Create Some Buzz with These Fresh Launch Party Ideas

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Written by Tim Grable

September 26, 2017

Summer is almost over and so are holidays. It is time we get back to work, give our best alongside our team and strive for better results. For businesses, this means working on their products and maybe even launching the projects they are working on.

To do that the right way, a party is required. Also, to reach its full potential, it needs the best and freshest launch party ideas.

These will make for a thrilling event, based on fun and inspiring concepts to put a product in the best light.

You are in the right place to start on the right foot when it comes to product launch parties which leave their mark and win clients over.

Create Some Buzz with These Fresh Launch Party Ideas

Treasure Hunt Theme

This is both one of the most engaging launch party ideas and the perfect opportunity for you to get your guests familiar with your business or product features.

You can wrap everything up in mystery, while also planting some Easter eggs related to your products. A skilled comedian or illusionist could work out a way of weaving these clues with the entertainment section of the party.

This way, your guests will both have fun and actively discover what your product has to offer.

Tip: make sure you find a multi-purpose venue which allows you to hold both a party and additional activities (you can organize them in separate rooms when you have a smaller attendance).

Slow-mo Event Reel

Generally speaking, people love to take part in a collective effort – especially if it is also fun.

You can challenge them to show their best moves which will be showcased in an after-movie.

However, there has to be a catch: ask your party guests to demonstrate a move showing their attitude towards the product you are launching. Then record it in slow-motion, put everyone’s moves together in an epic reel and send it to them as a follow-up.

Depending on the size of the audience, you can take the most convenient approach to filming: either you choose a few participants and focus on them, or you involve the whole room (if there are not so many guests).

This is an excellent way to get in-depth feedback from your first users, as well. Plus, they can share the whole clip and contribute to your overall product promotion strategy.

Art in the Making

You have put a lot of effort into developing your product or business and, to some degree, it is your piece of art. However, will your first users see it this way? You can sure help them to, with the aid of smart and artsy launch party ideas.

One of them is bringing in a live art performer who can perfectly showcase a product reveal. They will create suspense, build up expectations and fulfill these expectations in an enchanting and aesthetically-pleasing way which will keep your guests’ attention arrested.

To give you a better idea, let’s look at a very special performer who can help you with that, Joe Castillo:

Launch Party Ideas Must Be Focused on Your Product

In other words, you have to be as strategic as it gets when picking the entertainment at the launch party.

No matter what you opt for, the key is to talk to the performer(s) and explain:

  • What features of your product you want them to showcase.
  • Technical details which could make a difference.
  • Your company culture.
  • The message you would like to convey.

For the whole process to go as smoothly as possible, you may need to collaborate with an entertainment booking agency like The Grable Group.

Not only will we be able to mediate the communication between you and the artist(s), but we could also suggest the most fitting act for your product launch party. How about you get in contact with us and get into more detail?

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