How To Make Your Event More Interesting Through Corporate Entertainment

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Written by Tim Grable

August 19, 2019

People can be stressed out from demanding workloads and deadlines. So in cases like these, a corporate event is the perfect gateway for many of them.

As an event organizer, you can get under your guests’ skin by providing them with an amazing experience in terms of corporate entertainment.

We have provided you with a few ideas you can use to gain some inspiration.

1) Let the Music Play

Music has its role within a corporate event. It is a way in which you can set up the mood and give people a sense of the event’s atmosphere.

For example, a formal luncheon or dinner party may elicit a calmer and more exquisite type of music, while an informal and relaxed event can have more upbeat music.

While music is usually perceived more as a background element, it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. It can be the main focus of a corporate event.

How To Make Your Event More Interesting Through Corporate Entertainment

You can quickly turn your event into a memorable experience by hiring a band to play. While recorded music helps to set up the atmosphere, it is nowhere near as effective at evoking emotions as live music is.

If you’d want to make your event a resounding success, then don’t overlook the music aspect. Hire a live music act and offer your guests corporate entertainment and an experience they’ll cherish for a long time.

2) Educate and Entertain at the Same Time

If you want to keep things professional, you can always hire a corporate speaker to take the stage.

Corporate speakers are ideal if you want to offer your guests an exquisite experience, where they can get the chance to learn about many new things or be opened up to a whole new different train of ideas.

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In terms of providing good corporate entertainment, you can be relieved because many professional speakers have a very well-developed sense of humor and know how to throw in a joke or a funny story which can make their performance much more enjoyable.

A speaker can also incorporate and communicate your company’s values through their performance. Also, some of them can even customize their show to fit your requests better.

3) Get Creative with the Power of Magic

An excellent strategy for every event planner is to have a knack for experimenting with new things. This means an organizer should opt to make the event a bit more interesting.

In this case, we can suggest upping up the ante and offering the audience something they’ll surely not forget any time soon. We’re talking about hiring a magician to perform for your guests. 

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A live magic act is surely something not many of your guests have seen. Also, you can use this sense of anticipation to your advantage, by hyping the event as a one-of-a-kind experience.

How The Future Is Looking For Corporate Entertainment

Entertainment is the crux of a corporate event, as it can make or break it entirely. As an event organizer, you have to make sure your choice for entertainment is always up to date and reflective of modern ideas.

The end of 2019 marked the conclusion of an amazing decade for entertainment. As we are in the first leg of 2020, it’s essential to know the tendencies and ideas which are floating around the industry.

We will share a few ideas that have started to get traction this year in the hopes it will help you stay ahead of the curve and predict upcoming trends.

1) Technology Is Becoming More Effective

During the previous decade, we have seen more and more entertainers incorporate new technology into their acts. It is due to this prevailing trend that we saw the rise of “technology magicians” or dance groups who employ devices to enhance their performance.

How 2020 Is Looking For Corporate Entertainment

With the advancements in tech, we are seeing virtual reality being implemented into a myriad of performances through the help of wearables such as VR headsets.

iPads have also been used by numerous performers who employ tech in their act. They are used to create intricate illusions or can sometimes serve as stand-ins for a set of playing cards.

For 2020, we predict that technology will see more widespread adoption and will be commonplace for many entertainment acts.

2) Rising Appreciation for Personalized Shows

In today’s corporate entertainment landscape, uniqueness is more and more appreciated. Many entertainment platforms are coming up with fresh content, and each of them is competing for the viewer’s attention.

Due to the internet and availability of information, chances are quite high that they may have seen a performance countless times online before seeing it live. Because of this fact, people aren’t as easily impressionable as they once were a few years ago.

For 2020, audiences will be more appreciative of exclusivity – the idea that a performance they are witnessing is one-of-a-kind or, in fact, even personalized for them.


3) Social Media Has a Stronger Presence

Social media is more present in our lives than it has ever been. On average, we spend around 140 minutes per day using it, and that number is only going to rise in the following years.

This drastically changes the way we look at corporate entertainment, as events will also be heavily featured on social media. And here we aren’t talking about the act of promoting an event.

Instead, we are talking about the way people will manifest their interest in an event by sharing pictures or discussing it online.

Social media is not only here to stay but is steadily growing. And starting with this year, we should look more into the prospect of organizing an event with regards to the on-site audience and the online audience.

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4) Guests Are More Environmentally Aware

As topics such as climate change have been brought at the forefront, people have become more and more conscious about the environment.

Environmental awareness has been a hot topic lately, and heavy emphasis has been put on concepts such as sustainability and eco-friendliness. Because of this, many corporate entities have been put up to scrutiny by clients.

In the realm of entertainment, keynote speakers and activists have seen a rise in popularity, with many people seeking professional advice, to educate themselves on the subject.

For 2020, we predict that interest will only grow and that there will be a high demand for this kind of speakers and influencers.

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These 4 Comedians Are Experts in Corporate Entertainment – See Why

If you are in charge of the entertainment at your company, you know it is not hard to find people to perform in front of your audience.

The challenge is to find the best ones.

However, how do you tell a top performer from an average one?

There are a few signs, such as:

  • They tailor their acts to the company’s profile and message.
  • They frequently come up with new elements to their act – or entirely new acts.
  • They know how to appeal both to specific and broader audiences.
  • They know how to mix informal elements with formal apparel or attitude on stage.

To complete this list with proper examples, we compiled a list of 4 suggestions. Here they are.

1. Max Winfrey

Usually, corporate entertainment keeps a certain degree of formality. Max Winfrey, however, developed a more interactive formula and managed to make it incredibly appealing, so much so he even reached the semi-finals stage at America’s Got Talent.

It took him more than two decades of relentless improvement of his craft to be a constant presence at TV comedy shows and in the corporate environment, as well.

 These 3 Comedians Are Experts in Corporate Entertainment - See Why

What sets him apart is his experience with improv comedy. This allows him to include audience members in this act, effortlessly and by making the whole thing look like a previously rehearsed act.

Overall, Max Winfrey manages to deliver the kind of corporate which always looks fresh, innovative, well-paced and audience-centered.

2. Jonnie W.

Flair and multi-talent are other two traits making a difference in the world of corporate comedians.

Jonnie W. is one of those comedians whom your guests wished to have seen before.

Unassuming and clean, Jonnie manages to bring forth an irresistible kind of humor, due to his singing abilities.

What’s best is that he can make virtually anyone laugh, regardless of age or background. Plus, he is not the kind of corporate comedian you would expect to see, so the element of surprise will work in favor of your event.

His crisp wit will not allow any dull moment to creep in and his blend of lighthearted stand-up comedy and music will make a strong impression.

3. Taylor Mason

Talking of multitalented, we have Mr. Taylor Mason with a unique corporate entertainment gift – ventriloquism.

As a skilled and experienced comedy writer, he is someone to rely on if uniqueness and professionalism are the traits you seek in a performer.

Plus, collaborations with Microsoft and Wal-Mart vouch for his abilities.

Aside from that, he was constantly diversifying his skills, having written several books and contributed to recordings. This makes for an impressive skill set which recommends him as a top choice for your entertainer’s list.

4. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen’s appeal as the best corporate comedian lies in how relatable he is. His humor does not depend on obscure pop cultural references or deep knowledge of any academic fields. He talks about the things that everyone sees every day but might not fully notice. Even if one of his jokes touches on something that an audience member might have never experienced, it is easy enough to grasp what Allen is saying. He does not want anyone to is excluded from his humor. He seeks to create a sense of commonality through his observations of life’s small moments.

Jeff Allen combines his gentle humor with inspiration and hard-earned wisdom. He prides himself on his ability to make audiences laugh without resorting to crudeness and vulgarity. Jeff resists trends and instead focuses on tried-and-true comedy techniques that are guaranteed to make people smile. He is a celebrity in the world of corporate events, where it can be incredibly challenging to find entertainment that appeals to individuals who have flown in from all over the country. He received a seal of approval from the White House when he performed at George W. Bush’s inaugural ceremony. He is routinely asked to perform for the troops that are stationed overseas. He reminds them of all of the best parts of the country for which they are fighting.

The Newest Ideas in Corporate Entertainment

The entertainment booking world offers many options when you just need to find those who are a proper vehicle for your event.  That is what talent hiring agencies like The Grable Group is here for – helping you make every event a hit with your guests. We hope that this article has given you an idea of how to use corporate event entertainment to create an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking to provide your guests with the type of entertainment which feels modern and fresh, then you have come to the right place.  If you’re interested in hiring professionals to provide entertainment for your guests and to make your event the talk of the town, then don’t hesitate any further and call us right away at 615-283-0039.  We can help you find the right entertainer for almost any type of event you are organizing in 2020.

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