5 Ways To Make Your Virtual Meeting Be More Engaging

Justin Wilman Virtual Meeting Be More Engaging

Written by Tim Grable

November 19, 2020

Rather than abandoning their plans for office parties and event meet-ups, many organizations replace the standard in-person events with a virtual/hybrid version.

While, generally speaking, virtual events can’t replace the experience of a brick-and-mortar event, they are undoubtedly the next best thing.

In this article, we’ll showcase five ways to give a unique twist to your virtual meeting and be more engaging for your audience.

1. Virtual Holiday Entertainment

The holiday season is about to arrive, and this year’s office parties will look very different compared to previous years.

However, if you think outside the box and use the right tools, you can have your audience be part of something truly unique this Christmas.

If you’d like to give it a shot, we suggest hiring a virtual performer this holiday season. It will give your party a unique edge and contribute to creating an experience that your guests will surely remember for a long time ahead.

From booking a high-energy virtual magician to featuring a hilarious comedy act, there are many virtual Christmas party entertainment options that you can leverage to add more excitement to your event.

Browse this list of premium entertainment choices to find the best one for your virtual meeting.

2. Virtual Sommelier

Does your virtual event need a push or a way to break the ice and be more engaging? There’s nothing a few good and well-measured drinks can’t handle.

You can try hiring a virtual sommelier or mixologist for your event. It is a great way to kick off a team-building event or an office party.

Your team will get to witness a showcase of fine beverages or take part in a lesson on how they can prepare their cocktails. Regardless of the activity, it will be an experience that’ll pique their curiosity.

Virtual Sommelier  

3. Cooking Shows Can Be More Engaging

Audiences have always appreciated cooking shows, so why not leverage people’s appeal for this to add some extra oomph to your virtual meeting?

You can hire a celebrity chef to host your event and delight guests with a masterful cooking display.

Cooking aficionados will be very invested in what the chef is preparing, while others might appreciate the artistry. Either way, it’s something unique that everyone can enjoy.

4. Virtual Magic

If you’re looking for a highly-interactive entertainment choice for your digital event, you can’t go wrong with magic.

Today’s best virtual magicians merge artistry with technology to create engaging presentations that make the impossible seem possible. You’d be surprised how many magic tricks can be done over Zoom without compromising interactivity!

With a virtual magician at the helm, your upcoming team meet-up will become a gripping experience, filled with intriguing moments that captivate and be more engaging for your guests.

5. Visual Art

Showcasing a visual art show at your online event is a great way to create an experience that is entertaining, pleasant, and very engaging.

Through the power of imagery, a visual artist can create dreamscapes that will take your guests on a journey of self-reflection.

Or maybe your guests would prefer something more practical such as a live painting course led by a professional artist. Your remote guests will learn more about this artform and get to practice their art skills. 

It’s a well-rounded experience in which attendees will get to learn something new together while sharing smiles and having fun as a group.

Turn Your Virtual Meeting into Something Special

We hope that our ideas showcased in this article have inspired you to try out something new for your upcoming virtual events.

If any of the ideas we presented here have resonated with you, why not turn them into reality?

At the Grable Group, we provide entertainment solutions for all types of events. Give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we can help you make your event the way you imagined it!

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