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Live Streaming Performing Artists

Do You Need an Interactive Engagement for your virtual event?


A virtual visual artist provides interactive virtual art experiences that are fun, creative, engaging, participative, lively, and energizing.


How to Use Virtual Visual Artists


Make your webinars more engaging and interactive with a Virtual Live Art created with your event’s objectives in mind.

Online Conferences

A virutal live artist creates memorable interpretive art.  This is a perfect way to make your online event special for all your guests to remember.


Art Activity

A virtual art activity is not only fun, it also helps improve communication, collaboration, and idea generation.

Team Building

Interactive art awakens the intuitive mind and ignite the creative spirit.  No wonder this is one of the most creative team building activities.

Are You Interested in Having Virtual Visual Art at Your Event?

Looking For The Best Virtual Visual Artists?

Alexa Meade - DIY Art Party

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Alexa Meade is celebrated for developing a style of painting on the human body and within three-dimensional spaces, creating the illusion that our reality is a two-dimensional work of art.

During this time when we can’t be together, Alexa is available to lead virtual, interactive programs with audiences of any size. Alexa will construct a customized program in collaboration with each organization that can involve ordinary household items or items circulated to or purchased by participants in advance.

One recent virtual participant had this to say: “This was a first for me. DIY art class online using Zoom. It really was a wonderfully creative fun time. I cannot wait to do another one!”

Joe Castillo

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Streamed Live and Pre-Recorded

Sand art images can be created by Joe Castillo in his studio and streamed to your event, whether digital or live. This captivating performance is choreographed to live or recorded music providing a unique experience for companies, Presidents, Kings, World Leaders, TED, CBS, NBC, BBC and a was a finalist on America’s Got Talent.

For corporate entertainment, SandStory is fresh and exciting. Using his hands and grains of sand on a light table, Joe Castillo creates images that tell your company’s story. As a corporate speaker, SandStory’s message will uplift your audience and leave them awestruck and inspired. SandStory is great as the keynote to your event, or as a beautiful transition piece.

Sip & Sketch with JessGo

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Make the popular sip & paint outing a virtual experience! Utilizing a sketching app on your iPad, phone or tablet, Artist Jessica Gorlicky will lead attendees through drawing a colorful, abstract image of your choice. Learn the basics of shading, color theory, depth and contrast. Following the sessions, attendees will receive some ideas and programs on how to keep up the practice and stay inspired.

Attendee Requirements:

  • Tablet – such as an iPad or iPhone
  • PicsArt sketching app – Free on app store
  • Stylus, if preferred
  • OR paper & any pen / markers you have!

Jeremy Sutton

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OPTION 1: PARALLEL PLAY Great entertainment for a virtual conference reception or welcome party. Smithsonian-featured artist Jeremy Sutton live paints world-class musicians as they play, all in a carefully selected cool venue with atmospheric ambience.

OPTION 2: ART ACTIVITY Attendees can enjoy a mini virtual art class and make a painting that is then collaged into a collaborative communal artwork that everyone receives afterwards. Perfect as a group activity for team-building!

OPTION 3: ONE-ON-ONE PORTRAITS Each portrait takes 10 – 15 minutes and is created live, one-on-one, in a virtual portrait sitting. Each subject receives digital files of their completed portrait and the cool replay video.

OPTION 4: KEYNOTE – PORTRAIT PRESENTATION Uniquely combining a conversation with an inspirational featured guest while Jeremy paints a portrait of the guest. Great keynote presentation or “fireside chat” segment for any virtual meeting or conference. Can be suited to any theme, topic, subject matter and duration.

Cartoon Gurus

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Our Cartoon Gurus provide live digital caricatures for corporate and private virtual events using the magic of screen-sharing technology. Your guests watch as we draw in real-time.

Whether you need a single artist for a small private gathering or a dozen artists for large corporate events, we’ve got you covered.  Our artists can be located anywhere on the planet creating thier virtual visual art, our team of professional event artists can accommodate large virtual events from anywhere in the world, and at any time, day or night!

Each drawing is branded with your logo or text of choice and, once completed, is available for download at no extra cost.  We’ve been doing this for more than a decade. The process is simple. The results are unforgettable.

Paint W/ Garibaldi

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Performance painter who produces live streams, virtual performances, and keynotes from his studio for all occasions.  Artists transform an empty canvas into a work of art through their skill, experience, inspiration, and senses. David Garibaldi’s life and transition into a world-renowned performance painter is no different. His show Virtual Live Paint Experience – Paint W/ Garibaldi is an interactive art experience. 


Are You Interested in Having Virtual Visual Art at Your Event?

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