Corporate Event Trends That Will Be Big in 2020

Corporate Event Trends That Will Be Big in 2016

Written by Tim Grable

May 4, 2017

It is a new year and a new you, but attendees remain just as vocal about what they want and expect when taking part in a corporate event.

The demands are getting higher and higher, and this reflects on the corporate event trends shaping the industry. However, this is nothing to worry about. New trends are exciting and can help you address the challenges and opportunities that come with planning events.

Keep an eye on these trends and make this a year to remember:

Creating customized experiences

Whether we are talking about an engraved pen or a corporate event, the custom is always better. this year will be all about unique, personalized experiences, which means generic party themes and mainstream entertainment might no longer be enough to plan a successful event.

The secret to creating personalized experiences at your events is to know the attendees well. Try to find out what their hobbies are, what their work schedule is if they have a busy agenda that might interfere with your event, things like that. Why is this important? Building detailed attendee profiles will allow you to deliver highly relevant entertainment and choose the best theme for the event.

It might seem like this will be very time-consuming, but with today’s technology, you can quickly reach more people at once whether it is with social media or through event management technology.

Out-of-the-box venues

Since we are talking about corporate event trends, we could not leave the location aspect out. The site is paramount for any function, as it sets the stage for the atmosphere you are trying to create. Sure, hotels are the go-to place for most corporate events because they are convenient and all, but enough is enough.

Thanks to new trends, this year might finally be the year more corporate gatherings will be held in unconventional and unique venues.

For those who can adapt, this is good news. Why?

Corporate Event Trends That Will Be Big in 2016

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Because an event that takes place in a garden, a casino or a theme park is more likely to leave a positive impression on attendees than a simple hotel.

Attendee engagement is among the most significant corporate event trends

When organizing corporate events this year think about making participants a bigger part of the function. This trend is all about increasing engagement. It encourages attendees to participate in the event, rather than just sit in a chair and watch a boring PowerPoint presentation that seems to go on forever.

Sounds familiar?

Fortunately, there is a variety of ways to increase engagement when it comes to corporate gatherings. Here are some ideas:

  • Make workshops a part of your event.
  • Include group activities or games.
  • Ditch the PowerPoint slides and replace them with live-feeds and nice videos.
    If someone gives a presentation, make sure it is not a very long one and allow more time for the Q&A section.
  • Hire a professional entertainer to jazz up the program.

4 Things That Your Corporate Event Might Be Missing

There is no one recipe for planning a successful corporate event.

However, there are some proven ingredients you can always count on to set an event up for success and maximize its impact.

So, if your events are not living up to their full potential, then maybe it’s because they are missing one or more of the following key ingredients.

1. Clear Objectives

Before you get started with anything else, it’s important to define a clear set of objectives. Objectives are essential as they provide benchmarks and targets to aim for.

They also guide the planning process, helping you prioritize tasks and resources so you can keep on target.

When structuring your list of objectives, do your best to be as specific as possible. Also, make sure your objectives are achievable (they can be reached given your available resources), and they are 100% relevant to your event.

Last but not least, you should have a clear way of measuring the objectives you end up setting for your event. For example: “I want my event to be successful” isn’t a clear, measurable objective.  “I want my event to generate 100% more revenue than last year” is.

2. A Timetable

Scheduling is an art that will help you plan out your activities so that you can achieve your corporate event objectives in the allocated timeframe.

Start creating a timetable early on so you can ensure you have enough time to complete essential tasks, such as securing the venue, sending out invitations, booking entertainment, and booking entertainment.

Don’t forget to allow some leeway for those unexpected hiccups which may arise, so you don’t have to scramble to handle issues last-minute.

Corporate Event Trends That Will Be Big in 2020

3. Marketing

Marketing your event shouldn’t be an afterthought but an essential step in your planning process. That’s because marketing helps you create excitement and keep potential attendees in the know.

Depending on your audience and the type of corporate event you are planning, consider incorporating social media into your marketing strategy. Use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to generate buzz and keep your event top of mind with your audience.

Another marketing channel you can leverage is email.

Always send updates to keep possible attendees in the loop and keep them excited up until the date of the event. This can help you increase the number of attendees, which will further contribute to the success of your corporate gathering.

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4.  High-Quality Entertainment

The right entertainment makes your event more exciting and helps keep your guests engaged and entertained.

Moreover, it provides an excellent opportunity to get important messages across, educate your audience, and leave a lasting impression on guests.  And when the entertainment is also matched to the purposes of the event, it further helps you maximize its impact.

Therefore, entertainment is an essential element your event should not be missing. And that’s something we can help you with.

Find the Best Entertainment for Your Corporate Event in Our Portfolio

From keynote speakers to magic acts, musicians, and comedians, we provide access to a vast pool of talent; you can count on to take your event to the next level.

Check out our portfolio of premium entertainers now and feel free to reach out at (615) 283-0039 in case you need assistance. We’re always happy to hear from you and work together to create a memorable entertainment experience at your events.

If that one of these corporate event trends caught your attention and you are looking for the best performers there are, you can count on us!

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