Best Strategies for Keeping a Virtual Audience Engaged Throughout an Event


Written by Tim Grable

June 3, 2021

Every event planner knows that attendee engagement is a top contributor to the success of a virtual event. So, what are the best strategies for making this happen?

To help you out with this, we have put together a list of proven strategies you can use to captivate your virtual audience and hold their attention throughout your event.

Let’s dive right in!

Provide Interactive Workshops

Offering interactive workshops as part of your event is an excellent way to battle screen fatigue by keeping things fresh and interesting.

Furthermore, this also helps to turn your online guests into active participants instead of a passive audience that feels obligated to sit through endless presentations.

Consider the following activities to get all of your guests involved and give them the chance to pick up a new skill or discover a new hobby.

1. Wellness session.

Consider scheduling a mid-webinar wellness break to keep guests on their toes and get them energized for the rest of the event.

From yoga sessions to meditation exercises and even dance-based fitness classes, there are many options to choose from.

Best Strategies for Virtual Audience  

2. Art class.

Another fun idea is to treat your virtual audience to a creative art class that will allow them to do something different and unleashes their inner artists.

This type of activity will better engage attendees and help improve communication, collaboration, and idea generation. Everybody wins.

Include Fun Meeting Breaks

Meeting breaks are a given at live events.

But even if your event takes place online, it is still a good idea to break up your panels of speakers – as providing fun, thoughtful breaks will ensure people stay engaged and gain value beyond your event’s content.

Not sure what to program during the break times?

From captivating magic acts to jaw-dropping visual freestyle rapping, there are many virtual break entertainment ideas at your disposal to ensure guests stay focused on your event.

Best Strategies for Surprising Your Virtual Audience

The easiest way to keep guests interested in your event? Make it FUN!

Implementing surprises throughout your event will help build excitement and increase anticipation as attendees will not help but wonder what other surprises you may have in store for them next.

Depending on the nature of the event, there are many forms this could take.

You could launch a new product, offer prizes, or feature a unique, thrilling entertainment act, such as a mentalism show (an excellent choice if you want to add that wow factor to your event).

You could also add live music to your online program using a virtual music act or virtual DJ.

Guests will spend most of their time at your event sitting down, listening to presentations, and taking notes. Surprise them with a dance party that gets them up from their chairs and moving.

The change of pace will help you regain their attention and build up to something fun.

Need More Tips?

We hope that this article has provided you with some inspiration in terms of different tactics you can employ to keep your virtual audience happy, and most importantly, the best strategies for keeping them tuned into your event.

Be sure also to check out this article if you want to discover even more tips.

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