Want New Christmas Party Entertainment? Here are a Few Ideas

Christmas Party Entertainment

Written by Tim Grable

September 13, 2020

People are looking forward to holiday parties. What you can do as an organizer is to surprise them with something truly unique.

If you want to take your guests by surprise this year, you have to think a bit outside the box.  Don’t worry, because we’ll present you with a few interesting ideas that you might want to try for your upcoming party in today’s article.

The 80’s Themed Party Entertainment

Have you ever wanted to know what a Christmas party felt like during the ’80s? You can go ahead and have your event be based entirely on the decade of synths, neon lights, and leather jackets.

The 80’s Themed Party Entertainment

To get a more authentic feel of the ’80s, you can impose a dress code for the party and have your guests dress in the iconic fashion of those times.  To build up an atmosphere, you can hire a live band to perform covers of some of the classic songs which defined the decade.

Office Talent Show

At your upcoming Christmas party, you could set up a company-wide talent show. Your guests may have hidden talents, and through a talent show, you give them the chance to shine in front of an audience.  You could set up a small stage and have the contestants come one by one. Others may serve as judges to rate the performance, and eventually, they can decide upon a winner.

This is also a great idea if you want virtual Christmas party entertainment. This type of event is loads of fun; it strengthens collegiality between workmates and helps them get to know each other.

Stand-up Santa Claus

Santa is invited to the party, but this time, he is unapologetic and self-deprecating.  We mean by this that you can have a comedian perform at your party, but to give the show a Christmassy twist, you can ask the comedian to be sporting a Santa outfit.

Christmas Party Entertainment

This kind of approach will surely take your guests by surprise and will surely bring a smile on their face.

The Virtual Performance

If the pandemic is threatening your plans to have Christmas party entertainment this year, you shouldn’t cancel it entirely. Instead, you can look into the option of turning the party into more of a virtual/hybrid event.

A virtual approach allows you to salvage your event, but it also enables you to engage with the employees differently.  For this type of event, you can explore the idea of organizing a virtual concert or a virtual magic show, where you can hire an entertainer to Livestream the performance for the audience.

Standup Magician™, Derek Hughes, is an award-winning virtual magician and master of improvisational comedy with an ability to find humor within any organization. His loveable sarcasm and warm charisma have paved the way to appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowPenn & Teller: Fool Us!, and NBC’s America’s Got Talent as the only comedy magician ever voted into the AGT Finals. His virtual holiday show is filled with extraordinary moments and virtual comedy that viewers experience firsthand through their screens. Laughter is an unbeatable stress reliever, and if laugher is the best medicine, then Derek Hughes is just what the doctor ordered.

Are You Ready for A Unique Christmas Party?

We know for a fact that attendees want something special out of each event they’re attending. A brilliant idea, paired with the right kind of party entertainment, will yield incredible results for your party.

We can help you find the right performers to book for any corporate event. Reach out to us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly help you!

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