5 Simple Christian Church Outreach Ideas

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

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5 Simple Christian Church Outreach Ideas Clean, wholesome entertainment that is appropriate to take friends, family members, children, or even a date to, is increasingly hard to find. Creating Christian church outreach ideas that are fun and exciting to attend and that will not be offensive can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Comedy and laughter can break through barriers and draw people in even if they have previously been resistant. These comedians have a way of using humor that everyone can relate to. As long as it is clean and family friendly, the boundaries are limitless. Laughing people are receptive people. Comedy that can involve various audience members is a great Christian church outreach idea as it engages the audience, and people especially love to see their children perform. Interpretive or acrobatic dance is another way to create Christian church outreach ideas, drawing in a creative crowd that has often gone overlooked or undervalued.

Christian Church Outreach Ideas  to Impact Your Community

Steve McGranahan

Steve McGranahan refers to himself as “The World’s Strongest Redneck” Steve uses his combination of incomprehensible strength and humor to amaze and excite audiences. Steve has performed on The Tonight Show with Larry the Cable guy and has also made an appearance on Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge. He is now the Muscle of Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder (Discovery Channel).  Steve loves to use his talents to inspire others to use their gifts, even if they might not be mainstream.   Steve McGranahan is one of the best Christian Church outreach ideas .

Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is a multi-talented performer who is a singer, songwriter, comedian, ventriloquist, and musician. His humor and style make him a perfect fit for entertaining the entire family. Taylor has made people laugh for 25 years, everywhere from colleges to Disney cruises, often using audience members in his act. Taylor has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards.

Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow uses a brand of humor called observational humor.  Everyday observations about people turned into humor that we can all relate to has kept people in stitches for 19 years. His humor is clean and crosses generational boundaries. Daren loves to give people the gift of laughter.

Lindsey Norton

Lindsey Norton is best known for her time on America’s Got Talent. Lindsey has been doing acrobatic dance since she was two years old and loves to use her talent to glorify the Lord and inspire people to dream big and fight to achieve those dreams.

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen has been a crowd favorite for 30 years. Finding humor in marriage, family life, and almost any situation your imagination can conceive, Jeff is sure to leave the audience happy. Jeff has a host of appearances, tours, and even books under his belt. If laughter is the best medicine, Jeff could hold a doctorate in humor.

Creating and environment to reach others for Christ is a balancing act that requires skill. It needs to be engaging enough to draw people in and to entertain enough to keep them interested while staying clean, respectful, and appropriate. Artists that are willing to go the extra mile to keep their acts appropriate for the entire family help those who are trying to create Christian church outreach ideas. Working together, they can all achieve their ultimate goals.

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