How to Engage Your Virtual Attendees: Practical Tips You Should Know

rik roberts

Written by Tim Grable

May 2, 2020

With social distancing measures in place all over the world, more and more organizations are turning to technology to host virtual events and connect with their audience.

Technology has made many things possible. However, there is no denying that online events have a different kind of energy and dynamic compared to in-person events, which can translate in a lack of engagement.

The good news is that audience engagement is still possible at a live broadcasting or virtual event.

Keep reading to discover a few practical tips which will help you engage your virtual attendees so that you can maximize the impact of your online event.

How to Engage Your Virtual Attendees: Practical Tips You Should Know

Reach out Before the Event Takes Place

This may sound counterintuitive, but interacting with your virtual guests before the virtual event is an effective way to get them invested in your event.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Reach out to your guests to get their input on different discussion topics you’ve prepared for the event. See if there are any talking points they would add to the list.
  • Create a survey to figure out if your audience has any requirements, which will make them feel more comfortable and improve their experience during the event.
  • Encourage them to send in questions they would like the speakers to answer live during the event.

This is how you make attendees feel more involved in the event, which will likely translate into them being more engaged on the day of the actual event, as well.

Provide Multiple Opportunities for Engagement

One of the best ways to engage your virtual attendees is to offer them different ways to participate directly at the event by using interactive features.

For example, you could have a live chat where attendees could ask questions in real-time. The virtual event moderator/host can then choose a few of those questions and read them out loud to the speakers and the general audience.

Or, you could use integrate live polls to have guests choose the next topic of discussion.

Another idea is to reserve a few minutes at the end of the event where guests can weigh in and share their notes or personal experiences related to the topic of the virtual program.

Make sure to announce this at the start of the event so that people have time to write down their ideas.

This way, you avoid catching them off-guard, and you make sure people will pay attention throughout the event.


A Professional Host Can Help You Engage Your Virtual Attendees

Booking a virtual host to moderate the event will help create continuity and hold the attention of your participants, as the conversation moves from one talking point to another.

But that’s not all.

A virtual event host with an energizing presence can encourage guests to interact with each other and ask questions. Also, a host can re-focus the audience’s attention during critical parts of the event.

Finally, by clearly emphasizing key messages, a professional host can help remote audiences get to the heart of every session.

All of this will help drive deeper engagement at your event.

Jeff Civillico Hosts Virtual Graduation & Awards

Jeff Civillico has A LOT of experience hosting live events.  Why does this matter?   All of the same skills that are required to host live events will be required to host virtual events.  Your host needs to be smart, quick on his or her feet, able to segue smoothly between speakers and programs, and most importantly for the virtual medium— your host must be HIGH ENERGY and ENGAGING.  We all know that it will be much more difficult to command attention through a computer screen.

There’s a reason why Jeff’s portfolio is full of past technology clients: AT&T, AT&T Business, Avast, Centrify, Cisco, Emerson Global, Equinix, Fluke Networks, Image Technologies Corp, iModules, Internet Marketing Association, Lightwave Telecom, Netscout, Neustar, Powerschool User Group, Sprint, Vistex, Workday, Workfront, World Wide Technologies, Xactware, and many others.  Jeff’s transition to the virtual space will be seamless.  He’s comfortable on LiveStream platforms like Zoom, Facebook and Instagram Live, Streamyard, BLive, etc.

As you can see, you have a lot to gain by booking a virtual host. And we can help you find the right one for your event. Start browsing now through our portfolio of experienced entertainers, emcees, and public speakers.

Make the Audience Part of the Show

Discover hidden talent in your organization. Book the American Idle Virtual Talent Show and boost morale and togetherness with this interactive virtual event.

A Virtual Talent Showcase

American Idle a Virtual Talent Show with Comedian Rik Roberts

Take advantage of building your team by getting to know each other in a whole new way. This virtual event is facilitated by comedian Rik Roberts.

The voting (optional) will be left up to your group. Whether it is a one-time event, or a multiple week showcase is up to you. Highlight Positivity to Boost Morale Historical times are upon us.

Leaders are challenged to keep their organizations focused and productive. Laughter and camaraderie can reduce stress and build connectivity. This virtual event will accomplish all of those goals and give you a boost when so many are feeling stressed and fearful.

The Host

Rik Roberts has appeared on DryBar Comedy, PureFlix Clean Comedy All-Stars, CMT, TBN, Bananas Family Comedy series and more. He is based out of Nashville, TN. But the beauty of this event is we can all be wherever we currently are hunkered down.

Event Consultation

Schedule an event consultation with American Idle. Together, we will figure out your needs and create an event that will be talked about for years to come. Your employees will create positive memories during this historically difficult time!

You will get tips on what to do to make your event shine.

What’s Next

We live in a time in which the concept of human interaction and connection extends beyond the physical space. Virtual events are likely to become the norm, not just in times of crisis, as the benefits they hold are significant.

Now that you know more about how to engage your virtual attendees, you are better prepared to host successful online events. Feel free to reach out to us at (615) 283-0039 in case you need any further assistance. We’d love to help! Today and in the future.

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