3 Aspects to Nail at Your Event in Phoenix

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Written by Tim Grable

February 10, 2018

Are you an event planner who’s gearing up for an event in Phoenix? 

Then you are probably busy with thinking out a strategy for this new year.

So we thought we might write a piece to remind you of a few key elements you should cast special attention to. Are you ready to take some notes?

1. Theme

The backbone of any successful event is a cohesive concept – this is where it all starts. The venue, decoration, guest list, speakers, promotion – these all have to comply with the requirements of the theme.

However, why is cohesiveness so important for every event and so is a must have for your event in Phoenix, as well?

It has to do with storytelling.

Whichever the type of the event you are planning is, you need to walk your guests through a journey. To create a story, it is highly desirable that all the pieces in your event’s puzzle fall into place.

Our main suggestion in what concerns the event theme is that you set up a brainstorming session. You would need to come up with a shortlist of ideas to use throughout the year. This way, you avoid feeling uninspired or cornered by deadlines whenever you have to host an event.

3 Aspects to Nail at Your Event in Phoenix

2. Entertainment

As soon as you settle for a theme, you have to proceed to shortlist the performers.

Indeed, you need a shortlist, so you have a clear idea who are the performers who best fit the specifics of your gathering. This way, you will be able to know exactly who’s available to travel to Phoenix and entertain your guests.

The most important criterion for choosing an entertainment act is the degree to which it fits your brand’s message. 

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Do you have a niche brand addressing a very specific segment? Then you can hire entertainment which is bolder than what you’d usually see.

Is your organization marking a milestone? Then you should celebrate by reinforcing its role within the community with an inspiring charitable campaign. Here, you could invite an inspirational speaker or singer.

Alternatively, maybe your event is a conference, in which case you need a skilled keynote speaker with extensive experience in the corporate event world.

All in all, the key aspect when hiring the entertainers at your event in Phoenix is you make sure the artists include your brand (or brand message) within their act. If you are less experienced with hiring event gigs and negotiating the terms, you should consider collaborating with a talent booking agency.

3. Decor

This is an aspect you can always play with when you need to be original or impress your guests at an event in Phoenix.

You can go several routes here:

  • Do-It-Yourself – this is most appropriate for fundraisers. You can ask participants themselves to contribute with decorations – this will be a fun and engaging act which will create a sense of belonging.
  • Off the beaten track – this approach is suitable especially if you have a designer by your side. They could come up with unique concepts which will be the highlight of the event.
  • Minimal – if your event is less about fun and more about business, you should decorate minimally, especially with branded elements in mind.

Ready to Impress with Your Event in Phoenix?

We are sure you do.

That is why our mission is to help you and event planners in Phoenix deliver the events of their dreams.

The sooner you get in contact with us, the more time you have for a flawless planning process.


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