5 Innovative Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers

Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers

Written by Tim Grable

October 8, 2021

The work-from-home lifestyle is still in place for many businesses across the U.S.  because of this; employee engagement is something that many business owners should carefully consider.

As the workplace becomes digital, the interaction between employees is sparser – and a direct result of this is that teams aren’t as cohesive as they once were.

To address this issue head-on, we’re glad to offer you 5 innovative engagement ideas for remote workers to help your company. So, let’s dive right into it! 

1. Play Virtual Games Together

Group bonding is a pressing issue for a large number of remote employees. Although many of them get to interact over online meetings, it’s pretty far off from the ideal setting to socialize in. 

In this case, why not organize an activity which will enable people to socialize outside of the work conventions?

Virtual Murder Mystery is the perfect solution to pull out remote workers from their usual schedule and enable them to participate in something that needs their wit and social skills.

Your team will have to solve a fictitious murder orchestrated by professional actors, and they can even dress up to match the setting of the era the game takes place in.

This spine thrilling virtual activity could be exactly what you’re looking for.

2. A Word of Advice

Enabling education in the workplace is always a great idea. Events like Ted Talks took the world by storm and sparked interest in data, language, psychology, and other topics. In this case, why not try something similar to engage your remote workers?

We can suggest working with a keynote speaker to present people with new and exciting information from various topics. One such speaker is Mike Massimino, a former NASA Astronaut and a New York Times bestselling author.

Mike has many exciting stories to tell about his exploits in outer space, and he’s glad to answer questions from the audience. Since space travel is such a hot topic these days, there’s bound to be much interest in having someone like Mike in the limelight.

3. Appreciation Awards Ceremony

It’s always important to recognize hard work since it validates that their efforts have been highly appreciated. Genuine acknowledgment can go a long way, and it works wonders for employee engagement and morale.

Employees who are frequently recognized for their efforts are more satisfied and more likely to stick around. And to appropriately commend someone, we can suggest organizing a virtual awards ceremony.

You can organize a special online meeting where everyone can gather and show their support for those who went the extra mile.

You can give your event an air of professionalism by booking a virtual event host to hold an honorary speech or nominate people and present their achievements in a highly competent manner.

4. Kick-Off the Weekend

At the workplace, people have an idea of when the workday ends and get a sense of eagerness for when it’s finally time to leave for home. This feeling becomes stronger as the weekend approaches, with Friday being highly anticipated.

But when your home is the office, it is not as easy to induce the same sense of closure – since the line between work and relaxation is not clearly defined, giving people the impression that the responsibility never quite honestly ends.

As a result, people can experience burnout, and this can affect employee engagement and motivation. Having some event or celebration from time to time on a Friday can be a great way to combat this. 

We can recommend going for something pleasurable and lighthearted, like a virtual music concert for this kind of celebration. And to help you make this a reality, we recommend working with Harry Mack. 

Harry is a multi-talented M.C., a remarkable freestyle extraordinaire, and a jazz percussionist. With a positive attitude that follows him wherever he goes, he can bring a smile to everyone he performs for.

5. Thoughtful Care Packages

It’s well-known that people react positively when they receive gifts. However, if you are searching for a better-than-a-gift-card way to show how you appreciate your team’s hard work, then perhaps you’d be interested in sending them a business care package.

These kinds of packages usually consist of baskets of chocolate, drinks, and other skincare goodies. Yet, you can be a little more creative.

Innovative Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Work  

Alongside your bags of physical goodies, you can organize an event to go along with it. For example, booking online yoga classes can pair nicely with a set of wellness products.

Shaina Evoniuk is a skilled Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor who conducts group and corporate yoga classes on request. She has experience designing a fitness program to accommodate everybody’s needs and requirements.  

Her virtual wellness activities are simple, energizing, and perfect for every member of your team.

Take Employee Engagement and Remote Workers to the Next Level

Engaged teams show up at work excited and ready to go the extra mile. So, virtual activities are a must for companies looking to make their work environment more enjoyable.

If you consider trying out any of the online entertainment ideas we’ve shared, then give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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