Are You a Good Women’s Leader?


Written by Tim Grable

March 13, 2017


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Are You a Good Women’s Leader?If you have the will and passion to become a great woman’s leader for  your church, you can most assuredly succeed with the help of God. In order to become a successful leader, you will need to possess certain personality and behavioral traits. Below is a checklist of the traits and abilities that help to build a good women’s ministry leader.

Are You a Friendly Person?

Greeting and conversing with your church’s female members in a friendly and approachable manner way can help to create the right impression of you. Should you maintain to always be friendly, warm and approachable, you will gain faithful followers.

Can You Provide Encouragement?

There is a chance that some of your members may be or may become depressed as a result of personal or spiritual problems, and so will need someone to encourage them. By utilizing the right words of encouragement, you can help to show them that they have a support unit behind them which in turn, can help them get back on track.

Do You Smile Often?

It is a known fact that everybody likes a smiling person. You will find that you will be able to communicate more effectively with the women in your church if you smile often and this in turn, will result in others smiling back at you.

Are You Committed Enough?

You will only be able to set a good example to your fellow members if you can show how committed you are to both the ministry and the church. Showing commitment will help to encourage others to follow in your footsteps, helping the overall success of the ministry.

Are You Obedient?

As a Christian leader, you do not only give orders; you also have to obey God and the higher authorities in your church.

Are You Willing to Learn?

A “know-it-all” attitude may ruin your leadership. A successful women’s leader will be learning all the time in order to continuously develop new knowledge and skills that you can impart to your followers. An individual who is humble enough to admit they do not know everything will be on the right path to success.

Are You a Patient Person?

Each woman possesses different personalities and abilities and so you must possess patience in order to develop a special understanding with each one of them.

Are You Confident Enough?

You need to be confident in order to gain the respect of your members. Nobody will desire to follow a leader who is unsure of herself. Furthermore, a leader of a women’s ministry will be required to plan and manage a multitude of tasks. With good organizational skills, you can prevent things from going out of hand and so must be confident in your capabilities.

Do You Have Clear Objectives?

A good leader must know what she wants to achieve through her ministry. If you do not have clear objectives your members may not follow you wholeheartedly and so your ministry may not fulfill its full potential.

One way to show your members that you are a good women’s leader who truly cares for them is to organize fun and spiritually fulfilling outreach activities for their benefit.



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