any format: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Vimeo. We can host this show live, and for an additional fee, provide a link to watch at your leisure over the next few weeks. We perform for ASES, Think Together, Resorts, Amusement Parks, Communities, Senior Shows, and ASB Rallies. Magic Tricks are available for an additional fee with lessons after the show.

We are bilingual in English and Spanish…and we know enough Mandarin Chinese to get through a show.

Amazing Acts in 3D!

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Join magicians Jon Armstrong (The Tonight Show, Netflix, The Today Show), Nathan Coe Marsh (The Magic Castle, FOX, Penn & Teller: Fool Us), and musician Jill de Ville as we transform a platform used for boring business calls into an interactive theme park of wonder that directly engages your senses of sight, sound, and touch.

Oh and you don’t need special 3D glasses, but if you have them wear them anyway!

“A fabulous show”
Scott Trowbridge
Portfolio Creative Executive
Walt Disney Imagineering

Anna DeGuzman

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Anna DeGuzman is a magician, cardist, and mentalist based out of Los Angeles. Originally from New York City, she has performed from the middle of the street to elite invitation-only cocktail parties, high-profile private events, and at the most prestigious venues in the world including the exclusive members-only club in Hollywood, the Magic Castle.
Anna is considered one of the most influential magicians in the world. Her hands have been seen showcasing incredible dexterity on Disney, ESPN, MTV, CW, and a multitude of viral content produced for her social media.  She has performed on the Steve Harvey Show, MTV’s Amazingness, and CW’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us. As well as working for company’s like Microsoft, Playboy, and Christian Louboutin.

America's Got Magic

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America's Got Magic  is an exciting compilation of the world’s greatest magicians, illusionists, and mind readers - streamed LIVE in the comfort of your living room!  Direct from your favorite television shows like America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, these mind-blowing and hilarious stars are teaming up to present an amazing buffet of live, virtual magic that viewers get to interact with, directly through their screens!  America’s Got Magic promises to have the whole family raving about this new and unique theatrical experience that will have you sitting on the edge of your… couch.  

Denny Corby

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Plan a corporate event that will make your guests and attendees glad they came. Denny Corby’s interactive magic and mind-reading performances are tailored to suit the size of your audience, from a room of half a dozen to a theater of five thousand. Shows are typically scheduled for anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes, but Denny is no stranger to opening and closing the night at a cocktail hour or meet and greet.

Denny is a wildly successful magician, entertainer, and keynote speaker. He performs regularly for a slew of corporate clients including Comcast, Tyson Foods, Berkshire Hathaway, and BMW. His shows range from intimate office gatherings of 20 to crowds of 2500 and everything in between.

Through appearances on America's Got Talent and major cable networks like Fox and NBC, Denny has graced television screens across the country. He's also put out an instructional DVD, Magic Tricks.

Are You Interested in Having a Virtual Magic Show at Your Event?

Recent Event Spotlight: A Virtual Convention for Forever Living

Tom Pesce Magic

The objective:

  • A large, international company needed to replace an annual live convention with over 10,000 attendees into an unforgettable virtual event
  • Specifically, they wanted super unique and highly customized ways to reveal bonus checks to their top earners

Tom Pesce was brought in to help host the event, perform a live virtual magic show, along with presenting those checks in a magical way!


  • We magically transformed one winner’s license plate on his Rolls Royce to show the amount of money he was winning (over $400,000). He was live on camera and we followed him to his car!
  • We had a plane fly over someone’s house in Germany carrying a banner that said the amount they were receiving (over $1M)
  • One participant had to guess which envelope contained her check. We put one in a blender, another in a paper shredder, and the envelope she was left with contained her actual check for over $300K!

Quote from the performer, Tom Pesce: “This was a really fun project to work on because we streamed to so many different countries on almost every single continent with over 40 translators and a massive tech team to pull it all off. Virtual and hybrid events like this allow us to do things that were never before possible with in-person events. “

How to Use Virtual Magicians

Virtual Cocktail Hour

Add something memorable to your next virtual social gathering. Perfect as a cap-off to a full-day virtual event, or a special event for clients or colleagues to build relationships.

Meeting Opener

Kick off your video conference call with a visual magic effect that incorporates your meeting theme/topic.


Keep your meeting moving along with jolts of magic and comic relief throughout the day.


Add moments of fun and interactive magic in between speaker sessions. Attendees get to be a part of it all!

Virtual Show Packages

Team Meeting/Cocktail Hour Performance

  • 100 attendees or fewer

  • One performance (up to 45 minutes)

Conference/Webinar Performance

  • 500 attendees or fewer

  • One performance (up to 45 minutes)

  • Some customized show content

Conference/Webinar Hosting


  • Unlimited attendees

  • Multiple appearances throughout your event

  • Custom company/product integration in performance

Are You Interested in Having a Virtual Magic Show at Your Event?

Virtual Show FAQs

What platform(s) do you perform on?

The preferred platform for this show is Zoom, although Google Meet, Blue Jeans, Webex, and Amazon Chime can also work if a moderator is provided. Be sure to specify your platform during booking as there may be an additional “platform discovery” fee (plus program subscription fee) if extra configuration is needed. For highest production value, be sure to ask about the “Enhanced Production Package”, which can be streamed live just about anywhere.

How long is the show?

A standard (and strongly recommended) virtual show is 45 minutes in length. However, if you’re looking for a shorter performance, that is totally doable.

Does the length of the show affect the fee?

The show fee is based on a 45 minute performance – if you opt for a shorter show, that’s no problem, but the fee will not change as the setup and preparation for the event remains the same.

How many guests can attend the performance?

In the virtual world, an audience of any size can be accommodated! With that said, certain meeting platforms have size limitations… feel free to reach out for platform recommendations.

What do our guests need to be able to attend the performance?

Your guests will simply need an internet connection and a device capable of streaming video, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. That, and a desire to have fun!

Is the show customizable?

Customized magic that is specifically tailored to your product(s), brand, or gift your guests receive in advance can be incorporated into the show. Additionally, if you are looking to incorporate company-branded graphics and backgrounds into the production of the show itself, be sure to ask about our “Enhanced Production” package, which has the look and feel of live television production as opposed to a virtual meeting.

Can you host our meeting and/or break up your performance?

Absolutely! Hosting a virtual event and/or making frequent interstitial appearances throughout is a common request and easily accomplished.

Can we have someone from our team present before your performance?

For sure! The show is often flanked by company presentations. Simply provide your event itinerary during the pre-show call so it’s clear when to be ready to “step out” onto the virtual stage.

Is the show family friendly?

Yes! This show is perfect for an adult or family audience.

Can we have a pre-show call with you?

Certainly! Each virtual show booking includes a pre-show meeting to discuss any outstanding questions pertaining to show content, tech specifications, etc. If you are looking for more of an ongoing consultation for your virtual event, we recommend our “Enhanced Production” package which includes a dedicated producer who will work with your team in designing your show or meeting from the ground up.

Do you have to see the audience?

This show is packed with audience engagement so it is important that your guests have their cameras turned on! If your platform is designed in a way where most of the guests cannot be seen, be sure to ask how many on-camera participants are needed for the show during your pre-show call.

Can you involve specific participants or clients?

Definitely! All recommendations of company “celebrities”, big personalities, and other VIP guests are welcomed – every attempt at incorporating them will be made.

What if someone doesn’t want to participate in the show?

Not a problem at all! Some people are camera-shy, and anyone who is unwilling to participate will not be required to.

Can we record the show?

Recording for internal and archival purposes is permitted.

What precautions are taken to prevent an internet outage?

Great question. The show is broadcast from a device that is hard-wired to a modem to prevent potential Wi-Fi drops and interference from impacting the performance. While widespread internet service provider/power outages are always a possibility, an emergency backup streaming location is usually available.

Will you teach our guests a trick and/or host a Q&A after the show?

Yes! Simply specify that you would like either of these during your pre-show call so we can best structure the show accordingly.

Can we pre-record the performance for a webinar?

Yes… although magic is always best viewed in a live environment. There is a certain electricity to a live magic show that is often lost during a pre-record unless the footage is streamed in a format that does not appear to be pre-recorded to your audience. (Note that pre-recording would still require interaction with live volunteers.)

Can the performance stream to different time zones?

A performance in any time zone can be accommodated. Once that time is locked down, an advantage of virtual performances is that audiences can tune in from the comfort of their homes, anywhere in the world, at that time.

What is the Enhanced Production Production package?

Significantly enhance your production quality with co-branded company graphics, pre-recorded videos, side-by-side on-screen interaction, and more. Think of a visually-appealing TV show rather than a meeting. Includes a dedicated producer to direct your virtual event remotely.

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