Corporate Event Ideas for Your Upcoming Christmas Office Party

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Written by Tim Grable

October 18, 2017

Roses are red, violets are blue, life is busy, and so are you. So is anyone. Good thing we have a Christmas Office Party to get excited about.

However, if you are the party organizer, December might find you frantically searching for corporate event ideas.

You have to offer the most unforgettable time at a Christmas party.

To be honest, though, there’s no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Your colleagues only want a bit of time to bond and share lovely presents and memories.

 Corporate Event Ideas for Your Upcoming Christmas Office Party

So what you ultimately want to provide is a low-key, friendly atmosphere that is also in line with your company culture. Let’s get going and see a few ways you can do that.

Use Photo Booths for Extra Happiness

Not often you have the chance to get all dressed up for a fancy event. However, when you do, you better make sure it gets recorded somehow.

There are plenty of photo booth providers that offer customizable services to suit your corporate fun day.

Besides, you will offer employees a priceless occasion to create great memories with their families or colleagues.

Potluck Dinner Is a Winner for a Christmas Office Party

This is one of those corporate event ideas that are so at hand that they could be off your radar entirely.

You can make it fun and play Secret Santa, but instead of regular presents, you can have attendees share Christmas food or kitchen products.

holiday, meal, party, food

It is not often that you get to share food with your colleagues. However, when you do, it is nice to make it memorable and fit it into a Christmas-themed gathering. 

Fancy Dinners – Corporate Event Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Give this party concept new life by including a special guest. Like Ice Beat Factory, whose acts are as cool as it gets (pun intended). Their specialty is multimedia performances including:

  • ice sculpting
  • visuals
  • compelling music

Now this is an extra special Christmas glam, isn’t it? Just take a look:

Department-Themed Event

It is always a good idea to celebrate the diversity within your company.

Starting from here, you can think of a special kind of corporate party, where each department teams up and designs or suggests a set of activities.

Treasure hunts, board games – the list is limitless. You provide a master plan, and they come up with the corporate event ideas.

Storytime and Parties? Why Not?

Everybody loves Christmas stories, right? So why not translate that into a Christmas corporate party?

To be more specific, you can put together a storytelling activity. Participants are teamed up, then required to sit in a large circle and create sentences including their last name.

The crazier, the better the laugh at the end, when the sentences will be randomly assembled. The winning team could be rewarded with a day off by a corporate Santa.

Christmas is all about getting together with family and friends.

This is the main thing to keep in mind whenever you throw a Christmas office party. If you succeed in conveying a homely vibe, this will be one of the dearest memories your co-workers will cherish.

Acts Which Prove Entertainment Is the Secret to Fun Christmas Events

When you are in charge of organizing fun Christmas events, you want to make sure everyone will have a fantastic time.

It is nice to plan all sorts of activities, little games and maybe some cool contests, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to book entertainment, as well? After all, professional comedians are well-known for their high-energy, hilarious jokes and how they manage to engage with their audience.

Coming up with corporate Christmas party ideas is necessary to entertain a group of close workers and acquaintances. It can be a challenge to find the right accommodations for creating a memorial experience for those involved. Because of this, hiring a comedically trained entertainer can make the difference between an average evening to an unforgettable one. Here is a list of entertaining performers with the right experience to keep the audience intrigued all night.

Fun Christmas events are not as exciting if you do not include comedy, so our advice is to consider these entertaining acts for your Christmas office party.

Some of the Best Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

1. Jeff Hobson

With Jeff Hobson, all event hosts will have the long-lived experience of a Las Vegas entertainer who knows how to keep a crowd asking for more. His ability to get the audience involved both on stage and within their seats is clearly seen in his interactive performances. For holiday events, you can bet that this performer will prepare the right set for corporate Christmas party ideas.

2. Adam Trent

Adam Trent is your charismatic character who combines great stints of comedy during a collection of great magic tricks. Audience members can expect to join Adam on stage. Think of all of the humiliation that respondents will go through for memorable holiday events. By using a combination of wit and magical props, Adam also creates an exciting collaboration with pop music and silly choreography.

3. Heidi Schwartz

The unique approach that Heidi Schwartz takes will move an audience as they see props and hear ideas that are fresh and new. For the Christmas spirit and season, Heidi embodies the role of a live event painter who will create memorable masterpieces for a live audience during the holidays and celebrations. With creative colors and brush techniques, Heidi Schwartz will preserve moments of any holiday event as a treasure to have for years to come.

How to plan the perfect Christmas party? With comedy – that’s how!

4. Paul Aldrich

Paul has been performing in churches, theaters, comedy clubs, and on TV for over 25 years now. He delivers 100% clean comedy which is mainly based on his hilarious observations.

Paul is also extremely talented at musical impressions which have been seen on Showtime, at The Improv, and at countless events throughout the US and overseas, as well.

He has been performing as a singer and guitarist ever since he was in high school. While he was working on his BA, Paul became a volunteer for the Young Life organization and started to perform skits and use humor to teach teens about the Bible.

We believe Paul Aldrich is a great fit for a Christmas event because of his original songs about the Bible and his clean comedy acts.

Below is a quick sneak peek from one of his many performances.

5. Dustin Nickerson

Dustin Nickerson is a young and extremely talented clean comedian. He is only in his thirties, but he already managed to become a two-time finalist of San Diego’s Funniest Person and the winner of the San Diego Clean Comedy Competition.

Another big and personal accomplishment is the fact he has been married for more than 13 years and has three kids already.

When he is on stage performing, Dustin likes to draw the audience into his life by telling jokes about the struggles of being a parent and being married.

Here’s a small preview from one of his shows where he talked about Christmas Eve and how that is like when you have kids.

6. Bean and Bailey

Bean and Bailey is an acoustic comedy duo formed by Bradley Bean and Jackson Bailey. They met while they were students and they began writing comedy and music then.

After college, both got a day job which they decided to leave after four years and started their careers as professional comedians.

Bean and Bailey have been performing their clean comedy acts at corporate events, church events, colleges, comedy clubs, conferences, and cruise ships. They have also traveled quite a lot, all across the US and in Canada as well to entertain all kinds of audiences.

You can see in the video below a small glimpse into Bean and Bailey’s expertise when it comes to fun Christmas events.

Have you ever considered hiring a comedian for your holiday party? Large Christmas parties ideas office is hard to come by but one sure-fire way to get people involved is to engage them in the theme. Comedians have an uncanny way of doing precisely that. The comedians featured here have been at this for a while. They know their way around large and small venues and tailor their performances to the size and makeup of their audiences. Having one of them at your large Christmas parties ideas office will change the event from something festive yet familiar to something brand new and memorable.

7. Taylor Mason

The grand prize winner of “Star Search” in 1990, Taylor Mason entertains with a combination of jokes, ventriloquism, and music, delighting audiences everywhere with his enjoyable humor. He is featured in several videos and performs for corporate functions, private parties, and wherever a good, hearty belly laugh is called for.. You can expect that Taylor Mason will entertain a ready audience with a silly perceptive of things that we tend to take all too seriously. Though clean and fun, there are no limits that Taylor will be contained by. He connects with the audience by setting up punchlines as viewers are constantly on the same page. For various performances, Taylor sparks interest within the crowd by also associating with a puppet. The ventriloquists’ presentation sure gets a few solid laughs.

8. Tom Cotter

Tom Cotter is just plain funny, openly laughing at himself for losing the top spot on “America’s Got Talent” to a dog act. He has appeared multiple times on television, and his machine-gun punch lines will keep you laughing without pause, each one building on the last so that you barely have time to catch your breath. His logical approach to humor makes thinking about the things you say and do every day. We take so many things for granted and his laser pinpoint on that fact is both humorous and thought-provoking.

9. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen has a way of dropping the laughs that blends sarcasm with a dose of realism and turns it into humor. He talks about marriage, parenting, and getting older with a one-two knockout that will have you down for the count. Allen has appeared in a variety of comedy projects and is also an author.

10. Ron Pearson

Entertainer and comic Ron Pearson is a winner for comedy booking agencies. He’ll have you mesmerized by the incredible world-record juggling talents and engaging humor that showcase his multiple abilities. With hundreds of television appearances and three Telly awards under his belt, Pearson’s impressive routine is a sure-fire hit.

11. Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah brings a refreshing approach to comedy. She talks about the things that women go through with such precision; you might wonder if she is spending a day in your life. Her stage presence is incredibly natural; it is as if she is been doing this for years.

12. Taylor Williamson

His delivery makes you wonder if he means what he says… It is absolutely ingenious the way that he puts you on the edge and makes you laugh at the same time. Laidback but unsettling, his show will make you think, laugh, and wonder all at the same time.

Comedy – The Ingredient for Fun Christmas Events

Even if there still may be plenty of time until Christmas, it is best to plan for these types of events ahead of time because things can get hectic during that time. We recommend booking the entertainment ahead of time to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The three comedy acts we presented in this article are not only extremely hilarious, but they also add the musical element to their performance which makes their show unique.

Grable Group is more than eager to help you say “Mission accomplished!” after your corporate event. We can take care of the entertainment aspect. If you have any inquiries about these performers or you want to book them right away, give us a call at (615) 283-0039. 

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