5 Event Ideas That Can Help You Better Engage With A Virtual Audience

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Written by Tim Grable

June 8, 2021

Things are slowly returning to how they were before the pandemic. However, for the moment, virtual events seem to be here to stay.

People are still hesitant to gather in large groups, and as an event organizer, you have to balance out these concerns while still striving to offer an engaging event experience.

We wrote this article to give you 5 ideas that we think will yield great results in terms of helping you better engage with a virtual audience.

Virtual Escape Room

The Escape Room format is a fan favorite among workers from the corporate sectors. Before the pandemic, organizations would frequently organize team-building events centered around a session of Escape Room.

With the help of specialized software, the format easily transitions to a virtual medium without losing any of its charm. Moreover, it caters better to large teams, as it has the added advantage of allowing you to get more people to play without having to cram them into one room.

To give more weight to the entire experience, we recommend hiring a virtual host to explain the game’s rules and narrate the team’s journey through the escape room.

Better Engage With A Virtual Audience

Livestream Comedy Show

If you feel like your web meetings need a boost in engagement, perhaps we can recommend opting for a comedy-driven approach. Specifically, for your virtual audience, we suggest organizing a digital stand-up show.

To get the ball rolling, you can hire a virtual comedian to provide the entertainment and better engage your team..

People enjoy watching online videos of comedy sets, and you can be sure that they will appreciate it even more if the show is happening at the moment. This is because good comedy always hits the mark.

The Power of Magic

Magic has this unshakeable element of excitement; it gives people a sense of amazement that they would not usually get to experience every day. Virtual magic is exciting because it allows people to be amazed from the comfort of their room.

People will say some tricks are impossible in an online environment – until they get to see and experience them. It is your chance to surprise them by hiring a virtual magician.

Through the use of clever software tricks, guests will not only get to see magic being performed, but they will also be able to interact and be a part of it.

Virtual Magic

Explore the Mind and Better Engage Your Audience

Mentalism may seem like an unusual pick for a virtual event – we assure you that it is not the case.

A mentalism act is highly engaging for the audience, by how the tricks are performed, with almost everyone involved.

A mentalist seeks to play tricks on the audience’s mind, to make predictions and influence people’s thoughts. Your virtual audience will be amazed by how the mentalist can do so many unexpected things without using any fancy props.

A Musical Event

If you are looking to better engage people, we would gladly recommend you give music a try. You can consider hiring a musician or a band to host a virtual concert for your team for your upcoming event.

In the last year, people have not been able to experience concerts as they were before the pandemic, and a virtual show is perhaps the next best thing.

Many musicians have adjusted their sets to be performed online – sure, people will not be jumping with the crowd, but the sing-alongs and beautiful moments of audience interaction will still be there.

What’s Best for a Virtual Audience

We hope that you found inspiration in the ideas that we have shared. Engagement is a tricky topic, and it may seem challenging to achieve at first glance, but with the right approach, a stellar implementation, and a fool-proof idea, you are bound to succeed.

We believe that entertainment is perhaps the most important part when setting up an event. If you want your event to leave a lasting impression, you most certainly do not want to skimp on the entertainment aspect.

Give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and we can provide you with the best entertainment solutions for your upcoming events.

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