Take Your Business Event to The Next Level With Steve Anderson

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Written by Tim Grable

February 21, 2017

Are you organizing a business event and want everyone to be eager about it? It is not always easy to get someone excited for such occasions.

Without a charismatic presenter or a engaging subject, there’s always the risk of a yawning audience.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to that problem. Steve Anderson is ready to put his enthusiasm and business experience at your disposal. He will make sure your guests are as excited as he is about your event.

Read on to see how he can accomplish that.

Take Your Business Event to The Next Level With Steve Anderson

Who Is Steve Anderson?

He has worked for over thirty years in the insurance industry. That gives him exactly the kind of knowledge he needs to spruce up his business dialogue.

One of the elements that make his performance stand out is his love of technology and teaching others about it. That is how he can make your event come alive.

You might think: “How is he different from other technology enthusiasts?” Steve Anderson has the perfect reply to that:

“My wife tells me I have a knack for translating “geek speak” into easily understood concepts.”

That pretty much sums it up. Most of the time, presenters overcomplicate things and end up not engaging the entire audience.

If only a few guests out of a hundred manage to get the most out of your business event, it is not the best outcome.

In the next section, you will find out exactly why Mr. Anderson is an asset for your event.

What He Talks About

Since the marketing shift has been towards technology, Anderson stepped to the occasion. He provides helpful pointers about:

  • What the future has in store in regards to technology
  • Using technology for increased profits or cutting down on expenses
  • How businesses (especially insurance agencies) can make themselves known on the Internet

Moreover, many other topics, of course. But what makes him stand out compared to other speakers? Well, his energy, for starters.

His experience at an airport Starbucks is the perfect illustration of his enthusiasm. Here’s just a small sample:

Using the simple story of his Starbucks Star experience, he was able to find an analogy about the customer experience of the future. It’s a good way to understand the reward system that drives sales nowadays.

If you still haven’t watched the video, now is your chance to do it! Otherwise, read on.

Why Steve Anderson Is Great for a Business Event

What can Mr. Anderson do for your events? If you didn’t notice from the video, here is an outline:

  • He creates and/or relates stories that make technology come alive.
  • Steve offers practical information useful for you and your partners’ businesses. He is business-intuitive.
  • He understands current issues and future implications of technology – and has an engaging way of passing down the information.

We can’t avoid the current shift towards tech – nor should we want to. Smart phones, smart cars, smart everything. If you need someone to put your business up to speed with great enthusiasm, Steve Anderson is an excellent choice.

Prepare your company for the future. Get Mr. Anderson to speak at your next business event!

Give us a call today at (615) 283-0039, or contact us through this easy form. Our booking agency will deal with all the fuss so you don’t have to.

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