Looking for interactive entertainment for your online event? 


A virtual mentalism show is highly interactive and includes virtual magic. The virtual mentalist engages the audience individually and as a group as they perform psychological illusions.  You can also hire a celebrity like Keith Urban, Martha Stewart, James Corden or Leslie Odom Jr. to take your event to a new level and boost attendance for your virtual conference.


Are You Interested in Having a Virtual Mentalism Show at Your Event?

Looking For The Best Virtual Mentalist Show?

The Clairvoyants

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The Clairvoyants have a brand new interactive online show concept. This is a never-before-seen show that happens in Zoom or any other online conference tool! Audiences will be involved throughout the show from home and will experience the magic in their minds and hands.

The attendees will be involved throughout the show from home and will experience the magic in their own minds and hands. The show is very interactive and involves acts where everyone can participate and acts where VIP’s or random guests will be involved! The show will be broadcasted from a professional studio with different camera angles to make it not only magical but also beautiful and visual!

It’s fun, magical, and mind-blowing!

Oz Pearlman

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Oz Pearlman is regularly called upon to perform for heads of state, A-list celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies.  His natural charisma and charm make him the perfect choice for online events. Oz’s unique blend of virtual mentalism and mind-reading creates an interactive experience that is redefining the very nature of a magic show…one that truly needs to be seen to be believed.  He has adapted his incredible mentalism show to the virtual platform and reading the minds of people thousands of miles away from the comfort of their own home.

Eric Dittelman

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Eric Dittelman is a mind reader that predicts people’s actions and figures out what they are thinking. Drawing on his improv and comedy background, Eric incorporates a unique blend of humor and surprise into his mind-reading act.

Eric has appeared as a guest on America’s Got Talent, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Penn and Teller: Fool Us, and Ellen. He has been featured in “Entertainment Weekly,” “Rolling Stone,” and “The National Enquirer.” He has studied improv comedy with Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City. He was nominated “Fastest Rising Star” and recently won the “Best Male Performer Award” by Campus Activities Magazine. During these challenging times, Eric is now presenting a fantastic VIRTUAL MIND READING SHOW! Of course, if you were also a mind reader, you would have already known that…

Jon Stetson

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Jon Stetson is America's Master Mentalist. The inspiration for the CBS television series, "The Mentalist," Stetson blends the art of Mystery with the study of Psychology, the predictability of human nature, and the power of intuition, with a disarming and uproarious sense of humor. Jon has appeared at hundreds of corporate, private, and celebrity events with performance for the King of Sweden, The Prince of Wales, The Royal family of Monaco, and the White House on five occasions. "The Stetson Experience" is an intelligent, interactive, sophisticated, and fun virtual magic show with Stetson reaching through the screen and effortlessly plucking your thoughts over the web and under the most impossible conditions. Mind Reading has never been so engaging!

The Evasons

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The Evasons are one of very few married couples in history who have mastered the rare and specialized artistry of two-person telepathy known as “Second Sight.” With featured appearances on NBC, CBS, CW Network, Discovery Channel, and Netflix, it’s no wonder why The Evason are the most in-demand act of their kind, anywhere in the world. One of the most awarded performers in their field, The Evasons were the only mentalists ever to receive the "SARMOTI Award" presented by legendary magicians, Siegfried & Roy, to their favorite act in Las Vegas.

In this interactive, live, virtual performance, your guests will not just sit back and watch the show… in no time, minds will be blown, jaws will drop, and audible gasps will fill the room in this incredible and exhilarating demonstration of Second Sight and telepathy. Let your hair down and take a “virtual vacation” with The Evasons as they reach through the screen and seize your thoughts in this high-energy, fun escape from reality that you will certainly never forget.

Colin Cloud

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He’ll deduce everything about you, influence you to make specific choices, and have you in fits of laughter along the way. Colin Cloud has captivated the attention and minds of audiences all around the world with his modern and immersive style of mind-reading. Tapping into his experience as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, where he would engage audience members through their screens at home during every appearance, Colin has developed impossible demonstrations that showcase your viewers as the stars of the show. Colin was also just awarded #1 Online Virtual Magic/Mentalism Show for 2020

Colin made our first virtual conference for our sales leaders feel almost like a live event. He was just what our group needed after four hours of virtual meetings. Doing this virtually required a little more preparation on our side as it’s a new medium for all of us, and he’s a true professional. He was unflappable through the inevitable learning steps and gave us complete confidence that it would work well and it did.

— Sherri Lindenberg | VP, Crump Insurance

Kevin Viner

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Think you’ve seen it all? Think again. Kevin Viner transforms ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.  As a Mentalist, Magician, and Comedian his INTERACTIVE Zoom programs, he will prove that he can read your guests’ minds from MILES away!

In these uncertain times, you need security that you have selected the right presenter for your virtual group. As one of the top entertainers in the world for corporate meetings and private events, Kevin has been the go-to choice for everybody from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to private events for Katy Perry and Alicia Keys.


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Banachek Presents, “Virtual Telepathy” A brand new interactive, virtual experience.  An exhilarating journey into the unknown, a mind-blowing display of incredible feats, ESP, and stunning predictions.  A kaleidoscope of the impossible.

The Las Vegas Review called Banachek’s show  A Must See!

Whether you are a theater, a corporation, a college or simply need a way to show your clients and employees you appreciate them, there is no better way to do so than having them witness Banachek’s Telepathy.

The show is an eclectic roller coaster ride of emotions and gasps-out-loud moments, leaving each and every member of the audience with an experience they will talk about and ponder for a lifetime. From the comfort of your home, boardroom, theater, or dorm, there is nothing like it in the world.

Joshua Seth

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Leading a remote team? Reward them with a fun and interactive virtual show that will help bond them in a shared experience during this challenging time. Minds will be read, predictions come true, and your quarantine will feel a little less isolated when we all come together for some team-building laughter, amazement, and fun. It’s like a virtual office party… just add pizza.

As a headlining corporate entertainer, Joshua Seth has performed his thought-provoking mind-magic performances for over 15 years at Fortune 500 companies such as Ernst & Young, Cisco, Disney, and Pfizer. He’s also toured the world, performing live in over 40 countries, on 5 TV specials in South Korea and Japan, and winning the coveted Magic Olympics at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Interactive Corporate Entertainment That’s Perfect For Your Next Online Business Meeting, Virtual Conference, or Teambuilding Event

Craig Karges

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After a decades-long career of amazing, entertaining, and motivating audiences in-person across 27 countries on four continents,Craig Karges now comes directly to your computer screen! Minds will be read and Craig will predict word for word what random, virtual audience members will say, do or think. The impossible seems possible as mind-blowing engagements happen right through the screen!  Craig has made over 40 national television appearances and you’ve seen him on The Tonight Show, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and E!  “Experience the Extraordinary — Virtually!” is all about bringing people together, building community, lifting morale, and making connections.

 Download Virtual EPK.

Alain Nu

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Known worldwide as the “man who knows,” Alain Nu brings his headlining, mind-bending magic to Zoom and your next virtual event! With engaging and inspiring acts appropriate for all ages, prepare for a truly amazing experience unlike any other. Minds will be read, futures foretold, and synchronicities revealed. You might even find yourself bending one of your own kitchen spoons!

Lior Suchard

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Lior Suchard mind-blowing performances of miraculous predictions, influencing thoughts, and startling mind readings have made him the most sought-after mentalist in the world. Performing these amazing mental feats, Suchard takes live audiences on an incredible journey through the wonders of the human brain. Suchard’s act is built on drama and astonishment, and integrates lots of humor and full audience participation, to create the ultimate combination of wonder, laughter, and fun.

Are You Interested in Having a Virtual Mentalism Show at Your Event?

How to Use Virtual Mentalism

Virtual Cocktail Hour

Add something memorable to your next virtual social gathering with a virtual mentalist show. Perfect as a cap-off to a full-day online event, or a special event for clients or colleagues to build relationships.

Meeting Opener

Kick-off your video conference call with mentalism illusion that incorporates your meeting theme/topic.


Keep your meeting moving along with jolts of mentalism and magic throughout the day.


Add moments of fun and interactive virtual mentalism in between speaker sessions. Attendees get to be a part of it all!

Virtual Mentalist Show Packages

Team Meeting/Cocktail Hour Performance

  • 100 attendees or fewer

  • One performance (up to 45 minutes)

Conference/Webinar Performance

  • 500 attendees or fewer

  • One performance (up to 45 minutes)

  • Some customized show content

Conference/Webinar Hosting

  •  Unlimited attendees
  • Multiple appearances throughout your event

  • Custom company/product integration in performance

Are You Interested in Having a Virtual Mentalism Show at Your Event?

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