Joe Castillo Live Performances – Repertoire

Joe Castillo
is one of the first and the premier Sand Animation “SandStory” artist in the world today. He as inspired millions of people through his talent and Sand Animation introducing many to this new art form.  Joe Castillo is an internationally known artist, author and storyteller with a passion for promoting the visual arts as a way of touching the heart. He has traveled to fourteen countries, performed for world leaders and churches across the country.

“SandStory” consists of art stories created in sand.
They are performed on stage to live or recorded music and video projected for large audiences


            “A beautiful story can reach past the intellect and touch the heart. SandStory uses the power of images set to music to bring any story to life.” 

Commercials and corporate events are our specialty and we make sure your needs are met. Joe Castillo has many standard performances using Sand Art, which strike the heart and mind, but he also creates customer performances for commercials or presentations.

Evant Solutions Spotlight AwardsThe Grable Group/Event Solutions Awards 2011

The compelling uniqueness of SandStory is the mystery of what is going to come next. Much of what Mr. Castillo creates grows spontaneously from the way the sand scatters on the glass. It is impossible to predict or reproduce exactly what has happened before. The story is an organic result of skill, art and emotion.

What Sand Animation or SandStory can do for you:

  • Full Evening of “SandStory” Music & Art: 30 – 50 Minutes
  • Standard performances: from 2 to 12 minutes
  • Custom performances: Tell your story in sand, from grand openings, new product launch, to logos and commercials
  • SandStory Illustrations or cartoons done live of your sales people or clients
  • Gift SandStory performances on DVDs or SD cards at your party, wedding or bar/bat mitzvah.
  • Combine SandStory with concerts and live music

Just some of the performances from Joe Castillo’s “SandStory Repertoire” 

These performances can all be ended with a custom logo or design.            

Never Forget

A moving tribute to the 9/11 tragedy and a heartfelt memorial for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Trip Around the World

A grand travel adventure through India, China, Asia, Arabia, Europe, South America and the USA.

Earth, Wind, Water and Fire

Celebrating the growing green revolution, the organic elements appear set to high-energy music depicting renewable growth, sustainable energy, the value of life. Entertaining to watch and captivating to experience.


Asia is about change. Speed and strength depicted by Falcons, race horses, Camels, and lions. Can be ended with a custom logo or design.


India is about mystery and romance with animals, temples and exotic images. Can be ended with a custom logo or design.


Take a walk through the African veldt, experience the animals, sounds and adventure of a real Safari.


China is all about growth. Great for a product launch, grand opening or motivational meeting. Change from small to big, fearful to ferocious and weak to powerful. Animals, birds and fish.

Celebrate Life:

[youtube K8geZCdiQWA]

The joy of life, hope, fun and happiness. People enjoying going through the stages of life ending with a custom logo or design.

The Twilight Saga

[youtube F2uwkF23Ays]

Mystery, danger ghosts and vampires inhabit this dark, captivating presentation that eerily transforms the living to the dead.


Encouragement to slow down. The frustration of travel, the journey, stress transitions to a peaceful welcome, good food and a good night sleep.


This patriotic presentation includes the images of some of America’s best known musical icons: Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Elvis, along with images that are part of the American heritage.


[youtube coro-cfgj5M]

Diversity and outreach. A world in trouble transformed by two children who reach out for friendship and peace.

Gabriel’s Oboe:

[youtube 1FpklEe7bO4]

A classical story of romance. Great for weddings, anniversary celebrations and parties. This beautiful performance with a lyrical flow leads to a storybook ending with a custom portrait of the Bride and Groom.

Parade of the Animals:

A Circus of animals done to the Classical score of Saint-Saens music.

God Bless The USA

[vimeo 8473115]

Performed to Lee Greenwood’s powerful, patriotic song, “God Bless the USA.”

Read a Book:

[youtube eXaaRjMfoZ8]

A fun, whimsical presentation for kids of all ages encouraging people to ‘read a book.

A Special Wedding

Romantic, sweet and touching way to tell the stories of the happy couple. Set to their favorite music It can be ended with a SandPortrait of the bride and groom. It can be performed live or by downloadable video.

Bar Mitzvah SandStory Performance

Images of joy, life children, adults, and games. The performance can end with a Sand portrait of the person being celebrated.

Performance with live music and Custom Live performances

Original “SandStory” performances can be custom created to existing compositions or original music scores, by request. A minimum of six weeks lead time and additional practice times are requested. These custom live “SandStory” presentations can include your own images, logos, and themes. Commercials and International performances can be developed.

Some of our recent clients include:

The Grable Group
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