3 Things to Keep in Mind when Booking Corporate Entertainment

Written by Tim Grable

March 7, 2017

Let’s face it. If you want your corporate event to be a hit, you’ll have to deal with booking corporate entertainment. There’s no getting around that. Most of your guests will be expecting it anyway, so why disappoint them?

There’s just the question of how you are going to do that. It seems like some business owners just do not want to pay money for event planning services, so they end up planning the whole event on their own.

Naturally, this can be a serious challenge, especially if you have no prior experience with something like this. Well, we can offer assistance with the entertainment aspect if you are interested.

Here are three things you must take into consideration when booking corporate entertainment:

1. Open communication is a key ingredient

When discussing the aspects of the event with the performer, it is imperative to be open about everything you expect from the event. This is especially true if you are planning a themed event, as the entertainer might be able to personalize their routine to complement the overall theme of your corporate event.

Also, when booking corporate entertainment, you have to notify the performer about any changes ahead of time. Otherwise, they might not be able to deliver on their promises, and you will not really be able to hold them accountable.

2. Entertainment comes in many shapes and sizes

You should not just think about hiring a stand-up comedian. Corporate entertainment has many layers, and it is important to find the type that is just right for your audience.

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Booking Corporate Entertainment

When booking corporate entertainment, be sure to consider these options as well:

  • Clean humor – You might think it is the same as stand-up comedy, but it is really not. It is actually better, as you will not have to worry about your guests being offended because of a joke they found to be inappropriate. Somebody like Robert G. Lee would fit the bill.
  • Magic-based entertainment – Yes, even adults enjoy magic shows, provided they are not childish sketches. In this case, someone like Simon Pierro, a self-entitled “digital magician,” would be an excellent choice.
  • Motivational speeches – Corporate entertainment does not only have to be about making people laugh – it is also about keeping them motivated. Moreover, who better to do that than one of the top 10 best motivational speakers in North America, namely Allison Massari?
  • Artistic performances – This type of corporate entertainment is actually in pretty high demand, as it is both unique and entertaining, so it fits in well with a corporate event environment. We would recommend choosing Joe Castillo, as his use of sand as a storytelling medium is a genius display of creativity.

3. Booking corporate entertainment needs to be done ahead of time

This is particularly the case when it comes to corporate events. You cannot just expect to be able to book a quality performer two or three weeks before the event. Sometimes, you might be able to get some offers, but they might not rise to your standards.

We would personally recommend you do it at least three to six months in advance. Sure, it is a huge commitment, but so is your corporate event. After all, you are not going to organize it three weeks in advance.

We would also advise you to get in touch with us as soon as possible if you are planning on hosting a corporate event of your own and have still not booked any entertainment.

We can help you with any questions you might have, and we can also offer some of our best corporate entertainment suggestions.

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