Best Tips on How to Supercharge Productivity with Goal Setting

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Written by Tim Grable

August 18, 2018

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Goal setting is an essential tool to boost productivity, as it provides focus and inspires commitment. Some studies indicate this practice could even be more effective than financial incentives to motivate people to work to their full potential.

However, just setting any goal is not enough to supercharge productivity; you have to know how to set goals to achieve maximum results. The following expert tips will help you with that, so keep on reading.

Best Tips on How to Supercharge Productivity with Goal Setting

Successful Goal Setting Starts in Your Mind

This is not something most of us think about often, but the intention with which you lay down an objective can make the difference between failure and success.

As international keynote speaker Wayne Lee explains during his talks, the mind is capable of taking us anywhere we choose to.

Limiting belief, self-doubt, lack of direction, fear, stress; these negative feelings can creep into our minds and influence the way we set goals. What’s more, they block productivity and limit focus.

This is why it’s crucial to enter a mindset of success whenever establishing goals.

The best part is you can then instill the same enthusiasm and confidence in others. This way, you can empower your team to work harder and more efficiently towards a conscious goal.

If you want to inspire a culture of mindful growth and productivity within your company, consider booking Wayne Lee to deliver an eye-opening presentation at a future event.

Establish an Effective Process for Setting Your Goals

One of the most common mistakes leaders and other business professionals make is they don’t follow a process when establishing goals and thus risk overlooking essential aspects.

Speaker and author with  37 years of corporate and professional experience, Bill Humbert has put together a 6-point method for goal setting proven to improve goals achievement and increase revenues.

The method is called SCAMPS, so it’s super easy to remember. Here’s what each letter stands for:

  • Strategy. Make sure your goal is as precise as possible.
  • Challenging. A good goal is one which pushes you outside your comfort zone, makes you work harder and forces you to find creative solutions.
  • Attainable. Setting an unachievable, unrealistic goal will only lead to frustration and make everyone working on it want to give up. A reasonable goal, on the other hand, is likely to supercharge productivity, as it won’t feel overwhelming.
  • Measurable. This helps people regulate their activity levels and possibly even shift direction to meet goals.
  • Public. This refers to the fact a goal must be communicated to all those responsible for achieving it.
  • Specific end date. Setting a clear deadline for a goal will help reduce the likelihood of procrastination and poor time management.

If you need help propelling goal setting at your company, don’t hesitate to book Bill Humbert as a keynote speaker for your next conference.

His presentation on this topic will provide valuable insights for business owners, executives, managers, and employees; all meant to supercharge productivity.

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What’s Your Strategy to Supercharge Productivity?

We hope the tips we’ve included in this article have made you realize a higher level of productivity among your employees and colleagues is within your reach. It’s not an easy road forward, but the destination is well worth the trip.

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