Corporate Hospitality Ideas You Can Use For Your Next Events

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Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

This is an opportunity for you to invest in your clients, or simply to create other connections through networking.

At the same time, it is a great chance to spend some quality time with them. It is important to do that because it will help you in times of crisis. For example, let’s say that your client has to make some drastic decisions regarding the businesses that they should continue working with. In this case, your client will be more likely to see you as a valuable, trustworthy partner if you’ve previously spent time together.

For this article, we made a list of some great ideas that you can use as part of your corporate hospitality suite.

1. Organize a private event with quality entertainment

Everyone likes to be entertained, especially people who work hard all day long, even on the weekends, and rarely take a well-deserved break. Thus, it is a good idea to make use of this and organize a special private event with quality entertainment that they’ll enjoy.

Try to find out beforehand from their secretary or assistant what type of entertainment they usually prefer. Maybe they are big fans of America’s Got Talent. If that is the case, the perfect idea would be to bring an artist or a speaker who was featured on the show.

Whatever their preferences might be, we have a wide list of entertainers to suit any taste.

2. Sports

Corporate Hospitality Ideas You Can Use For Your Next Events

If your client is an athletic person, you can choose to play sports together, but if he/she is not an active person or has an injury that doesn’t allow them to play sports, then you can just take them to a game. Do your research to find out whether they are a fan of football, rugby, baseball or tennis, and whether they have a favorite team.

That way, you will impress them because you’ll take them to see a team that they like. If you are considering this, then VIP tickets are a must.

3. Cheese and wine tasting

This combination is phenomenal, but you will need an expert to tell you which type of cheese goes with what type of wine to delight your taste buds and your client as well.

You can obviously erase this from your list if your client is not a big fan of wine and cheese. You can surely find other types of tastings you can take them to, such as chocolate and champagne or scotch tasting.

4. Dinner and a speaker with industry experience

You can organize the dinner at the office if space allows you to and invite other members of the company, or you can rent a cozy restaurant if you want to throw the dinner in a more formal place. You could even hire a private chef to cook a few specialties for you and your guests.

Afterward, what better way to enjoy the siesta than by listening to a speaker who has plenty of experience in the industry? You can hire someone who can talk about leadership, business, motivation, creativity, customer service, time management or entrepreneurship.

Depending on the area your clients are most interested in, you will know what type of speaker they will appreciate.

Implement these corporate hospitality ideas and your clients will love you

Corporate hospitality is tricky since you have to know the person you are organizing the event for outside the professional life. However, it makes a world of a difference when you take the time to make the right decisions that will help you build a genuine relationship with your clients.

If you want to entertain a client, and you have an event coming up, you can count on us to provide the entertainment you need.

The only thing you have to do is pick and choose from our list. Moreover, if you find someone whom you think is perfect for your event, don’t hesitate to contact us at (615) 283-0039 or at

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