Cocktail Party Entertainment Recommendations for A Fabulous Evening

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Written by Tim Grable

August 8, 2017

Are you planning to organize an event this summer? We are going to go on a limb here and assume you do not want it to be just another date in your guests’ event calendars.

You want to impress them, which means you have to make the event fun and original. To help you out, we have put together a list of cocktail party entertainment recommendations for a fabulous evening.Cocktail Party Entertainment Recommendations for A Fabulous Evening

1. Delight Guests with A Unique Musical Performance

This is a bold idea, but it can work perfectly. If you target an audience with sophisticated tastes, who can appreciate classical music, hire an opera singer. This is the type of act people do not usually see at cocktail parties.

Go for an experienced musician who’s also used to performing for private events. This will enable him or her to give you some suggestions on what musical choice goes better for your type of event.

With the right program and an appropriate venue, your guests will feel transported to a magnificent opera hall.

Those who enjoy such an ambiance will not regret attending but keep in mind that this type of show fits a niche public.

2. Book A Magical Cocktail Party Entertainment Act

Magic is one certain way of getting right to your audience’s heart. A good act will make your audience switch into a happy mood.

Just like any other entertainment choice, magic shows come in a variety of forms. One of the most popular acts that fit a cocktail party is a close-up performance.

Magicians who specialize in this niche engage the public by actually mingling among its members. They will do all the magic tricks right before eyes.

In close-up performances, it is all about making the crowd participate and enjoy the skills in a unique and personalized experience.

If this is an idea that has managed to spark your interest, go ahead and browse through our selection of top magicians.

3. Create A Dreamy Atmosphere

If you want to offer your guests the chance to unwind and share some quality moments together, book an instrumentalist.

One of the best cocktail party entertainment ideas, in this case, is a Spanish guitarist.

A skillful artist will help your audience unwind as they listen to suave notes. This timeless instrument will blend perfectly with your event’s elegant ambiance.

Also, it will create a perfect background where people can chat and relax.guitar, music

4. Do Something Outside-the-Box for A Change

If you do not want the traditional cocktail party entertainment, hiring a comedian can be exactly what your event is missing.

When it comes to comedians, you will also find a broad spectrum of options. So, you need to do a little bit of research before you make up your mind. Keep in mind that your choice has to be fitted for your public, not for your personal preferences.

If you need some help, we have an excellent recommendation for you: John Crist, an award-winning performer.

John is savvy in the private events industry, and he will bond with your guests like no one else thanks to his unique style of comedy.

His act is anything but boring, as you can see in the video below:

Over to You

Your event can be the talk of the day if you use one of these super cocktail party entertainment ideas.

However, all works well only if you book the right entertainer.

Moreover, this is where we can help. We work with a wide number of artists ranging from comedians to illusionists and motivational speakers.

Make sure to look them up on our site and contact us as soon as you have made a choice.

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