What Your Corporate Event Planning Checklist Shouldn’t Miss

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Written by Tim Grable

September 15, 2017

Detail is what makes the difference in the event planners’ world.

So when it comes to a company event, you cannot really get the desired results unless you have a perfectly defined corporate event planning checklist

Although there is no universal recipe for success, there are a few must-have aspects you should make sure you are getting in control of.

In what follows, we will outline a blueprint of indispensable elements which go into organizing a larger-scale event, so make sure you sit comfortably and take notes.


Imagine you have Jimmy Kimmel as your entertainer, Coldplay as performers and maybe Gary Vaynerchuck as keynote speaker. It sure sounds like a dream lineup.

However, place them in the wrong venue, and it could all fall apart if it all looks boring or duly decorated.

What you should strive for is a smart venue which elevates any acts you are bringing in. Why?

People feed off of what you give them – that’s why a welcoming space is the best investment. Even just for the fact it makes people see you as an approachable, yet professional brand.

What Your Corporate Event Planning Checklist Shouldn't Miss

Needless to say, though, good venues are found months in advance, so carry the venue research way earlier than the rest – this way, you are also budgeting more smartly since you know exactly how many funds you have left.


Help your guests get familiar with your company even before they set foot in the event location.

This is the purpose of a successful advertising campaign. Smart social media campaigning does wonders, but make sure you do not neglect the off-site options, as well.

Pro tip: irrespective of the promotional approach you will take, get some partners to spread the word about your event. A corporate event planning checklist will be more efficient if you have at least one brand ambassador by your side.


These will not come to you just because you have excellent products, company culture or beautiful brochure design.

They will come if you offer them valuable gains from a prospective collaboration. 

Take time to come up with an advantageous offer which includes:

  • creative and effective showcasing of the partners’ logo
  • a separate booth for each major collaborator (and all the resources they need to hold their promotions)
  • any resources necessary in case they will hold their presentation


Yes, good old entertainment. Years are passing by, but entertainment is still the centerpiece of a corporate event planning checklist. Moreover, it should be like that in your case, as well.

People need to be compelled, charmed, triggered to take action. That is how they will be naturally inclined to make your services an integrating part of their life or business.

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Entertainment creates the premises guests will feel this way. Know them well and decide what kind of entertainment they respond best to. You can carry out surveys if you need to.

A Good Corporate Event Planning Checklist – The Backbone of Sound Brand Awareness

Innovation is a must these days, but can only be effective if it is based on solid event planning practices.

Depending on the amount of effort you are putting in the preparation of your event, your brand could take off regarding awareness and reach. Would you want that for yours, as well?

We are here to help you in the process since we have helped dozens of companies to power up their events with the finest entertainment picks.

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