Our Top 10 Best World of Dance Acts

Our Top 10 Best World of Dance Acts

Written by Tim Grable

October 9, 2019

It’s no secret NBC’s hit reality show, World of Dance, is loved by many, and we have to admit we are big fans ourselves.

After all, the show has done quite a lot in bringing artistic dancing back into mainstream attention.

Spanning for 3 seasons, the show has had many incredible dance crews throughout its runtime. And in the following article, we have made a classification of the 10 Best World of Dance Acts.

Our Top 10 Best World of Dance Acts

10. Elektro Botz

As their name suggests, the Elektro Botz is a group that swings along the grooves and glitches of electronic music.

Their dance routines can be stunning, giving off the impression there’s actual clockwork involved in their movement.


9. Embodiment

Strength comes in numbers, and Embodiment is living proof this old saying still stands. They are a large dance group composed of 13 male performers who manage to perform breathtaking dance routines.

Their sheer numbers alone allow them to pull off a set of moves which border on the fantastic.


8. Brotherhood

As their name suggests, Brotherhood are more like a family; each dancer is looking out for one another. Their dance routines flow seamlessly as if they’re on a large body carefully coordinated with each move.

What’s especially interesting about them is that they bring subtle elements of sports into their dance routines. For example, they are a group of 11 male dancers, the same number as you would find in a soccer team.

7. Karen y Ricardo

Karen Forcano is an Argentinian dancer who, together with Ricardo Vega, a Chilean dancer, form a passionate salsa dancing duo.

They graced us with their contagious rhythm and fiery dance moves in the second season of the show.

6. Super Cr3w

They are a dance group from Las Vegas, Nevada, and their routines are a very energetic display of hip hop culture, and all it encompasses – breakdance, street, and the iconic robot.

They’re incredible on all fronts, being very well synchronized and with the ability to put on a stellar performance.

5. Jabbawockeez

With a career that is close to almost two decades, the Jabbawockeez don’t need any introduction. They are the group with the moves, the costumes, and ethos to surpass all others.


4. The Lab

During World of Dance, they were one of the very few groups to earn a score of 100 points from the judges, which makes them one of the very Best World of Dance Acts.

Besides that, they had a flawless win streak throughout the entire show, and they have managed to win the hearts of the public, which is perhaps one of the most significant achievements a dance group can hope to attain.


3. Poreotics

The top 3 is reserved for some of the greatest acts from World of Dance. And Poreotics do not fall short of the title. They are a crew with much history behind them, and their outstanding routines cemented them as one of the Best World of Dance Acts.

Their moves are straightforward and do not require any elaborate stage antics to pull off. Yet they always manage to impress, and that’s what makes them simply amazing!

2. Les Twins

Twin brothers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois form Les Twins, a dance duo that took the entertainment world by storm.

At first, they made waves in their France, by reaching the finals on a popular reality television show known as Incroyable Talent. They may not have won that competition, but they quickly became the audience’s darlings.

A few years down the line, their well-deserved moment of glory would come, as they were the champions of the first season of World of Dance.

1. Kings United

Hailing from India, Kings United, or, known, The Kings are the undisputed champions. When they burst into dance, they go all-in, bringing forth a barrage of funk-fueled dance moves.

They are the winners of the 3rd season of the show and are the first Indian group to gain international recognition in the West. Rightfully deserved, as The Kings are simply a force to be reckoned with!


Are These the Best World of Dance Acts?

Do you agree with our list, or do you think it could have been done differently? One thing’s for sure, however, and that is that all these crews are phenomenal on stage.

If you’d like to hire top-quality entertainment for your next event, then you’ve come to the right place. Call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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