How Can a Corporate Event Agency Innovate?

Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2017

Most of the time, corporate events are organized within the standard pattern – a gala that comprises a fancy dinner with music background and a speaker. That remains the go-to recipe for a corporate event agency.

However, every once in a while, you want to provide something different for your clients. That is when you start looking for innovative approaches.

They do not necessarily do away with the classic formula, but rather give it another twist.

They Incorporate Current Trends and Topics

Incorporating cultural and tech trends are one of the easiest methods to breathe new life into an event.

Your attendees are up-to-date individuals who are savvy with the latest technologies. Moreover, with everything that happens on the social media platforms, as well.

So, a corporate event provider does not need to go to great lengths to put up a show. You could just scan social media trends or viral content and get a general idea if what news you can exploit.

A Corporate Event Agency Adds Purpose

More explicitly, it is about offering team-building opportunities.

When people attend an event where they are actively engaged, they feel like they have a purpose.

How Can a Corporate Event Agency Innovate?
That is especially true if they know they are contributing to the growth of the team.

Of course, it is more comfortable to assume that people like being passive throughout a speech, for instance. While this is partially correct, it is time corporate event organizers understood the need for more effective meetings.

An Event Agency Can Encourage Active Participation

A corporate event agency should always be looking for engaging meeting concepts.

A good example is the “fishbowl conversation.” It is a panel where guests occupy two or three chairs and the rest by the audience members.

The head panelists introduce the topic. Then, spectators take turns sitting on the free chair and discussing the issue. In the end, the host summarizes the discussion points.

Agencies Deliver Informative Content in a Captivating Way

No matter how informative some presentations are, the audience might eventually lose some focus. However, they get much more invested when they see the person behind the performance.

woman, women, speech, mic, topic

Instead of setting up a projector, it is more engaging if you ask guests to come and give interviews.

When you convey information in a personal manner, it is more likely that it settles in. That is because people will no longer just stare at a screen.

Instead, they will be given hands-on training or live Q&A sessions.

A Corporate Event Agency Can Offer Amazing Performance Art Concepts

The event industry could be given a much-needed boost if every corporate event would experiment with art concepts.

Live Art engages the participants and involves everyone.  Consider holding the sessions in a particular kind of studio where you have access to new artistic formats and technologies.

In this type of environment, you can book artists such as Joe Castillo to initiate the guests into a non-traditional craft.

This kind of performance art is vital for traditional entertainment.

Not only will the attendees feel entertained and intrigued, but a company’s brand awareness could significantly increase with ideas such as the ones mentioned above.

If you want to know how we can help you with this, contact us and see what entertainment solutions are best for your events.

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