Corporate Entertainment? Benefits of Hiring Top Artists for Your Event

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Written by Tim Grable

May 26, 2017

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At first glance, corporate entertainment benefits are not that relevant. Sadly, ignoring them causes many organizers to end up working a lot for an unfortunate event.

So if your job is to organize a corporate event and you do not want your guests to attend another plain and typical night with nothing memorable, read on.

In the following lines, you will be able to read and understand how professional corporate entertainment benefits your event.

Promote Your Business and Strengthen Your Partnerships

Corporate Entertainment Benefits of Hiring Top Artists for Your Event

Most companies resume their events to a plain PowerPoint presentation with graphics and numbers. They add some music and catering after the performance has ended and called it an event.

While it may be a time-efficient strategy, it is far better to organize something a bit more complex.

Booking professional corporate entertainment helps you promote your business in a healthier way, by creating substantial buzz around a particular product or service. Information can be delivered in a much more enjoyable way to the entire audience.

Your corporate launch party will be an eye-catching moment which integrates both your brand’s identity and the key message which gives your business influence. Your company will simply let your stakeholders know how important they are.

Corporate Entertainment Benefits: Reduces Stress Levels and Boosts Morale in the Office

Top entertainers who can be booked for corporate events have their secret strategies to help your guests get their mind off of stressful situations, deadlines, and workloads.

They can help your employees feel happy. Additionally, the feeling will not last just for one night. You may see your guests will keep talking about the great time they had weeks, even months after the corporate event.

Reduced stress levels lead to higher productivity and better performance in the office, which translates into a healthier business.

For example, hiring an expert keynote speaker on corporate matters like John Townsend will also boost your employees’ morale. They will work better together and reach their business goals easier.

Reward Your Customers to Boost Their Loyalty

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Corporate events can be organized for customers as well. While giving out vouchers and discounts is meant to generate sales through a live event directly, you should be looking to increase customer loyalty.

You may be aware of the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule: “80% of your results come from 20% of your customers”. It means organizing a special event for them is just a good business strategy.

So reward your best customers with a day or night of proper fun. You could book entertainment such as:

You want to let your customers know how important they are for you, so you should walk the extra mile.

Top Benefits of Booking Top Entertainment for Corporate Events

When choosing top entertainment for corporate events, you want to make sure that everyone is going to be happy with your choice.

We are not talking only about the guests here, but about the hosts as well. The hosts include you, the CEO and other people who are part of the top management and will be part of it.

Are you hesitant about booking top entertainment? Then let us clear any second thoughts you may have.

Why You Should Book Top Entertainment for Corporate Events

1. Catch people’s attention

This is something we cannot deny. Top entertainment will catch people’s attention and make them interested in your event.

If you do not want your event to go unnoticed, then think about what kind of top entertainment will make your target audience say “I am in!”.

2. Break the ice

Top entertainers can be amazing icebreakers for any corporate event, especially if you do not have any idea how to start the event.

They will know exactly what to say, depending on the profile of your audience.

This will lead to a great start and will put your guests in a good mood for the rest of the day.

3. Increase morale

Your employees do not get to be entertained every single day by professionals.

Even though some employees may dread when hearing about corporate events, it should not be that way. Not if you book top entertainment, anyway.

Entertainment makes people happy. Researchers found that happy employees are more productive, so you would be investing in them through entertainment.

4. Make it epic

A unique entertainment act will stay on top of your guests’ mind for a long time. Not only the act but you as well, as the one who organized such a successful event.

A memorable, epic event can end only with top entertainment for corporate events.

Top entertainers know how to adjust their performance to make the guests feel special and appreciated.

Top Benefits of Booking Top Entertainment for Corporate Events

5. Make a transition

If you will have multiple speakers at your corporate event, then you will need entertainment as well at some point.

An entertainer can make a smooth transition between speakers and introduce them to the audience in their unique way.

This also works when the same speaker will have to move on from one subject to another.

6. Incorporate branding

There are subtle ways in which top entertainers can infuse branding messages in their show without making it seem unnatural.

There are some situations when, if the branding speech comes from the CEO directly, it can feel too pushy and sales.

However, if it comes from a third party who is not directly connected to the company, then the speech will not seem too intrusive.

Who Are You Going to Book for the Next Corporate Event?

We know that you have other things to worry about when it comes to organizing the event, but let’s check entertainment off your list, shall we?

Top entertainment for corporate events should be your priority first and foremost because top performers are usually booked months in advance.

Work with a Corporate Entertainment Booking Agency

While your event may get some significant benefits from the entertainment you are booking, doing so through a booking agency helps the process run smoother.

Additionally, you get access to an extensive and diversified pool of talents from which you can choose what fits best for your event, and you get a contingency plan. So in case anything goes wrong, you will have in place a backup plan, so you will not need to postpone the event.

Want help deciding which entertainer would be perfect for your event?  If you would like to learn more about corporate entertainment benefits, you can just get in touch with The Grable Group online or simply call us right away at 615-283-0039.

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