What are the best ideas for church events and how to book them?

Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2017

What are the best ideas for church events and how to book them?

Like any other type of gathering, your list of ideas for church events needs to have good entertainment to be genuinely memorable. While a catchy theme or charity component can bring people into the event, they are more apt to remember it later if it offered something a little different.

Bringing the Funny, Artistic, and Inspiring Ideas for Church Events

One way to make any outreach the talk of the church community is to bring in a Christian comedian, band or performance artist. While clean comedians may not seem like an obvious fit for your ideas for church events, many comics do material that is appropriate for different ages. A comedian, band or performance artist can not only bring laughter or inspire people but make people feel more connected to an event, organization, cause or community. As long as you take the time to choose an entertainer with the right vibe and tone for your outreach, you can make sure that every person leaves with a smile.

Comedian John Crist appeals to audiences of different generations with his edgy but family-friendly brand of humor. The comedian brings a fresh take to any material, including jokes on prayer requests. He has appeared on Live at Gotham, entertained the troops in Kuwait and done Louie Anderson’s Las Vegas show “Larger Than Life.” The quick-witted comedian also has more than 10 million views on social media site Buzzfeed.

Honesty and Southern charm make Comedian Chonda Pierce a comic who can connect with any audience. In every set, the comedian does not just tell jokes but brings stories that resonate with people from different backgrounds. She is not only the author of eight books and has produced ten comedy albums but has been nominated for 10 Daytime Emmys for her radio show “Aspiring Women.”

The clean comedy style of Robert G. Lee must be one of your ideas for church events. The clean comic discusses everything from his marriage to Biblical stories in his standup and sometimes throws in impersonations of Elvis. He is best known for his 30-minute rendition of the Bible. The comedian has appeared on comedy shows such as The Joke’s On Thee and Stand Up Spotlight and the TV sitcoms Wings and Perfect Strangers. He has also made audiences laugh with his Veggie Tales videos.

Through a blend of music and comedian, Jonnie W. not only brings laughs but inspires audiences of all ages. In his standup, the up-and-coming comedian gets fans on his side with jokes about his personal life as a family man and live guitar playing. The Christian comedian has performed for church audiences across the country as part of Tim Hawkins Rockshow Comedy Tour.

Comedian Daren Streblow pokes fun at the world and his life as a father and husband in a way that resonates with different types of audiences. A self-proclaimed “humor opportunist,” the observational comic has performed all over the country at corporate events, churches, and colleges. The comedian is known as “The King of Uncool” because he is not afraid to show his nerdy side onstage. He has taken part in some national comedy tours, including the Apostles of Comedy and Pure Comedy Tour.

Rock/pop duo for KING & COUNTRY has won over crowds internationally with its brand of inspirational and highly personal music. Made up of two brothers and an instrumental section, the Christian group won a Grammy Award in 2012 for New Artist of the Year and two in 2015 for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance. The group’s 2014 album “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong” reached number 13 on the Billboard 200 chart.

With his brand of Christian performance art, Marc Eckel brings something different to every event. As part of the Christian production ministry Splat Experience, the artists creates faith-based paintings in record time. He got his start in Detroit as an illustrator for General Motors, but his career took off after doing an eight-foot mural for the Troy Baptist Church. The performance artist has been featured in the 2012 documentary “Hands of Hope” and has done his brand of art during tours with Christian band Casting Crowns. One of the highlights of his art career has been an original painting that covered the surface of an entire football field.

Comedy, art, and music have a way of bringing people together and making them feel good, particularly in an event. You can make your church-based event unforgettable by bringing in an entertainer with something special to offer. When planning an outreach for your church, make sure to take some time to consider different choices and choose the artist that best fits with your event.

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