Looking for the Best Virtual Act to Break Up Your Virtual Meeting?

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Written by Tim Grable

December 18, 2020

Breaking up your speaker-led sessions with a virtual entertainment act is an excellent way to make your digital conference more dynamic, more interactive, and, as a result, more impactful.

Furthermore, it’s also an effective method for combating conference fatigue, leaving remote attendees feeling drained and, therefore, more likely to succumb to distractions.

Keep reading, and you might discover the best virtual act for your upcoming conference among the top recommendations we’ve selected for you below.

1. Wellness Session

An increasingly popular way to keep attendees’ energy levels up during virtual events is to include a few “wellness” breaks in between sessions.

From morning meditation exercises to dance classes or quick afternoon workouts, including a wellness-centered activity led by a professional, will provide some diversity at your virtual meeting.

It will also give guests a chance to relax and get mentally ready for the speakers’ next panel. Remote attendees will surely appreciate getting an active break, especially after being still for long periods.

Best Virtual Act wellness  

2. Quick Sketch Class

If your idea of the best virtual act involves something energizing which gets your guests’ creative juices flowing, then you should consider booking Jessica Gorlicky, a virtual artist.

Using a sketching app on their iPads, phones, or tablets, Jessica will lead attendees through drawing a colorful, abstract image of their choice.

Remote guests will get to exercise their creative muscles while learning the basics of color theory, depth, and shading from a pro. This way, they will take an active role in the virtual meeting instead of being passive spectators.

Furthermore, at the end of the class, Jessica will also share some ideas and programs with your attendees on keeping practicing and staying inspired.

Check out the video below to learn more:

3. Virtual Cooking Class

Lunch breaks are to be expected at physical events, as they provide guests a chance to rest their minds and recharge. Furthermore, attendees often get to break bread together, interact, and, ultimately, bond.

And while conference lunch breaks look very different in a digital format – bonding over a shared, food-based experience is still possible even in times of social distancing.

Virtual cooking classes can unite a team across the miles – while also offering a fun, interactive, and much-needed relaxing break between speaker-led sessions.

When you are looking for the best virtual act, hire a celebrity chef to lead the class and teach your guests how to create restaurant-worthy dishes from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Meeting Celebrity Chef

4. Comedy Show

Whether attending a conference online or offline, guests need time to decompress in between sessions.

Including a comedy show as part of your virtual meeting is an excellent way to pick up everyone’s mood and energize them for the remaining portion of your virtual conference.

From observational comedians to high-tech comedians and even entertainers who mix comedy with magic in their act – there is a wide array of virtual comedians that you can hire to break the monotony at your next event keep attendees entertained.

Find the best ones in our portfolio

Book the Best Virtual Act for Your Virtual Meeting

Any of the acts included in this article will help break the tedium of online sessions so you can give your attendees a virtual experience that rivals even the best in-person ones.

But if you’re looking for other options, feel free to check out our portfolio to find more top entertainers who are qualified to perform at digital events.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to us at +1 615 283 0039. Let’s work together to make your next digital event a memorable experience for all involved.

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