The Best Emcees Make Events Shine. Here Are 3 of Them

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Written by Tim Grable

March 3, 2018

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Some people we meet seem to click with us just like that, in an instant. They just have that ‘it’ factor, that sense of familiarity.

This is exactly how the best emcees make event audiences feel like. They carry themselves in such a way that they seem to fill the entire room with good vibes.

This special vibe is what brings people together and makes it easier for everyone to get an above-average experience.

If you are set on making your guest feel like home, all you need is an uplifting and experienced master of ceremonies. It just happens that we have 3 top-level suggestions for you to start searching with.

The Best Emcees Make Events Shine. Here Are 3 of Them

Jon Petz

Best known as an authority in sales and corporate keynotes, Jon is hailed as a highly energetic speaker, one who has a ‘switch on’ effect upon corporate audiences.  It’s no wonder he is on our list of best emcees.

Reactions like “Jon started the day off with a bang!”, “You hit the ball out of the park! It was exactly what we needed” or “Nobody was checking their mobile device” are the norm for Jon’s testimonial collection.

The rave reviews can be partly explained by his solid academic background as a BA in Communications Systems Management and Interpersonal Communications.

In this quality, he knows when to throw an inspiring story or a funny interlude and sometimes a witty insight to keep everything engaging from start to finish. Not surprisingly, one of the concepts he developed is named “Bore No More!”. We can say he certainly lives up to these words.

Steve Donahue

If you have not heard of the Narrative Intelligence concept yet, it is worth knowing that Steve Donahue coined it and that it is an approach generating many enthusiastic reactions.

The concept helps businesses all around the world to use the brand’s story and unique features to build a stronger identity.

Steve took this idea and mixed it with his experience in public speaking.

He is, in fact, one of the most entitled people to inspire crowds to embrace change, since he has gone through experiences like crossing the Sahara Dessert or globetrotting the world in search of the best stories.

This makes him one of the best corproate emcees as well because he excels at conveying life-altering principles in a touching yet poignant manner.

You will particularly want to hire Steve as a corporate emcee if you plan a product launch or a company milestone. He will know exactly how to highlight those aspects which make your product or brand special, thus maximizing the potential of your event.

The Water Coolers

They are the best emcees to hire if you want to make your event completely different from the usual.

That is because The Water Coolers are experts in a unique concept: sketch comedy on musical notes. 

As soon as they will start moderating your event, it is quite likely that your guests will be taken aback by the novelty of The Water Coolers’ take on event management.

They will set an upbeat, engaging and also motivational vibe to your event because the whole team is experienced in comedy writing.

The Best Emcees Can Bring Your Event to Life

That is why we think you would not want them to slip through your fingers. If you like what you have been reading in this article, you just have to fill in the Grable Group contact form, and you increase the chances of securing the best masters of ceremonies available.

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